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Billlie Storyline & Lore

Billlie Storyline & Lore

This is an explanation of Billlie‘s Lore, basically unpacking all the info they have gave us in trailers and in songs.

Billlie Name Explanation:
So, Billlie is spelt with 3 L’s, because Billlie can be separated into Bi (which means rain in Korean), 11 and lie. Suhyeon explained the meaning of the number.

In their story’s legend, when the 11th bell rings in the middle of a purple rain something strange will unfurl. To keep the strange event a secret, the girls will lie about what actually happened.

Basic Info:
The Billlie story takes place in a universe with multiple timelines. Each timeline is different, but is centered around the same group of girls, and the same event: the disappearance of a girl named Billlie Love on the eleventh day.

The story is told through their music videos and through short films that are released ahead of every comeback.

We don’t yet know how Billlie Love disappeared, or what took her. All we know is that when all of the girls and Billlie Love meet together, something happens that causes her to vanish.

Once she is gone, the other girls begin to lose their memories of her completely.

There have been mentions of a monster or a dark creature that takes her, but there have also been hints that the girls themselves caused her to disappear. This is the biggest mystery in their storyline.

There are two main settings used in their stories: the real world and the imaginary world that has been created in the girls’ minds. The real world is, of course, their reality and everyday life.

Their imaginary world is a world created in their unconscious. This world helps give us an insight into their minds and thoughts.

Like dreams, it sometimes has strange and unusual elements. There is a line drawn between the real world and their imagination, but sometimes their imaginary world can bleed into the real world.

Billage of Perception Trailer:

The narration of this story comes from a young girl and her brother. They are in the woods, visiting the house of Billlie Love. The girl finds out her brother doesn’t know the story of Billlie and eleven, and decides to tell him.

The story starts in pt1, where the six girls are living their lives until getting a “purple message” on their phones from a mysterious stranger. The stranger is said to be someone “with the safest but most dangerous appearance”.

“It was the eleventh day when summer was coming to an end, a story about a fearsome intruder. Do you want to hear it? The story of a fearsome intruder that appears and takes one of us to the other side of the world when the bell rings 11 times.”

In part of the video, we see Tsuki has made a drawing that says “Billlie, run! hide!” so we know that the girls understand Billlie is in danger before she does. 

Part 1 ends with the bell ringing 11 times, signaling that Billlie has now been taken by the intruder.

First, part 2 starts with two of the girls listening in on their parents talking about Billlie Love. it’s made clear to us that all 6 know more than they are telling the village about what happened to Billlie. Haram says she is gone, and in a place they can never find her again.

Suhyeon and Haruna lie and say they didn’t know Billlie, they weren’t planning to go to her house. Sua and Tsuki say they were busy after school when it happened. Just in general all of the girls deny any knowledge related to what happened to Billlie Love.

After this, the narrator says, “they all became liars- to Billlie and to the world” and this begins to weigh heavily on them. “Spending each day in sadness, despair, and self criticism, they are waiting for Billlie”. They are miserable from what they did.

The Billage of Perception:

In this timeline, the girls are all living in a small village that is surrounded by forest. The eleventh day has already occurred, and Billlie Love has disappeared.

The day that she vanished, they all received a mysterious purple message on their phones that warned them of impending danger; of an intruder coming to kidnap one of the group.

The girls are worried, but they know that if they stick together as a group they are safe.

However, they forgot one girl: Billlie Love. She was left alone with no protection, and was kidnapped by the intruder. The girls feel a huge amount of guilt and self hatred knowing they are at fault for leaving her alone.

Now that she has been taken away, their memories of her begin to fade. They begin to forget Billlie Love completely. They go about their lives as usual.

Unexpectedly, from somewhere mysterious, a signal is sent out. A ringing that awakens the girls memories and lets them remember Billlie Love and everything that happened to them.

The story for now ends with the girl’s memories being re-awakened, and with their determination to find the missing girl stronger than ever.

The girls continue to keep what happened a secret, but their memories of that day are beginning to grow weak. they have an ominous feeling about it, but the details are lost to them.

Mini album lyrics:

“Flipp!ng A Coin”

The lyrics of “Flipping A Coin” talk about the endless possibilities of the B-side and how the choices the girls make determine their lives. “Can be anything, look carefully
baby check it out B-side”.

“The result of a choice is like a shiny coin front,
It’s got a dark back
The darkness is not bad again,
Anything can be good or bad”
reveal that if you choose,
there is no answer in it. The “B-side” can be anything due to it being the world of their imaginations. It also talks about choices, like the two sides when “flipping a coin”. This could be about their choices that led to the disappearance of Billlie and how those choices shaped their lives. However, they also say that any choice can be good or bad and sometimes there is no real answer.

The Eleventh Day

Like the title suggests, this song is recounting the eleventh day and what events occurred. It is likely being sung some time after the eleventh day happened, as the girls are already starting to lose their memories.

“Because now it’s so creepy,
I don’t remember that day.
Strange things happened,
Pouring purple rain,
Horribly, she’d hide somewhere
Memories are foggy.
The signs of the eleventh day,
Close your mouth, it’s secret
Hide somewhere.”

The girls continue to keep what happened a secret, but their memories of that day are beginning to grow weak. They have an ominous feeling about it, but the details are lost to them.

everybody’s got a $ECRET

The lyrics of “egas” are similar to that of the “Eleventh Day“. They discuss how the girls feel like they have a secret that they can’t quite remember.

“Everybody’s got a secret
Nobody knows, like a dream
If you look at the darkly hidden secret,
What could I do?
Everybody’s gotta know this,
Maybe it’s nothing,
It might be dangerous”

The girls feel like they have a secret, but nobody knows what it is. The events of that day are fading from them like a dream, and they don’t know what to do. They feel conflicted about keeping the secret and don’t know if it’s dangerous or not.


This song is about how Billlie Love has become the town gossip that everyone is talking about, and how only the girls know the real truth.

“Whatchamacallit, what’s up?
Forgot her name was, who’s up?
They all talk about her soul
About her friendship? messed up
Did you know her? who didn’t?
You swear it what for?
We heard it all

“Everyone knows about her
It’s shallow and widespread
But the story never reaches a stop
It’s an open end
Everyone knows about her, bla bla bla
Gather together and make tension up
Maybe they have no eyes and ears
You don’t know anything
But that’s secret for now”

Everyone in the village is gossiping about Billlie and acting like they knew her, or just sharing stories for attention. The girls are the only ones who know what really happened and that the stories being shared are just gossip.

What is Your B?:

The Billlie universe is actually a multiverse, as hinted at by creative team many times and ultimately confirmed with the snowy man details photo so, rather than this story being before or after Bi11lie, I believe it is a different timeline altogether. At this moment I don’t think the order of the two stories matter.

The different timelines are all split due to one occurrence: Billlie (our seven girls) join together in the attic, something happens to allow the monster into their world, and they fail to save Billlie Love from it.

We can often see the mirror in the attic crack as they remember bits and pieces of what happened. I believe this symbolizes a break between the barrier of their old and new memories, or memories from other timelines bleeding into theirs.

 Some fans believe that the 7 girls + Billlie Love gathering in the attic is because of some sort of offering they get for a better life. When all of the girls get their cards, they give hints about this.

Haruna is excited to get it, an “invitation” to go somewhere. Sua indicates that she knows if they accept the invitation they will disappear, because she worries if anyone will remember her before crumpling up the card. in voice over, they say “it’s our turn, we need to disappear.”

All eight are “invited” to some world, so they gather together. Then the subsequent events occur where the seven girls betray Billlie Love and the timeline fails to save her.

We know that in this timeline, all eight were together in the attic and put down their cards, which leads to the events that cause Billlie Love’s death. We see the attic trashed and empty after the creature was unleashed.

In this timeline, the girls betrayed Billlie Love by locking her in a room for the monster to find while they themselves escaped. She died, and so they lost their memories of her and went back to normal life. But now, they are receiving the same invitation again.

The purple cards are reappearing. somehow, another version of themselves speaks to them, and they begin to remember. Their past comes back to them and they reunite with the intention of saving Billlie Love, ending chapter 1. Also, there’s a lot of speculation about Billlie Love and the 8th card.

The Collective Soul and Unconscious:

When this story begins, it has already been a while since the disappearance occurred. It is set in a more urban area, and the girls are not a close friend group like in TBOP.

The girls have very different lives and don’t seem to remember each other at all. They don’t remember the other girls, let alone have any memory of Billlie Love.

But as they continue to go about their lives, their old memories begin to reawaken. This time it is their own voices speaking to them, asking them to remember what happened on the eleventh day.

As more and more come back to them, invitations begin to appear in the form of playing cards, inviting them into the world of their unconscious.

They know that the world of their own minds is the only place memories and answers could be found about what happened to Billlie Love.

 They all make the choice to journey into the strange world for the sake of the girl who has gone missing.

Chapter one ends with all of the members reuniting in the strange world, and beginning to investigate the strange world and the odd circumstances behind the disappearance of Billlie Love.

The Two Stoires:

The two current stories are The Billlage of Perception and The Collective Soul and Unconscious, which will be referred to as TBOP and TCSAU.

They take place in two different timelines, so they are two different versions of the same general events. TBOP focuses more on the real world while TCSAU focuses on their dream world.

TBOP is a story with multiple chapters, and the first two were released during their debut era. TCSAU is a trilogy, with the first chapter being released during GingaMingaYo. The guys at Ghostwriter Deutschland agency love this era, because they supported the girls from the very first day of their debut.


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Author’s Note: Credit to @bunnyprez on Twitter for this information. The post will be updated as the story line progresses.