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Who is the best main vocalist? (Boy groups)

Who is the best main vocalist? (Boy groups)

Who is the best in your opinion?

Rockhyun – 100%

Kisu – 24K

Changmin – 2AM

Jun.K – 2PM

Junho – 2PM

Yechan – 1THE9

Jinsung – 1THE9

Chan – A.C.E/UNB

Donghun – A.C.E

MJ – Astro

Jongho – ATEEZ

Sandeul – B1A4

Yoseob – BEAST/Highlight

Daehyun – B.A.P

Taeyang – Big Bang

Taeil – Block B

Hyunseong – Boyfriend

Eunkwang – BTOB

Jungkook – BTS

Yonghwa – CNBLUE

Sungjin – DAY6

Chen – EXO

Baekhyun – EXO


Hongki – FT ISLAND

Y – Golden Child

Joochan – Golden Child

Youngjae – GOT7

Junhyuk – HOTSHOT

Sungwoon – HOTSHOT/Wanna One

Jay – iKON

June – iKON

Taeho – IMFACT


Sunggyu – Infinite

Woohyun – Infinite

Jaejoong – JYJ

Inseong – KNK

Kihyun – Monsta X

Taeil – NCT

Doyoung – NCT

Haechan – NCT

Chenle – NCT

Hweseung – N.Flying

Baekho – NU’EST

Hui – Pentagon

Jinho – Pentagon

Seungkwan – Seventeen

DK – Seventeen

Inseong – SF9

Rowoon – SF9

Jonghyun – SHINee

Onew – SHINee

Hyesung – Shinhwa

Woojin – Stray Kids

Yesung – Super Junior

Ryeowook – Super Junior

Kyuhyun – Super Junior

Niel – Teen Top

Kevin – The Boyz

New – The Boyz

Dojoon – The Rose

Changmin – TVXQ

Jun – UNB/U-Kiss

St. Van – VAV

Ziu – VAV

Seungsik – Victon

Leo – VIXX

Ken – VIXX

Jaehwan – Wanna One

Yoon – Winner

Who is the best main vocalist? (You can vote for up to 20 of them)

Post by YoonTaeKyung

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  • Karen Chua

    I think all of the male main vocalists there are amazing in the first, however with all due respect I prefer Kyuhyun from Super Junior is the superior one of all time/over-all and for the golden age (2nd gen) Kpop celebrities! For the millennial generation (3rd gen) Kpop celebrities, I choose Chen from EXO no matter what happens!

    REMEMBER, everyone is entitled to opinion and I’m open for that discussion if some of you are against my opinion then we could talk about it. But the most important is that we stan these gentlemen not for popularity and well doing charts purposes but we stan them because of their talents+skills, hardwork, determination, good character and most of foremost is the MUSIC.

  • 택현

    So… based on the current votes you’re telling me that Jungkook is better than Jonghyun, DK, Seungkwan, Woohyun, Taeil, Doyoung, Youngjae, Chan, Sunggyun, Jaehwan, and Changmin
    NICE JOKE ARMYS! i can accept everyone but Chen, Jonghyun, Seungkwan and Changmin! are you serious?

  • 택현

    lestin (some) armys, It’s “who’s the best main vocalist” not “who is your favorite main vocalist

  • Rosy

    Kihyun of MONSTA X is the main vocalist of KPOP

  • ħopeƑul

    DBSK’s Changmin / Suju’s Kyuhyun / SHINee’s JJong *God i miss him so much / BTOB’s Eunkwang / EXO’s Chen.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    could you be quiet? it’s our opinion n whos best. Dont get mad because your fave isn’t voted higher than jungkook

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    We voted for who we wanted to, jungkook is the best vocalist in my opinion. Dont reply trying to rant on evryone who is “better” than him because im not interested in your opinion. Also, what makes you think we voted for our favorite and not the best? Everyone has different opinions on who is the best.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Your jealousy is showing

  • JiminsCrookedTooth

    askjsaskj yall know good and well jungkook cant hit them notes like chen

  • 오세훈형

    i knew chen would always be on top :3

  • shyanne

    ok I love jungkook as a vocalist a lot and i think that he can do a lot and is one of the best, but my top 3 go to who i think is the best. My top 3 are: Monsta X Kihyun, he is just freaking amazing, ateez Jongho, a rookie but also reallllllly good, and my top one my absolute favorite B.A.P. Daehyun, no one can convince me otherwise he is just the most amazing and get chills when i hear him.

  • Winter Queen

    yo but this is hard, if you do it subjectively

  • Kuroishi


  • Karen Chua

    With all due respect again, these male main vocalists are part of:

    skilled category: vocal technique focus, deliver well what they sang, projection on singing, the real unique singing skills
    * jaejoong (jyj)
    * kyuhyun (super junior) – strongest male main vocalist of all time, big 3 and in golden age (2nd gen) Kpop celebrities
    * ryeowook (super junior)
    * yesung (super junior)
    * hongki (ft island) – strongest male main vocalist from Kpop male rock bands
    * jonghyun (shinee)
    * onew (shinee)
    * changmin (2am) – strongest male main vocalist from JYP male groups (current or former ones)
    * yoseob (highlight)
    * sungkyu (infinite)
    * woohyun (infinite)
    * sandeul (b1a4) – strongest male main vocalist from non big 3 of all time
    * eunkwang (btob) – strongest male main vocalist from cube
    * chen (exo) – strongest male main vocalist for the millennial generation (3rd gen) Kpop celebrities
    * d.o. (exo)
    * baekhyun (exo)
    * seungkwan (seventeen) – strongest male main vocalist from pledis
    * jinho (pentagon)
    * hui (pentagon)
    * rokhyun (100%)
    * kim jaehwan (solo, wanna one) – strongest male main vocalist from the temporary groups
    * seungsik (victon)

    need to improve: those people that have lack of vocal tecnique, sometimes stylish singing over technique, sometimes have nasality in their voice
    * hyesung (shinhwa)
    * changmin (tvxq)
    * taeyang (big bang)
    * jun.k (2pm)
    * junho (2pm)
    * jun (ukiss)
    * yonghwa (cnblue)
    * niel (teen top)
    * hyunseong (boyfriend)
    * taeil (block b)
    * daehyun (bap)
    * baekho (nu’est)
    * leo (vixx)
    * ken (vixx)
    * jungkook (bts)
    * youngjae (got7)
    * seungyoon (winner)
    * junhyuk (hotshot)
    * sungwoon (hotshot, wanna one)
    * kihyun (monsta x)
    * dk (seventeen)
    * sungjin (day6)
    * jinhwan (ikon)
    * junhoe (ikon)
    * taeho (imfact)
    * jeup (imfact)
    * mj (astro)
    * inseong (knk)
    * taeil (nct)
    * doyoung (nct)
    * haechan (nct)
    * chenle (nct)
    * inseong (sf9)
    * rowoon (sf9)

    1) some of the male main vocalists listed that I didn’t know them due that I didn’t stan them especially from the lesser known groups, please know me about it ha.
    2) I didn’t include the 2017 and beyond debuted Kpop celebrities due that they need to explore more their singing skills

  • Na Jaemin

    …. hae-haechan and taeil???!!!!!

  • Na Jaemin

    I really like jaehwan, ong (wanna one) as well as haechan, taeil, doyoung.(nct) chenle(nct) issa dolphin:D


    im sorry if all of you are thinking that jungkook is not a good vocalist.
    but he has the most stable vocals in kpop. his vocal range is high. Jungkook is not a main vocalist for nothing. Jungkook can also rap, he has a good tone. vocals are not only vocals but please consider their vocal range. Jungkook can sing ballads, up-beat and hip hop.


  • Aimee Noa Waning

    You know that would happen, because it’s never based on who actually is the best, but people’s favorite. And because Jungkook is more popular, he is higher on the list.

  • Seungkwan and DK <3

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    hitting notes doen’t mean they’re good, it just means they can hit high notes sis

  • Erjona Dembogaj


  • I get it, you want to boost up your faves but this isn’t ‘who is your favorite main vocalist?’ but who is the ‘best’ main vocalist. Jungkook is absolutely nothing compared to some vocalists here. Sorry to burst your bubble girl.

  • You’re so delusional that it’s funny lmao. ‘it just means they can hit high notes’ and what can Jungkook do? hit high notes while straining? Not only can Chen hit high notes, his technique is literally perfect. Can’t say same thing about Bts vocalists though. Sorry what-

  • I would also add Taeil from NCT.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    that is very subjective. And in my opinion, your favs are absolutely nothing compared to jungkook, sis.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    like yall really be mad when we think bts have nice vocals, theres no need for your shit

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Stop being so salty. If i think that jungkook has the best vocals, then thats me. So please, shut the fuck up about my opinion

  • ‘Your favs are absolutely nothing compared to Jungkook’ then what is Chen doing on top of the list? Lol delusional much?

  • Okay sis.

  • I hope this is a joke. ‘Jungkook is the best vocalist in kpop’ wait-

  • mereee

    tae-tae-taeil… do-doyoung… TT

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Can you not? This is yall are called hypocrites. If Chen is at the top of the list, people like him. There’s different opinions on who is the best. I honestly don’t care about your opinions anymore, i think that Jungkook is the best. Stop trying to educate me and compare them. And yall love to call armys toxic smh

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    I think that Jungkook is the best. So shut the fuck up and let me have my opinion.

  • People didn’t vote him up because they like him but because he is the best vocalist. Don’t you think Jungkook would be on the top since he is from Bts? But okay sis.
    And yes we do since that seems to be the case lmao.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Haters gonna hate. I won’t worry about it though. Go stream your faves, they could use some more views and album sales 😉

  • And this is why y’all are toxic. I feel bad for Bts 😌 Oopsie

  • I literally just said Jungkook is not the best vocalist (which he is not) and you decided to come for my group ? Next time if you don’t want people to ‘hate’ on you, maybe you shouldn’t comment your inaccurate opinions.

  • jaime

    haechan’s voice is so unique and HAVE YOU HEARD JONGHO FROM ATEEZ? their voices are both so powerful. Also, MJ is soooo underrated but yes, chen, d.o and Baekhyun are all amazing vocalists

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Opinions can not be inaccurate since it is not a fact. And how did i come for your group? I was serious when i said your group could use some more views and album sales, im not hating. Shouldn’t you be somewhere telling people to stan LOONA?

  • arvy

    He is undoubtedly good, but it’s delusional to say he is the best.

  • Okay sis. I’ve had enough with you and if it satisfieds you, let’s say Jungkook is the best kpop vocalist. You can think he is the best but we all know that’s far from the truth. And maybe you should stop worrying about my group’s album sales and views, especially since your faves can’t even hire a proper vocal coach.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    You keep saying “well he isn’t” as if it is a fact, it’s an opinion. I have my own and you have your own. If i think Jungkook is the best vocalist, why do you care? Does it really matter THAT much to you? Like God, you really don’t bts vocals lmao we get it. And also, yall kpopies can’t take advice lol. You could get offended by people telling you to go stream your fave, i don’t see how thats worrying about your group. I just thought maybe you could go busy yourself be shouting about LOONA or streaming them instead of degrading bts’s vocals and arguing about your opinion as if it’s a fact that everyone agrees with, they could use some help 😉

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Guys please respect others opinions, and don’t degrade someone to boost up your faves, it’s ugly

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    ugly behavior i see

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    mk but i would still worry for their carrers if their album sells are pretty low , just tryna help 🙂

  • So attacking other people isn’t or? Maybe you should take advice from your own words. Hypocrite.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    And when did i attack you lmao? I should be the one saying YOU attacked ME, since you first replied to me saying how Jungkook isn’t the best. Girl group stans are soooooo sensitive and yall always play the victim

  • 14U_OnlyU

    Please add
    Luha – 14U
    Gohyeon – 14U
    Eunjae – 14U
    Dohyuk – 14U
    Seoho – Oneus
    Keonhee – Oneus
    Yeonho – VeriVery

  • 14U_OnlyU

    many idols can beat them. don’t be biased

  • A frigging multifandom

    it is not biased. It is a fact. EXO and BTOB have the best vocal line in kpop

  • A frigging multifandom

    I am not even surprised anymore. The results of votes always end up so biased. Did you guys really just place Jungkook over Hui, Woohyun, Eunkwang, Yesung, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Hongki, Onew, Changmin, Brian, Sandeul, Yoseob, and Niel. SMH. 😒😕😔.

  • Benten

    Please check out Jongho from Ateez. He’s a really good vocalist and might even be one of the best vocalists of his generation in the future

  • Benten

    BTS is my ult group but I have to tell you that their vocal line isn’t above average. Chen is a way better vocalist than Jungkook, wether you like it or not. BTS has one of the best rap lines, EXO has one of the best vocal lines. Don’t expect to have a group that has the best rap line, best vocal line and best dance line cause that doesn’t exist and probably never will.

  • multifandom_af

    Can you guys add Taeyang from SF9 on there too? He was the Main Vocalist of the group for a long time and only recently got switched to a Lead Vocalist because of position changes. However, for most of his career he has been a Main Vocalist.

  • 14U_OnlyU

    Not exo.
    There are many idols that are much better than exo.
    Just accept the fact.

  • A frigging multifandom

    It’s okay. By your reply, I can already tell what fandom you come from🙂. Did I say only EXO? From 3rd generation, mention groups that have better vocal line than EXO.

  • A frigging multifandom

    The most stable in K-pop? Have you met BTOB, Highlight, SHINee, Super Junior, SNSD, technically all Cube and SM artists? From BTS, isn’t V the most stable? How does that make Jungkook the most stable in K-pop?

  • kayoung

    this is from girl groups, but have you even heard heo solji? or jeong yuji? they’re clearly superior in vocals.

  • kayoung

    i’m not an exo-l at all but i voted for chen because he clearly has superior technique. i like jungkook a lot but i know he isn’t the best vocalist by far so i didn’t vote for him.

  • kayoung

    wow i can’t believe you got so upset about this that you resorted to petty swearing and insults. have fun listening to your faves’ voice cracks ig.

  • 134340

    Yes, Jungkook is a very good vocalist. But to say he is the best is absolutely not correct, because there are kpop idols who have better technique and vocal ranges than Jungkook. As a Jungkook-biased ARMY, I would love to say that Jungkook is the best out there, and he definitely has talent and a gorgeous voice, but he’s not the best and I think every ARMY should start accepting that a little bit.

  • 134340

    I have a couple things to say to everyone who has been commenting on here…
    1. Stop. Disrespecting. Other. Fandoms. And. Opinions. Whoever they think is the best, just let them think that. As long as they’re not hating on other groups and vocalists, their opinion is ultimately correct in their eyes and nothing you can say will really change that. I get that you want to defend your faves, but remember that they do too.
    2. There truly is no “best vocalist” because each vocalist has their own unique strengths and talents. One vocalist could be another in one area, but that could vocalist could beat them in another area. To ask which 1-20 vocalists are the absolute best in all of kpop… it’s quite controversial (sorry if this isn’t the right context for that word) in my opinion. Each opinion is debatable, therefore there is no fact when it comes to a question like this.
    3. All the vocalists are amazing despite their popularity and album sales or whatever. The only reason they can pull off being in the kpop industry and have so many fans is because of how talented they all are. Kpop companies are quite selective, so please realize that all these people are pretty darn good. Some of them are “better” in technique and such than others, but that doesn’t mean that they’re a better idol. None of these idols lacks talent or has any less than the others, so they are all equally as awesome.
    So just let people have their opinions, don’t hate, and don’t try to force what you think to be right upon people who think differently. Passion and love for kpop is what we all have in common, so don’t let it become what tears apart. Have a nice day!

  • Lâm Thành Nguyễn

    EXO and BTOB have the best vocal lines in kpop. that’s true, but it’s kpop 3rd gen. And the whole, i think TVXQ and SUPER JUNIOR KRY are the best. EXO can be top 5

  • Slash


    Jungkook isn’t bad is really good vocalist and deserve the role of main vocalist but im agree with you.

    And don’t forget many of them are from old and less known group.

  • *insert clever username*

    Yes he has a nice vocal range and his voice is unique. He can hit high notes, but he strains every time he does that. Everyone of these vocalists can sing ballads, up-beats and hip hop. The fact that he can rap has nothing to do with his vocal abilities and his vocals lack technique. He is not even the most stable in his group lol.

  • *insert clever username*

    ”There’s different opinions on who is the best” first of all it’s ”There are different opinions on…” second of all. No. There is no such thing as an ”opinion” when it comes to vocal abilities and technique. It’s a fact than Jungkook lacks technique and is a weak to average vocalist. Stop overrating him

  • *insert clever username*


  • Drone_Kid

    “ugly behaviour i see”

    ok then

  • multifandom_af

    who are the two vocalists on the right side of the main picture in the beginning?

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    chill? are u angry

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    well they are one of the best! so sorry

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    thank u for understanding (:

  • ktae

    “it’s like every army chooses jungkook”
    let’s not generalise pls

  • Aimee Noa Waning

    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way! Quite hypocritical of me to say, knowing I hate it when people say stuff all armys would do. My bad sorry :/

  • Eve

    To the people who are disrespecting other fandoms because you think they are being biased, you aren’t true fans. Don’t be that guy who says someone’s wrong for thinking that another artist should’ve been #1, it’s their opinion, RESPECT IT! All this drama, FOR WHAT, so we can go back and forth with one another, IT’S RIDICULOUS! Here’s what I’ll say, make a habit of shutting down conversations that aim to tear others down, love and respect each other.

  • 오세훈형

    jaehwan (wanna one) 3rd pic
    kihyun (monsta x) 4th pic

  • 오세훈형

    the amount of people who likes jungkook is more than chen. but what makes chen on top is because of his vocal skills
    jungkook is my bias as well, but i didn’t chose him because i believe he is not the best compared to so many of those other talented singers

  • Lia Giba

    They’re damn salty ‘cuz deep down they know that what we’re trying to state is true that JK isn’t the best vocal out there sksks

  • Lia Giba

    XD S A V A G E

  • Lia Giba

    I’m sorry you think of us all like that. We say that Jungkook isn’t the best out there because we have heard many other TALENTED singers and understand that our fave can’t always be the best at everything. Even JK himself would be relieved if ya’ll recognized actual polished skills and experience that other singers have and finally stop putting him on a damn pedestal. BTS is popular, we get it, and we accept it cuz it’s a fact. And BTS is not the BEST or the MOST SKILLED out there, and you gotta accept it cuz that’s also a damn fact.
    PS: you’re reasoning for putting him at the first is terrible. JK can sing ballads and up-beat and hip-hop, but many other main vocals can sing the same and more, and also much BETTER. That’s the tea.

  • Lia Giba

    Finally someone who feels the same way about Daehyun’s voice like I do!! Dae’s parts high notes were the most iconic for me in BAP’s songs. :’)

  • carat cute

    definitely <3

  • carat cute

    DK and Seungkwan <3 but seriously .. they are all good and have their own style of singing with diferent tone of voice.
    also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3UW6oTw_ks this is why I think DK is a good vocalist 😉 (his voice is so relaxing .. with earphones on, in the bed).

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    No, there is a such thing as opinions when its comes to who is the best vocalist. We base the “best” off of different things, so me thinking Junkook is the best vocalist is MY opinion, leave it alone. And i never discussed Jungkook’s vocal ability or technique. Now if i said the same about Chen, it would be a problem. You’d probably say he is the best because of whatever you think, but it’s wrong for me to say it? Stop trying to fight me over my opinion, if you don’t like it leave it alone.



  • epic dn

    I feel that Woojin is slowly going to become one of the better vocalists in kpop, I mean he’s already pretty good and he’s constantly improving. Woojin hwaiting!

  • *insert clever username*

    If you said Chen lacks technique or is a weak vocal, then yes, I would have a problem, because he is obviously not a weak vocalist (in fact he is the strongest male vocal of 3rd gen). I never said Chen is the best, I posted a comment praising him because I’m an EXO’L and I’m happy he is getting regognision. I don’t think he is the best when a whole ass Kyuhyun is on the list too. ”we base the best off of different things” what different things? Because being the ”best” vocalist means: having a good technique, support etc. and judging a vocalist over a tone is stupid (It’s like saying Rose> Wendy because she has a ”unique voice” nothing againist Bp btw).

  • *insert clever username*

    Also Chen is the least popular member on Exo and Jungkook the most popular (also BTS are more popular than Exo) but still Chen ranked higher than him because of his vocals skills. Sure, there are some biased stuff in the results, like Baekhyun being above D.O (D.O is stronger than Baek but Baek is above him bc of his popularity in Exo, and I admit he is the weakest main vocal of Exo despite him being my actual bias) and Jk being above ALL of these more skilled vocalists in the list. (Jungkook being the 2nd most popular member after V and BTS’s popularity made him rank way higher than he would be ranked by an expert. He lacks a lot compared to other vocalists like Kyuhyun or even vocalists like Taeil and Haechan.), but for the most part, it is fair (I guess lol)

  • *insert clever username*

    Ok so you are complaining about people hating on jk but then you just go and hate on Loona lmao. And then you dare to call others hypocrites. Fyi Loona are doing just fine for a rookie group and they are the 2nd best selling rookies after Iz*one

  • *insert clever username*

    It makes me sad that people from less known or underrated groups are ranked lower than others from popular groups

  • A frigging multifandom

    SM’s vocal power

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    When did I hate on Loona, also, I never said they were doing bad soo

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    I never hated on loona

  • 14U_OnlyU

    add 14U – Eunjae

  • *insert clever username*

    ”Go stream your faves, they could use some more views and album sales ;)”
    ”Shouldn’t you be somewhere telling people to stan LOONA?”
    ”i would still worry for their carrers if their album sells are pretty low ”
    ”Girl group stans are soooooo sensitive and yall always play the victim”

    You hated on Loona AND generalised their stans. That Loonaworld person just said Jk isn’t the best and justified it with relevant arguements and NEVER ”degraded” Bts’s vocals. Everything they said is true and it’s a fact than Jk is a weak vocal, even Chanyeol can outsing him and he is a sub vocal. Sorry but you are the one to play the victim here. And you are the hypocrite. You said in another comment ”DoN’T BaSh oThErS To bOoSt yOuR FaVeS” when you did the same fucking thing. This person never mentioned anything, they never said Loona are more successful, they never said Loona have better vocals (Even though Haseul and Chuu might be able to outsing Bts’s vocal line) they said anything about Loona. Since you generalised, I have the right to generalise too. Armys are always super biased and vote for their faves everytime without knowing other groups. ”Shouldn’t you be somewhere telling people to stan LOONA?” ok you asked for it:

    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona
    Stan Loona

    ”I never said they were doing bad” sis you literally told us we should be worried about their carriers bc their views & albums sales are low, how is that not saying someone is doing bad.

    Jungkook is FAR from being the best vocal in Kpop. In fact, BTS have one of the weakest, or maybe the weakest vocal line in a kpop boy group.

  • *insert clever username*

    ”arguing about your opinion as if it’s a fact that everyone agrees with” but it is a fact and everyone should agree with it

  • LaDream

    yes we did so what

  • LaDream

    For me, all of BTS’s vocaline. Since I have some freetime, I might as well tell why tbh.
    First Jungkook, his voice is soothed and sweet. In Euphoria, he really express himself and got better with his ballad singing. Jungkook’s voice is kind of like a dream voice. Sweet, sophisticated, and silky like. When i hear his voice, I can see myself walking over a field of yellow type flower.
    Then Taehyung, when they say his voice are as deep as the ocean. They mean it. Most people would consider that having to hit absolute high notes are true vocalist or whatever but this man can do both. And in Singularity and Stigma, he showed us that. His deep voice is soothful and SOULFUL. I can picture myself skinny dipping at night (plsdontaskwhyim-) while listen to his songs.
    Jimin. Shut up. There’s only one thing to say about his voice. IT’S ANGELIC. He sing like an angel and it’s just sweet. Y’all be bashing Jiminie for cracking his voice but when it’s the technical’s fault. But when I listen to Promise, it really comfort me and make me want to get up in the morning. This is what I should hear when I ascend to heaven.
    Lastly, Kim Seokjin. Seokjin might not have the best technique but his voice and singing tells stories. In Epiphany and Awake, I can feel the stories he is trying to tell. The feelings he is trying to express. I can feel them all. It’s like his voice can tell stories and make you feel like it..]

    ok thanks for coming to my ted talk and when i said that bts vocaline is the best for me, i said what i said.

  • Why are Super junior vocalists so low??

  • My TaeTae

    jungkook for his beautiful voice and jongho from ateez for his high note and beautiful voice i love bts and ateez

  • My TaeTae

    Jungkook for his beautiful voice and Jongho from Ateez for his high notes and his beautiful voice i love bts and ateez

  • Lia Giba

    “When did I hate on LOONA” seriously go see a doctor I think your memory and your reading capacity are suffering. They literally pointed out every time you threw unwanted shade at LOONA, and fyi, LOONA is doing better than you ever will in your whole life. Stop dragging LOONA down just ‘cuz you’re salty and no one is taking your side.

  • Lia Giba

    Jonghyun in top ten….I’m thankful T T

  • arvy

    So much talent, it’s impossible to pick.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    I don’t need to go to the damn doctor, youaren’t anyone who knows when someone should and shouldn’t go to the doctor. I never said tht i said that i didn’t hate on loona.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Also, reading capacity? Did you mean memory capacity lmao? I don’t care if no one is taking my side, i don’t need anyone to. And fyi, you can’t say what i’ll do later in life. I could do better than them, we never know, you psychic.

  • Taehyung’s Scenery

    Kyuhyun 💕 Should be at the top

  • Lia Giba

    Honestly I’m pretty sure if you’re gonna keep that attitude you’re not ever gonna be better than LOONA of all people. I don’t have to be a psychic to figure something as simple as that out. And I meant both your memory AND reading capacity which you’re STILL suffering from gathering from how you couldn’t actually understand what I commented. And when you suffer from ailments, you go to see the doctor. That’s common sense, you should be knowing that.
    Also, fyi, your comments were implying that you were mocking LOONA and their fans. You don’t have to spell out hate in your comments for people to know you’re hating on them, whether intentionally or not. You unnecessarily dragged LOONA into a discussion where Jungkook’s and Chen’s singing capabilities were argued on. Why? That was as unneeded as your first reply “your jealousy is showing”. As if there is anything to be jealous about when you know the real fact which is that other mentioned artists do have a better singing technique than your fave.

  • Lia Giba

    At the rightmost is Jung Daehyun from BAP(their contract ended and he’s probably going solo)
    To Dae’s left is Moon Taeil from NCT


    why is v(kim taehyung) not there ???? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Because he is not the main vocalist.

  • Abigail Catacutan

    Hui and Jinho from Pentagon are so good tho

  • l.l.

    classic answer from someone who probably listens to bts and no one else…

  • Megan Hunter


  • Anime freak

    If you dont know Kim Taehyung isnt the main vocalist of bts then watch a guide to bts.. Sorry not trying to be rude

  • orangecloud

    YALL, so you telling me you ain’t heard of LEO??

  • LaDream

    I’ve listened to Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Adele, and etc but no one appeals to me much as Bts does?? I’ve probably listen to some of these vocal artist right here but am i suppose to know them?? no. I don’t because their singing doesn’t appeal to me. might be to you but not me. im an army for a reason you know.

  • Caroline Carrera

    I can’t believe that you’re even surprised that he’s not here🤦‍♀️

  • bambam’s_wife

    istg I clicked on Daehyun so FAST

  • Ariana Grande?This is who is the best main vocalist of KPOP. Besides, if you have any knowledge in vocals, you would know that bts vocalists aren’t the best. Sure they can appeal to you but if we are being honest here, Chen is the best main vocalist.

  • LaDream

    do i like look i stan or care who chen is? No i don’t. im simply saying that bts vocaline stands out and are the most appeal to me. if you have different opinion then go somewhere else ffs. i was responding back to whoever say that i do not listen to other music.

  • moonchild

    because he doesn’t have a great vocal range. he’s always within his “typical” range [c3 ~ c4 / c#4] and it’s good for a singer to experiment soundly with his voice. also because of his voice, naturally he’s not so good with the falsettos and his throat is easily tensed. deep voices don’t fit very well in most people’s ears. but he’s a good singer, but tbh he cann’t compete with these singers.

  • moonchild

    relatable, his voice is underrated.

  • moonchild

    they aren’t hear of 2gen singers kdkdkdk

  • moonchild

    mostly btob always deserved better

  • moonchild

    ok then we don’t care about bts’s voices cause!they!don’t!have!such!a!great!vocal!line! if you don’t know other artists (jungkook has such a beautiful voice but compared to other kpop singers… just no) sit down and shut up.

  • moonchild

    that is called: beauty and popularity.. it’s disgusting tbh, to do this you have to know all the vocal ranges or at least have heard their voices. but hui and eunkwang results still smh

  • moonchild

    in exo at least chenkyungbaek you really can name them like one of main vocalist in kpop. exo would be in #8 top10 (yeah, we can talk about 3gen too)… and we can also talk about r&b singers too that easily can beat all this list. i know it’s an opinion but “no one can beat them” that’s too much.

  • moonchild

    women singers generally has better vocal range than men.

  • moonchild

    have you heard that bts’ popularity and visuals doesn’t mean that they’re the best in a diverse musical gender? or in korean artists, because mostly korean artists can beat easily all this list kdkddjskj. join my multifandom religion and in a few time you can be less cringey

  • sad trash

    all their vocals are outstandinggggggggg like OUTSTANDING – all unique and special in their own way which is why they’re main vocalists in their groups. but my faves are jungkook, doyoung, chenle, baekhyun, chen, jonghyun, youngjae & sungjin bc im a complete trash can okay please let me live thank you

  • moonchild

    if they says that blackpink have the best dancers, best vocalists and best rappers, female queens, i would have a problem. because they are mediocre, not to be rude.

  • moonchild

    i’m army but i’m not deaf, and i know about vocal ranges, technique and abilities. but ok sis, beauty and popularity would clean the kitchen.

  • moonchild

    don’t worry, people those days are hypocrite, musical deaf and only cares if their idols are beautiful and have a beauty voice akaksjksdk

    ok no. even their favs knows that they aren’t better if they are popular and beauty, compared to those singers.

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    ok but its my opinion tho but yeah

  • LaDream

    and i don’t give a crap about your opinion on MY comment. bts vocaline are the best. that ‘s an opinion from me and if you dont know how to respect it stfu. BTS VOCALINE ARE THE BEST. I SAID WHAT I SAID. go post about ur opiniopn somewhere else.

  • mochibears

    well you should know that other artists also exist other than just BTS

  • mochibears

    LMAO classic answer from so someone who only listens to bts and no one else

  • LaDream

    ok great. the exists. yay. but im a suppose to listen and admit that they are better? no i dont.

  • Chewed up laces

    Well damn! Their vocals are amazing and all of them are so good!! My top five for me (in no particular order) are Eunkwang, Kihyun, Baekyun, Daeyhun, and Chen. They really stand out for me. 😆!!

  • Chewed up laces

    Well damn! Their vocals are amazing and all of them are so good!! My top five (in no particular order) are Eunkwang, Kihyun, Baekyun, Daeyhun, and Chen. They really stand out for me. 😆!!

  • Chewed up laces

    Well damn! Their vocals are amazing and all of them are so good!! My top five (in no particular order) are Kyuyhun, Eunkwang, Kihyun, Baekyun, Daeyhun. They really stand out for me. 😆!!

  • Chewed up laces

    Well damn! Their vocals are amazing and all of them are so good!! My top five (in no particular order) are Kyuyhun, Eunkwang, Kihyun, Baekyun, and Daeyhun. They really stand out for me. 😆!!

  • Chewed up laces

    I’m sorry I’m not an Army but even I know that V got the most stable vocal within the group.

  • Lia Giba

    Leave them they’re adamant *coughcough*and ignorant as fuck*coughcough*

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Whatever, you guys can go analyze every aspect of someones voice to determine if they’re better than another vocalist. I don’t see why preferring Jungkook is such a problem, but go off sis.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    But it would’ve been a problem if they said they clicked Jungkook so fast

  • Monna Wei

    What does this even mean

  • Monna Wei

    You obviously think BTS is the best vocal line because that’s the only Kpop group you know lmao

  • will do so xd

  • of course because he is overrated *oops*

  • It means that she’s delusional and thinks jungkook is the best vocalist lol

  • Lia Giba

    oof the truth hurts lmao

  • Lia Giba

    Um BTS vocal line “stands out” and “are the most appeal”(you missed the -ing) to you because of the fact that you don’t listen to other artists in kpop and don’t stan or care about other artists–your words, not mine. I also wanna know what you mean when you say that it’s the “technical’s” fault that Jimin’s voice cracked? Like you okay sis?? Jimin’s my bias in BTS and I’ve never bashed him or am I gonna in the future for his voice cracking. But BTS stans know that Jimin’s voice is delicate and cracks often. And you blame the “technicals”? Technicals or technicians or whatever you wanna call them don’t control an artist’s vocal cords while performing. They ain’t gonna insert voice cracks into Jimin’s voice to entertain themselves mid-performance or something. Gosh. Please don’t embarrass Jiminie more with this foolishness, he himself knows his voice’s range and capabilities and limitations while you’re trying to cover it up for no reason. A lot of us love Jimin’s voice the way it is and embrace both his perfections and imperfections while singing. Why cover up a fact that everyone already knows by dumping it all on the poor technician’s(not technical’s) head?

    PS: Liking your own “ted talk” comment is kinda sad. Not judging, just saying.

  • LaDream

    Heres the “im an army but” again. Remove Jimin from ur profile and fuck off. If you are such fan like you said you are, you would know that JImin is a perfectionist and would go on his way to make his performance perfect. In the MGA performance the tune for his part was different. So in their actual performance, Jimin would have to change his voice (chord or whatever) to adjust to the bgm. The damn technician change the tune right before their performance. That’s why JImin voice cracked. They (the techinicians) posted a blog on naver apologizing for it.but again who are You to correct me on my own opinion. im a bts fan. an army. i do listen to kpop and i dont stan it. and if they DO stand out to me, i would have stan them. if they dont they dont. I LOVE jimin’s voice. imperfect and perfect. they are still JImin’s voice and i love it. this is why nobody like kpoppies multis. they can’t accept they fact that army only listen to bts and not their faves.
    ps. talking shit about jimin while proclaiming that you’re an army is kinda sad.

  • LaDream

    jungkook is the best oof

  • Keep telling that to yourself oof..delusional much??

  • loser likes THEIR own comments..lol!

  • Who you’re to tell her that she’s a fake fan? Just because she’s a fan, doesn’t mean she has to be delusional. Everyone hates armys like you because you can’t just face the truth.. just admit that bts vocalists aren’t the best. Jimin is not the best vocalist due to his poor technique but you can still enjoy his voice.

  • And maybe you should listen to other groups and their vocals..maybe then you would understand where we are coming from…no one is saying bts vocalists are the worst vocalists in kpop but they definitely are not the best. The other vocalists on this list deserves to be higher. Just quit being delusional and face the truth.

  • Always100 boii

    kihyun,taeyang,chen,baekhyun,d.o.,jb,youngjae, and DK

  • F.I.E.R.C.E.

    They’re pretty good, but EXO and BIGBANG’s vocal line stand out to me

  • Tyrapanik – L

    I actually miss jimin here
    I mean he is a pretty good vocalists and has (for my opinion) a pretty big vocal range

  • I would have to disagree with you. Jungkook is better than Jimin. Jimin strains too much.

  • KItty Kat

    Why can’t you just accept that they like BTS. It’s their own choice to listen to BTS or other groups. I, personally don’t stan BTS but I can understand why you would. They’re the most popular group out there right now. So, let people comment what they want about the groups they like without bashing them.

  • Matheus Ayato

    Kyuhyun, Kihyun & Jaehwan


  • Lia Giba

    Bashing? We accept that they like BTS. What we don’t accept is that they “don’t care” about anyone else, and lash back when we try to tell them that other artists EXIST and that they should not be speaking about these talented people like the dirt under their fucking shoe. Their comments are full of venom. There is no effort to understand or accept or at least behave in a fucking decent manner. I read this person’s sad excuse for a “TED talk” and just let it be until I started seeing how immaturely they were reacting to others’ replies. You should be knowing that if you’re gonna post about BTS’s vocal line being the best out there, you would face some criticism even if you say “it’s MY opinion yadda yadda” because there are people who feel that you are being unjust to other very talented artists out there who are not given any chance in your playlist, okay? Please stop playing victim even if you don’t mean to. BTS is the most popular group out there. No one is bashing that fact. What we’re against is your fucking ignorance and unwanted justification and MOST OF ALL, your “MY OPINION!” card.

    The bashing needs to stop BOTH WAYS.

  • Lia Giba

    Babe. Honey. The “I’m an army but” trope has never been used by me. Please read my comment again, maybe check your damn eyesight while at it, yeah? I’m not “such a fan” as you so eloquently put it but I know that Jimin is a perfectionist and has been for the longest time. And his perfectionist side has been extremely hurt during performances where his voice cracked or he wasn’t able to give his best.

    Now. I watched the MGA performance again and compared its pitch to the original fake love. IT. WAS. EXACTLY. THE. FUCKING. SAME. Okay, they were provided the wrong mix. But what I said in my earlier comment was that technicians don’t control an artist’s vocal cords while performing. Jimin and the others were stressed asf and it explains their sub-par performance. It’s a professional’s job to stay the same even when the wrong bgm is played, and BTS and Charlie tried their best to do so. But Jimin DIDN’T change his voice, okay? It was the same as the original track. So yeah. I admit I was wrong to say not to blame the technician, but you are wrong for saying Jimin had to change his voice or his pitch when he didn’t. Why the hell are you trying to paint them as flawless? They know their shortcomings, but sadly you “understanding army” think that you all know the boys better than themselves and don’t want them to accept their mistakes.

    Oh, “this is why nobody like kpoppies multis.”? And that reason is…? We’re trying to correct you delulus and so we’re unlikable? Fine. Whatever makes you sleep at night.

    “i do listen to kpop and i dont stan it” You could’ve said that earlier instead of saying “ok great. the exists. yay. but im a suppose to listen and admit that they are better? no i dont.” What does that make you sound like? Lemme tell you. It makes you sound like a stuck-up brat, and an extremely ignorant and rude one at that.

    I didn’t comment on your (still sad) “ted talk” when you first posted it because though you came off as chronically ignorant, it was your opinion. But your attitude to others’ replies is what made me comment. You say “it’s MY comment” and “it’s MY opinion” and shit but you should be knowing that with an opinion so flawed you would have (sensible) people coming at you to correct you. And no one gives a shit if it’s your or anyone else’s comment they’re replying to. You don’t fucking own the comment section or any part of it. It’s both a public platform and a public property. So fuck off with that “it’s MY…” shit.

    Oh I forgot! Please don’t make me use worse swears, but really sis? You’re pissed cuz I have Jiminie in my profile pic but don’t cover up his voice cracks? Pfff…how old are you again? Oh, three? I guessed so.

    You’re not shit to tell me who my bias is in a group or if I should change my profile, got it? I like Jimin. I like BTS. I like other groups. I am a multi. And I’m also more mature than you. So who’s the real winner? (hint: it definitely isn’t you.)

    Also. Just clarifying your shoddy ps. I DON’T GO AROUND PROCLAIMING THAT I’M AN ARMY. No. That’s the kind of shit that makes people stay away from the fandom. So nothing I did is sad. What IS sad is your interpretation of my words and your tendency to jump to conclusions. Grow up.
    *Mic drop*

  • i’m seriously not gonna waste my time on this irrelevant argument anymore. think what u want.

  • i have no problem with them liking bts but claiming that Jungkook is the best vocalist and being just plain ignorant is where the line is for me..

  • Lia Giba

    And here I thought you had one brain cell working at least. Such a shame.

    I’ve never used the “I’m an army but…” trope nor am I gonna use it. I didn’t even know that kind of thing existed, given how frantic army are to cover up BTS’s mistakes and paint them as flawless when they aren’t.

    You’re two sentences in and raising my blood pressure: you aren’t shit to talk trash about my choice of profile pic, got it? I chose it because it means something to me, and that something has NOTHING to do with Jimin’s voice crack, ffs. I know that Jimin is a perfectionist, and beats himself up over mistakes in performances. So what? Many other artists blame themselves and overwork themselves after making mistakes. And if you wanna clarify the MGA incident, at least do it right. Yes, the mixing was different. But claiming that Jimin had to change his voice to accommodate to that? Go and compare the MGA fake love to the original one first. THE PITCH IS EXACTLY THE SAME. JIMIN SOUNDS EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME. The voice crack was NOT due to the wrong mix, it was due to his stress. I apologise for saying it isn’t the technician’s fault that Jimin’s voice strained (but it really isn’t), but you are wrong too. He didn’t change his voice or anything, for the last time.

    Who am I to correct you on your opinion, you ask? I am someone with enough sensibility to know that you have your own opinion but NO RIGHT TO INSULT OTHER ARTISTS. The hell you mean by “ok great. the exists. yay. but im a suppose to listen and admit that they are better? no i dont.” when a person reminded you that artists other than BTS exist who are actually really talented? That shows me that you are not worthy of attacking others for saying other vocalists are better (because THEY ARE) and that you shouldn’t be using your freedom to express your views in such insulting manners. Your extremely ignorant and offending way of reacting to replies was what prompted me to comment what I commented. I was not really planning on replying anything to your “ted talk” but your reaction to other’s replies did it. You should’ve had enough sense to know that if you’re gonna comment about BTS’s vocal line being the best when it really, really isn’t, you would be getting a lot of replies saying how wrong you are because that IS the truth. If you’re unprepared for the oncoming corrections, then why the hell did you write all that? Any comment (or “ted talk” as you put it) would get both praises and criticisms. Don’t call it a damn ted talk of all things if you can’t take criticism for shit.

    For kpop artists to stand out to you, you need to listen a lot. Your perfect music type isn’t gonna fall on your lap the first time you try listening to kpop. Some find their fav group easily. Some have to wait for a long time. I searched for six months till I got a group which I would listen to till the end of time. You gotta be patient. And even if you don’t happen to find one other than BTS, it doesn’t give you any right to act as if other singers aren’t worth your time. You’re basically projecting yourself as a rude, ignorant and infuriating stuck-up.

    And nobody likes kpop multis? Wow. I actually pity you. Just stanning BTS (or another widely popular group where fans increase by the bandwagon effect) has that effect on fans–especially if they’re your first kpop group–you feel like being a multi is being unloyal, fickle and lame, so you don’t give other groups a chance. But being a multi is the best of all worlds. There might be indecisiveness in choosing your bias because you know that in your heart you love them all to pieces. There might be fickleness and you might become more biased to one group during their promotions, but at the back of your mind you always know that once the comeback is over, you’ll be back to showering them all equally with love. If you’re a multi you always have comebacks to look forward to, fun and never-ending content on the internet to watch and laugh and fangirl over, and endless proud moments when your idols win their awards. There’s never a down moment. That’s why I’m proud to be a multi. And there’s nothing lame about it either. I like Jimin, and I like his voice. I also like Daehyun’s, Jaehyung’s, Woojin’s, Bang Chan’s and Kihyun’s voice, and Taeil’s and Chen’s and Baekhyun’s and Junhoe’s. I like Chuu’s and Heize’s and Sunmi’s and Jihyo’s voices. And Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s vocals are out of this world. I recognise talent and it doesn’t matter if I stan them or not.

    The army proclamation thing again. What a shoddy ps. If you wrote that to spite me, it isn’t working because what you wrote there is utter bullshit. Again, I haven’t commented anywhere that I’m an army but yadda yadda, and I NEVER TALKED SHIT ABOUT JIMIN. Are you okay? Is your reading capacity okay? I’m not so sure.

    Also: what’s actually sad is your incompetency in understanding what I wrote and your tendency to unnecessarily jump to conclusions.

    *Mic drop* Hope it lands on your foot.

  • LaDream

    bro wtf. all i did was comment on how i like bts voice better and then yall just came to my comment and start bashing on me. you just waste your time on writing the essay because i honestly gave no fuck about it. in the matter of fact, i didnt really even read it. yall didnt see anyone gave paragraph bashing others when they said their faves is the best tho. n e way im muting this shit.

  • LaDream

    that’s good. i really like Bigbang’s song btw. exo’s new releases was bops too.

  • LaDream

    and stop assuming my gender. thanks.

  • LaDream

    ok first of all. stop your bullshit comment toward me. ALL i did in this comment was analyzing bts vocaline in a language that i’ve studied for a year. all my replies was to people who think that THIS was bad but idgaf because this is my “opinion”. i never once bash other artists in my comment. i never once degrade other artists in my original comment. so i dont know where all this ↓ are from. if you have better time to bash an army, i suggest you go somewhere else because they actually dont give a shit. thank you. eye dont even know why i even bother to replying actually :_: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/81a41a202338dc1564ba6b9e7115bc825416cd5e60e92e0cdc724e331fd0b17c.jpg

  • LaDream

    cant belive its 2019 and we cant comment which kpop artists we like without getting bash. not referring to anybody :-:

  • Lia Giba

    Same. If you don’t give a crap about the replies to your educated “opinion” then I don’t understand why you’re reacting the way you are to all your replies?? And if you have the right to comment and reply stuff, then so do I and all the others. And look at yourself and your words before directing the “stop your bullshit” toward me, yeah?

    I’m leaving anyway. It’s no use trying to correct brats. They always have justifications. And no, never gonna change my profile pic or fuck off. Nope. https://media2.giphy.com/media/551LPtDO2cv5GfT2Cm/giphy.gif

    All I wrote in there was the truth. And truth hurts when you’re delusional and don’t accept what you did.

  • Lia Giba

    Guys it’s fine if you all have your own opinions on who is the best singer, but it isn’t really necessary to act disrespectfully to other singers because you don’t care about them. Please don’t act like experienced singers don’t exist when even your faves look up to these artists. Respect idols you stan AND don’t stan, it isn’t gonna hurt.

  • bruh

  • Mona

    no way lol .. i can’t choose only one! or even ten
    do you hear their voice !!! no joke

  • Heléne G Börjesson

    Exo, Bts, got7.. 😊

  • sewoon’s 네가 좋아 💘

    Still at a loss for words seeing Kim Jaehwan, Eunkwang, Kang Seungyoon and Hui rank so low.

  • MintyMark

    Okay, why is vocal legend Daehyun ranked so low? 😢

  • Bicky Raab

    My thoughts exactly. I’m not familiar with every group on this list, so I can’t speak for them, but out of all the more known groups out there, Kim Jaehwan is undoubtedly the best singer, and IMO it’s not very close. Since Wanna One disbanded tho, it makes it hard to pick him. Even then tho, I’d still be Seungkwan, DK, AND Hui over every singer in EXO easily. Then again, most people just blindly vote for their bias group, so these polls are actually kinda dumb. BTS is my bias group, but even I know the other singers mentioned are better.

  • Bicky Raab

    Seeing superior vocalists like Seungkwan, Jaehwan, and Hui so low on this list is absolute proof of why polls like this one are dumb. Most fans just end up blindly voting for their favorite group’s members without any consideration, and most of these people can’t even tell a sharp note from a flat note.

  • haechan is a cutie pie omfsgsg
  • popularity ..

  • i agree with chen exo on the top but lol Sandeul actually was amazing and did it for king of mask singer. he should be higher
    also eunkwang, hongki, and hweseung. they deserve mores. it just popular main vocalist, not best main vocalist.

  • nsh

    i think yesung, kyuhyun, jun. k and sungjin should have been higher, they’re really good at controlling their voices and i can say they can effectively sing with emotion

  • nsh

    exactly -_-

  • nsh

    he’s not a lead/ main vocalist

  • nsh

    i’m disappointed that people just ignore talent from anyone other than their faves

  • 1273rockerfeller

    i love seungkwan, dk and hui as well but i dont think theyre better than chen, maybe matched with baekhyun and d.o but i think chen really is on another level.

    i do think that those three should be higher though, especially hui because that man can hold a note.

  • ray

    I agree….some people are too biased

  • sheena

    YES. Voted for all three of them. Underrated vocals. I was upset to see Hui so low.

  • YoonTaeKyung

    you can vote for 20 of them 🙂

  • EeZEe Vee

    i wish that nct renjun was here he would’ve gotten a high rating

  • EeZEe Vee

    like bro taehyung’s voice is deeper than the core of the earth

  • EeZEe Vee

    honestly, yes i agree with u bc u think that bts has the best vocal line and i agree (bc how can u not they’re AWESOMEEEE) and if you were to say something about those hater’s best vocal lines, they would do the exact thing. and you’re just saying ur opinion and they can’t handle it. so they can calm themselves. if they can’t respect someone elses opinion, that’s not our problem.

    i also love nct’s vocal line tho but i will not pick between them, just in case the haters decide to hate on nct too. for the sake of nct

  • EeZEe Vee

    like shut up ok miss intellectual? stop acting like u know everything. cause *gasp*, you don’t! why ain’t that a surprise? you don’t go hating on other people’s comments because you see one little thing wrong. don’t go lecturing someone because you think they said something that you would never say.

    ps. liking your own lecture is kinda sad. Not judging, just saying.

  • EeZEe Vee

    and here i thought you had brain cells! you think that you know eeeeeverything bc you write something about someone’s comment. OK YOU MADE YOUR POINT JUST SHUT UP ALREADY you keep getting mad at this person because of the comments they reply with. THEN STOP COMMENTING BACK honestly i think what you guys are both saying is pathetic. “blah blah blah jimin, blah blah ted talk, blah blah blah i’m an army, blah blah blabbity blah, BLAH. this fight is over something stupid. YOU BOTH LIKE BTS WE KNOW. just shut up. your little “*mic drop* hope it lands on your foot” thing is just making you look like a baby. what were you, born yesterday? welcome to the real world. people have opinions. people are allowed to say what they want to say. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GUYS. you guys are more immature than a day old baby. don’t cry over spilt milk, AND DON’T FIGHT OVER IT EITHER. i’m out.

  • EeZEe Vee

    OK THEY THINK THAT JUNGKOOK IS THE BEST VOCALIST. I didn’t know it was illegal to have an opinion.

  • lol what-

  • KItty Kat

    I’m still sorry about what happened, there are way too many toxic fans but don’t let that change your view on kpop

  • KItty Kat


  • KItty Kat

    They sorta said that they like EXO’s new song and BIGBANG’s music. Obviously the TED Talk thing was a joke. I understand that you may think that someone else is a better vocal than Jungkook, but different people have different tastes in music and voices. I do like his voice, but I like their rap line better. I don’t wanna be rude here, but what if you commented your fave and they bashed you about it (Since you said they were bashing back). Wouldn’t you have been a little mad that someone insulted them because I know I would. And why do you think that you’ll get criticism for liking BTS’s vocal line? Obviously there’s more talented people in K-Pop but leave them alone unless you want to get hate for liking a group.

  • KItty Kat

    This was a well-needed comment

  • Lol

  • Saeyeon

    I know right! Sure, Haechan and Chenle have great voices, but he needs some well deserved recognition too!

  • Lia Giba

    I’ll take your scolding in stride because I seem to have upset people I didn’t mean to. So yeah, sorry. But I wanna say 2 things before I peace out:
    1. The ‘fight’ has been over since two weeks ago so really why are you bringing it up again? Leave this alone.
    2. Not apologising for what I wrote to the person. They bashed me for having Jimin as my profile pic cuz I was hating on him (when really, I was just saying that technically his voice crack isn’t the technician’s fault– how the hell did it blow up into this) …and that isn’t childish but me saying the mic drop line is? Okay…

    Really there was no need for you be this rude, man. You don’t have to act so fucking butthurt and angry over something where you are not involved in the first place, AND the chapter was already closed. But yeah I’m sorry if I offended anybody in this comment section. Not staying here anymore. Bye.

  • Lia Giba

    Read my comment above again please. The hell? They themselves said they didn’t care about other artists and I quoted them, tried to point out what is wrong in my opinion. Point out one sentence where I was “bashing” them and “hating” on them that you find it so necessary to reply to me like that. What I did couple of days ago is what you are doing rn– trying to correct someone because you think they are wrong. And thanks for the compliment, though I never did consider myself that smart.
    Also pls chill and use your eyes properly cuz I never liked my own comment.

  • Lia Giba

    I really liked your comment and I don’t know why lol. But I do admit that no one should be criticized for their fave. I’m not gonna explain myself or anything because no one’s gonna read any of that, yet they will come for my throat for whatever reason they find suitable. When I wrote that comment the person hadn’t said they liked EXO or BIGBANG, but only that they didn’t care about anybody else than BTS. And they changed, I’m happy for them. If they wanna listen to only BTS, that’s okay too. You can see that I didn’t mock their comments or anything like others did UNTIL I read their replies of “yeah okay so a talented artist exists so what blah blah”…and yeah went a little overboard? We both were too volatile (someone else in the comment section is too rn coughcough) and I apologise for my actions (god what the hell am I doing apologising like I’m in a press or something) okay bye before this gets too embarrassing lol…I hope no one will come with pitchforks for THIS comment too *sigh*

  • I’ll ”apologize” as well for being too harsh. Maybe i should just accept that armys will choose their faves no matter what. and i personally have no problem with people preferring bts (even tho i probably made it sound like that uhhuh) i just feel like you are not getting our point. also, i feel like this *person* victimizes themselves here even though they clearly said in another comment that Jungkook is the best vocalist and the comments like ”am i suppose to listen other artists and admit that they are better? no i dont.” ” do i like look i stan or care who chen is? No i don’t.” and overall them not caring a f that other artists exist is pretty ignorant to me. But again, i’m done with this argument and it’s honestly pointless,, so let’s not continue this anymore.thanks.

  • Lia Giba

    damn how do u put out your points so directly and clearly?? *Applauds*

    I wanted to say the same thing but here I am trying to explain my ass to everyone who doesn’t bother reading my comments but still claims I’m a hater or something.

  • 地里

    ok….where is The Rose’s Woosung???

  • Lia Giba

    He’s probably being someone’s bed because he’s slept on a lot by people 🙁
    For some reason only Dojoon is shown as the main vocals when actually Sammy is one too

  • I have no idea lmao and i feel you.. I just feel like people are not getting our point. and i honestly feel like i did something wrong here, even though that really wasn’t my intention. It’s hard trying to explain yourself when someone else is claiming that you’re a hater. I don’t hate bts at all, i’m just tired of them being always on top of the polls. There are so many underrated artists who deserve to be higher. I think it’s also rare to find armys who are honest, so i applaud you lol . Anyway, I think this whole argument is pointless and didn’t need to start in the first place tbh .

  • Jonghyung, his vocals on Hot Times always get me.

    Miss him so much. <3.

  • exonxt

    Jonghyun, Chen, Onew, D.O, Daehyun, Eunkwang, NCT Taeil, Block B Taeil, Seungkwan, Leo, Changmin, Woohyun, Baekhyun and Youngjae <3 i like their voices a lot

  • if this ain’t one of the most biased polls ever. ISTG

  • carat cute

    Jimin is my bias and I do agree that Jungkook is a better vocalist 🙂 it’s so easy for him to hit high notes

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    It’s not biased? Exo has great vocalists.

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    Jk is weak compared to other vocalists ngl

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    If you only listen to one group (bts) then you’re not qualified to vote

  • Uhhuh i didn’t mean that. Exo vocalists deserve to be on the top for sure. As in why is Jungkook 5th when there’s Super Junior vocalists, Shinee vocalists, Some nct vocalists, BTOB, BAP, Infinite etc.

  • Jungkook is more stable. Jimin doesn’t really have the correct technique even though he can hit high notes..

  • Er… Why did Jungkook at top 5? I mean he has a great voice but I’m not sure if he qualifies in top 5 or even top 10. It just my opinion thoo.

  • My picks EXO members, Youngjae, Eunkwang, Taeyang, 2 Taeil, Yoon, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Doyoung, Hongki, Yonghwa, Yoseob, Onew and Jonghyun.

  • Er.. mostly in vocalists analyst BTS vocalists always in D or E class just so you know. BTS has good rap line but just no for vocal.

  • I know right. Sad.

  • LaDream

    ok idk if yall are still living in 2015 but since then, BTS vocaline have improve way much more. Comparing them to D or E class is ridiculous.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Oh my fucking god can ARMYS’s praise BTS without being bashed for being delusional?!?!?! Let us be happy for once it’s our opinion.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Or maybe alot of people actually like Jungkooks voice so the popular opinion is that he’s good. Your opinion is unpopular becuase thats not what the majority thinks, so you are the minority who thinks this way. There’s technically nothing wrong with thinking this way, but you are acting like your opinion is correct and everyone who thinks otherwise is wrong, which is wrong.

  • 미나 사랑해 방탄소년단

    Many people like the way his voice calms and relaxes them, therefore making them think that he is a good singer. Calling a popular singer overrated just becuase you don’t like his voice or becuase he’s popular is stupid. It makes you seem poorly educated becuase your liking or disliking of someones voice doesn’t automatically mean they are overrated, it just means you don’t like their voice.

  • sjrxn_

    well, Hweseung is the best. No hate, not biased
    and why all of the vocal legends got such a low rank:(( WHY WHY????
    -broken english rite here

  • 전 서린

    i quickly look at hweseung XD his vocal just sxdgvd
    why they got such a low rank?

  • Angelina Horton

    I think that JUNGKOOK is the best vocalist 😘😜

  • Drone_Kid

    you make me laugh. especially your replies and left on other’s comments.
    like honestly, im cracking XD

  • Drone_Kid

    ok im v sorry but Jungkook being better than Jonghyun, Haechan MJ and Jongho?
    thats some big boi bs i smell 👀

  • I lost brain cells

  • kpop.trash

    i agree lmaoo

  • Kirashi Uchiha

    2AM Jo Know my #1

  • Jungkook behind Taeil- this poll is totally not biased at all1!1

  • I get that you want to vote for your bias but this is illegal..

  • I honestly ignored this comment because i seriously couldn’t careless to be fighting over some damn biased poll. but, when it comes to armys, y’all always choose your faves and as i do understand that you might enjoy Jungkook’s voice over the others but as he is nowhere near as good of vocalist as these underrated ones, it’s really frustrating to see him higher than some clearly light years ahead vocalists in this poll. and whereas you are of course allowed to vote for your faves, i think people should start taking these polls a little more seriously and actually vote for the BEST (in this case; vocalist) because people are biased, these polls will always end up being biased and usually bts on the top. why make these polls if people will always vote for their favorite group? i feel like most armys always just choose bts without actually even listening to other kpop idols/groups. i would bet for 99% that most of armys have not even tried to listen to any other kpop vocalists besides bts. I think if they did, they wouldn’t choose Jungkook. Most armys seem to think that bts vocalists don’t need to have a good technique because they are unique and all the other vocalists are just good technically but have nothing special in their voice or whatever. having a good technique is actually important, not only it sounds better to ears, but it’s healthier for the singer. if you sing with a wrong technique, it will damage your voice (This is more aimed to Jimin because he strains.) still doesn’t take away that Jungkook shouldn’t even be compared to some of the vocalists here. bts are not superior to other kpop groups. period. I just don’t know what’s so amazing about vocals that sound unpleasant to ears. i enjoy clear and beautiful vocals with a touch of emotion in them. but then again, that is just my opinion ?? and i understand that it hurts to see your faves to be called overrated but that’s literally how it is. bts are talented artists but sadly overrated by their fans. they are always on top of the polls and everywhere. you have to admit that they are overrated by now..

    Lastly, i don’t want this to be turned into another fanwar again. this is just my opinion and i know that i can’t force people to not pick their favorites but i just wanted to clear up what i meant. i hate fanwars and i absolutely cannot stand them. somehow this whole thing just turned into one. i don’t hate bts or Jungkook (nor does anyone who says the same thing) we are just tired of the delusional fans. and i don’t want people to think that they can’t have an opinion because they obviously can. you can obviously prefer Jungkook over the others but as i said, he shouldn’t be higher than some vocalists on the poll. it gets tiring to see the popular groups always on top of the others especially when the more underrated ones are just as talented.

  • Lia Giba

    People this is a poll based on talent and not favoritism
    How is Jaejoong ranked so low? A fan once told him that they fell in love with his voice and that was shocking for Jaejoong who had many people after his looks. That fan was blind and they came all the way to see him because they found he was blessed with amazing talent…
    Jaejoong was not the only one who cried that day.

    I can’t even say how blind y’all are to talent because even blind people know better. smh

  • AW. His voice is BEAUTIFUL. i agree so much. Jaejoong is definitely one of the best visuals in the history of kpop but c’mon, he’s also hella talented! These new fans have no idea who he is and it’s honestly sad.

  • And this poll is wayyy to biased.. i guess popularity wins over talent nowadays..smh.

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    Sorry I misunderstood, but I agree with you

  • orbitzen

    no prob !

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    Well people have different opinions

  • Stephanie Rivera

    i mean it seems you’re pretty biased when the only prob all of you seem to have with this poll is kook. Obviously y’all can just say you hate bts and go

  • orbitzen

    I couldn’t careless about bts. It’s y’all who are biased. Yikes.

  • Felix

    I just love Kihyuns voice, he sings so beautiful and he can sing so high💕
    I don’t wanna be mean but i think Jungkook doesnt deserve to be in the top 5 there are vocalists with better voices…

  • mina

    i’m a monbebe, i ult the group.. but i agree. i think its.. kihyun, taeil, jaejoong, onew and jongho. i think they deserve top 5..this just seems like a popularity poll. 🙁

  • tushiwaaa


  • nsh

    i am well aware that people have their own opinions and i respect that, but the thing is that some people tend to dismiss the vocalists’ capabilities and only choose the one they like the best instead.
    this poll is about who the best vocalist is, not who is your favourite vocalist. there’s a difference.

  • Tiara

    I agree, tbh I actually fell in love with his voice first. It was because I listened to ‘Love in The Ice’ (Japanese version) back in 2007 and was really touched by his voice without actually looking at a video anything. Back in the day, I shared an iPod with my brother and he put the song inside the iPod and I was mesmerised by his voice the first time I heard it. I looked him up and he was also blessed with a handsome face but an immense talent. Yet people can’t see it 🙁 Also, where is Junsu?? Not putting Junsu here is like a crime tbh

  • Tiara

    Although I love IMFACT to death I agree that Jeup and Taeho need to improve on their technique. Particularly, Jeup. He strained so much 🙁 but his company are shitty and he didn’t really get him a proper vocal training. He didn’t really sing until he was 20 and knowing Star Empire they probably didnt even hired a vocal coach for him 🙁 but he is such a raw talent. Tbh, with proper training and resources Jeup really has the potential to be one of the best vocalist.

    Taeho has better technique than Jeup simply because he was not only a trainee at Star Empire but also also other agencies before coming to SE. He doesnt strained and really consistent but of course there are things he can improve on. However, he is a pretty solid vocalist.

    Also, I agree with Jaejoong being first.
    He is my first bias in Kpop and I actually fell in love with his voice before seeing his face at all back in the day.
    However, I was shocked that he is even lower than Jeup and Taeho in this poll.
    Jaejoong’s talent tend to be overlooked by people because of his visual.
    The way he deliver songs, he delivers the message of the song and you can feel it in your heart.
    Anyway, I’m surprised that Junsu is not in the poll???

  • Tiara

    No JYJ Junsu in this poll???

  • maddiefightstheworld

    You should notice that in the original comment, it was never said that BTS was the best for everyone, just for them. I know this is really old but I simply couldn’t scroll past this. This shouldn’t have turned into a big fan war. It’s one persons opinion and it won’t change the entire poll.

  • maddiefightstheworld

    I know this is old but I really love the way you worded this. You didn’t shove your opinion in their face, you just reminded them that there are others. So thank you for being the best kind of fan!

  • maddiefightstheworld

    Please ignore this if it offends you too much, but I wanted to share my opinion. This started out as a fan appreciating their favorites, but people are hating on all sides now. I won’t lie, this comment offended me because you portrayed others opinions as wrong and yours as truth. I think all our idols deserve better than fans who can’t stop fighting. I don’t blame just you either. I know this is old, but I had to say it. I’m sorry if not everyone agrees, but let’s respect everyone!

  • maddiefightstheworld

    Thanks for apologizing! Not many fans will respect others opinions and it really means a lot to some of us. Even though this is old, it makes me really happy.

  • maddiefightstheworld

    Again, here is the problem. People are forcing their opinions on each other. You can enjoy a variety of different voices so we will never all agree. I know this is really old but I had to say it. Thank you!

  • maddiefightstheworld

    Again, here is the problem. People are forcing their opinions on each other. You can enjoy a variety of different voices so there will never be any “best vocal line” that all fans agree with. I know this is old but please be respectful of others in the future. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you.

  • maddiefightstheworld

    I wish everyone would see this comment, lean back and think about how we are all allowed to like different voices. Don’t shove your opinions onto people, please.

  • maddiefightstheworld

    There’s no such thing as an unbiased human. Please also remember that calling a vocalist weak will always provoke fans to fight back. Even if this is old, people need to learn how to express opinions without hurting others.

  • maddiefightstheworld

    Don’t call other vocalists nothing! No person deserves that, and it will provoke fans.

  • maddiefightstheworld

    Though this comment is old, it makes me highly upset. Facts and opinions are two different things, and since all humans are biased, we will never have a true best main vocalist that can be proved and agreed with by all. Some people believe other things than you, and that’s okay.

  • 전 서린



  • Nima Kv

    This is like a popularity poll, how can jonghyun, 2am changmin, jokwon, onew, kyuhyun, tvxq changmin, ryewook not be top 10,this is not fair

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    This poll is about singing not rapping. Sure jungkook is a good vocalist but others like Chen from Exo have better technique, like his ability to sing high notes without straining. I recommend you take a listen to seventeens pretty u, Seungkwan executes four consecutive high notes on live shows. BTS have good vocal colours, but they don’t have the best vocalists. And no Jungkook doesn’t have the most stable vocals in kpop.

  • lollll

    Then again, your reply shows exactly why you’re extremely biased and is a huge EXO hater. Don’t blame you for seeing EXO as a threat to your fav though, I mean Chen is topping almost every single best vocalist lists and has constantly been mentioned as one of the best vocalists in kpop by professionals, celebrities,etc. Then againnn, I soooo agree with your comment that most people just blindly vote for their bias group, because that’s just what your comment is demonstrating. It’s just a bit sad that you don’t see yourself as being biased tho 🙁 I just hope you would actually listen to their songs and voices without blindly hating them and let your hate overdrive your auditory system.
    BTW, I do love DK and Seungkwan, so no hate towards ANY celebrities you’ve mentioned 🙂

  • S

    Wdym by that? Taeil is a good vocalist, he hits high notes well and he has a nice voice. You like Jungkook better, so you can vote for him. It’s not a popularity poll, it’s based on opinions. And you’re TOTALLY not being biased against Taeil 🙂

  • orbitzen

    okay..i meant it other way around..sorry, i should have said it clearer.

  • orbitzen

    what happened to this poll? o.o

  • *insert clever username*

    Yes! Kihyun has an amazing voice, and I hope people will stop sleeping on Monsta X

  • *insert clever username*

    Kyuhyun too

  • *insert clever username*

    Taeil > Jungkook

  • *insert clever username*


  • Cloud

    Wow, i was about to comment this! Thanks god there is still someone who remembers him. His voice is so powerful, he should get more attention!

  • Cloud

    I totally agree with you

  • Benten

    Why are some people saying Jungkook is the best vocalist in k-pop when he’s not even the best in BTS?

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    Have you listened to people other than BTS???

  • Kayah Bonilla-Mas

    Why do you have to be so petty?! She was just trying to express her feelings, and now you feel like you should comment on it!! Don’t you have anything else better to do! I swear this is how arguments are made, because of people like you who feel that they should stick their nose into other peoples business. Please to anyone who is reading this, make it a habit of shutting down conversations that aim to tear people down, love and respect each other.

  • Zoey

    I don’t know why people keep complaining that fans make this vote based on popularity but Jungkook only rank 26th 😑

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    I literally was just asking a question. You’re talking about loving and respecting each other but here you are calling me petty. I never degraded her opinion, I just wanted to suggest other groups that are good to listen to.

  • TiiteDiamant

    He’s main vocalist in BTS.

  • Benten

    He was when they debuted and that’s also partly because Jungkook’s voice suits a lot of their songs. Taehyung has the best technique now but he’s a baritone so his voice doesn’t really suit most of their songs.

  • Kayah Bonilla-Mas

    You weren’t suggesting anything, by you saying “Have you listened to people other than BTS???” sounds like you were degrading their opinion. Why don’t you expand your vocabulary and use a better choice of words. And when someone is being disrespectful and inconsiderate to others, they don’t deserve respect because they aren’t being courteous to their peers. Think about it.

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    Yeah sure but you are still in the wrong for calling me petty. I was going to suggest more good groups to listen to when they would reply. There’s no use in suggesting a group if the person already listens to them. I had no bad intentions behind my question, you’re too quick to assume stuff. There are multiple ways people can interpret it, you just see it in a negative way. I love BTS, they were one of the earliest kpop groups I got into. I just know there is a lot of talent outside of BTS.

  • Fahima Moosa

    Don’t under estimate Jungkook. I know he is not the best but that doesn’t mean he isn’t the best vocalist of BTS. Chen, Eunkwang, Jinho, Jonghyun, Seungkwan, Kihyun, Kyuhyun, Jaehwan, Changmin, Woohyun are the top ten. Everyone has different views. So plz don’t judge anyone else.

  • Fahima Moosa

    I think Jin has a better voice than V. He can also hit high notes better than V. V has one of the man-liest voice on the planet but it feels like his voice has some kind of disturbances. It’s my opinion. 😁

  • Benten

    I wasn’t talking about the voice though. I was talking about singing technique and V has the best technique out of BTS (at the moment)

  • Tensa Azim


  • Tensa Azim

    I personally find Bts having the worst vocal line, their rap line is meh too. A beginner can beat the vocal line in a matter of seconds. Bts is only known for their dance synchronizations and that all and even they aren’t good tbh..

  • Emi

    I’m sorry but Chen is most voted?? Really???

  • Seesaw Yeehaw

    In my opinion, Kihyun deserves a high ranking because he has really good vocals.
    I’m a little disappointed at the others though, since there’s some really amazing vocalists on this list who don’t have a high ranking.
    It’s at the point where this is more like a popularity poll rather than a vocal poll. I’m not saying that there are bad or not so good vocalists, but some people deserve to have a ranking higher than what they have right now.

  • Zaya

    Its because a lot of people are ARMYs so anyone from BTS is supposed to be suppoerted no matter how bad they are

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    Whats wrong with that? He hits high notes like a god

  • Dana Konadu

    some of y’all haven’t heard Sandeul sing and it shows

  • Dana Konadu

    High notes aren’t the only thing you need to be a good vocalist……

  • Dana Konadu

    Also how did you guys forget Hyojin of ONF 🙁 he sounds like an angel. WM entertainment has always been known for their vocals.


  • Dana Konadu
  • Dana Konadu

    then again i’m an army but even i think that Jungkook isn’t the best vocalist out there.

  • Moo

    His voice is really good though. What’s wrong with him being the most voted?

  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    Yeah but his technique is bomb too, and he’s stable

  • 세븐틴캐럿

    I agree. I think there are just too many armys voted for jk

  • Anonymous

    Okay.. I was quite satisfied with the ranking but after seeing the comments I feel sorry for all the BTS haters.. I mean seriously guys.. have you ever seen jungkook singing live.. this guy can sing while flying over hundreds of thousands of ARMYs with stable vocals..
    He’s not the best vocals out there and everyone knows this but he’s good too..
    SM artist will always top the list of top vocals and it’s not new because they literally are good..
    And a request to all the other fandoms PLEASE DON’T BASH JUNGKOOK or BTS he is good too and he’s improving day by day he’s still young he still have a lot of time to improve and to prove himself..

  • kpooper

    Let me fix that statement for you hun : If you listen to only one group and haven’t checked out the amazing video clips of the other vocalists’ amazing abilities which were provided in the poll, you’re not qualified to vote.
    If you only listen to BTS, or shinee, or btob, etc. but can appreciate other vocalists too, feel free to vote.


  • ByTheCliff _SKZ

    Yup thanks

  • Benten

    Well, that’s because Chen is indeed the best vocalist of his generation

  • moonsoorin

    guys…jaehwan, mj, sunggyu, sungjin thooo also many other vocalists that are ranked low…(the lower ones i dont know very well so imma not comment them) they deserve to be waay higher with their skill…too bad they arent popular

  • SG Lopez


    B1A4 – SANDEUL
    VIXX – LEO


  • SG Lopez


  • SG Lopez

    don’t mind them. we (oldies of the kpop supporters) are the only ones who knew they’re already LEGENDS

  • Monzen

    i think (personally) that Kihyun of Monsta X should be on the list too