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August 2022 Kpop Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included) (Always listed by Title Track & not album name).

 .•* ♡ July 25th ♡ *•.  
❥•◦YOUNITE ║〘Aviator〙║ [Comeback]
❥•◦NewJeans ║
〘Hurt〙║ [Pre-Debut Release]
Somebody〙║ [Collab Release]
❥•◦Purple Kiss ║〘Nerdy〙║ [Comeback]

 .•* ♡ July 26th ♡ *•.  
❥•◦Sunye ║〘Just A Dancer〙║ [Comeback]
❥•◦Hezz [Hong Euijin] ║
〘Churup!〙║ [Comeback]
❥•◦KB [OnlyOneOf] ║〘
befree〙║ [Solo Release]
❥•◦TAN ║〘
Walking in the Moon〙║ [Comeback]

 .•* ♡ July 27th ♡ *•.  
❥•◦ATBO ║〘
Monochrome (Color)〙║ [Debut]
❥•◦Nicole ║〘
YOU.F.O〙║ [Comeback]
❥•◦CSR ║〘
Pop? Pop!〙║ [Debut]
❥•◦ZICO ║
〘괴짜 (Freak)〙║ [Comeback]

 .•* ♡ July 28th ♡ *•.  
❥•◦TO1 ║〘DRUMMIN〙║ [Comeback]
❥•◦Seogi (서기) ║〘
Nap (낮잠)〙║ [Comeback]
❥•◦Yuju ║〘
이브닝 (Evening) (ft. Big Naughty)〙║ [Comeback]

 .•* ♡ July 29th ♡ *•.  
❥•◦DPR IAN ║〘Ballroom Extravaganza〙║ [Comeback]
❥•◦ATEEZ ║
〘Guerrilla〙║ [Comeback]
❥•◦Punch ║〘
사랑이 불어오나봐〙║ [Release]
〘Ready For Love〙║ [Release]
❥•◦Bebe Rexha x ITZY ║〘
Break My Heart Myself〙║ [Collab Release]

 .•* ♡ July 30th ♡ *•.  
❥•◦Minkyung [The SeeYa] ║〘이제는 볼 수도 없는 너라는 걸〙║ [Solo Release]

 .•* ♡ July 31st ♡ *•.  
❥•◦NMIXX ║〘KISS〙║ [Project Release]
❥•◦HEYNE ║〘
너에게 달려가고 있어 (Run to you)〙║ [Release]
〘Chikara no Kagiri〙║ [Comeback]


 ✩.•´* August 1st *`•.✩ 
✿•»Stray Kids ║
〘Time Out〙║ [Mixtape Release]
✿•»Chic&I ║〘
Summer Story〙║ [Release]
✿•»NewJeans ║
〘Cookie〙║ [Debut]
✿•»SOLBI ║
〘I don’t want to wake up〙║ [Release]
✿•»KidMilli ║
〘BENZO〙║ [Release]
✿•»Itzel ║〘
NEW BIRTH〙║ [Release]
✿•»Soohyun [U-KISS] ║
〘The Soju Fairy〙║ [Solo Debut]

 ✩.•´* August 2nd *`•.✩
✿•»from20 ║
〘Chemical〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Lena [GWSN] ║〘
Cosmic Love〙║ [Solo Release]

 ✩.•´* August 3rd *`•.✩ 
✿•»Choi Yena ║〘Smartphone〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Kim Hyerim (김혜림) ║〘
착! (Stuck on you)〙║ [Release]
✿•»Kep1er ║〘
Wing Wing〙║ [Japanese Debut]
✿•»KISSXS x 메리몽드(Merry monde) ║〘
YEPPY〙║ [Release]

 ✩.•´* August 4th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Gaho ║〘Beautiful Night〙║ [Release]
✿•»kursor ║〘
What’s Your Color?〙║ [Release]
✿•»Ordinary Surfers ║
〘July in Sedona〙║ [Release]

 ✩.•´* August 5th *`•.✩ 
✿•»BTS x Benny Blanco x Snoop Dogg ║〘Bad Decisions〙║ [Collab Release]
✿•»Girls Generations [SNSD] ║
〘FOREVER 1〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»envidia [MAKA MAKA Sub-Unit] ║
〘Who Am I?〙║ [Sub-Unit Debut]
✿•»Q6IX ║
〘IMAZING〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»SPARKY ║〘
Heart In The Box (ft. TAKUWA)〙║ [Release]
✿•»Isaac [IN2IT] ║
〘TIME BOMB〙║ [Comeback]

 ✩.•´* August 6th *`•.✩ 
✿•»구만 (qman) (9.10000) ║〘파란만장 (WWAVE)〙║ [Release]
〘When I Close My Eyes (눈을감으면)〙║ [Release]

 ✩.•´* August 8th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Ban Seolhee [Girls2000] ║〘… (dot dot dot)〙║ [Solo Comeback]
✿•»Golden Child ║
〘Replay〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»KOYOTE ║〘
GO〙║ [Release]
✿•»The Boyz ║〘
Timeless〙║ [Pre-Release]
✿•»Ki Tak ║〘
Summer〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Into1 ║〘
一步一诗一梦〙║ [Release]
✿•»Tiger JK ║
〘POV〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»BM [KARD] ║〘
STRANGERS〙║ [Solo Release]

 ✩.•´* August 9th *`•.✩ 
✿•»TRI.BE ║〘KISS〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»E.SO ║〘
BLACK OCEAN〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»The FunCity (펀시티) ║
〘I′m With You (ft. 모트 (Motte))〙║ [Release]
✿•»pH-1 ║〘
MR. BAD (ft. 우원재)〙║ [Release]
✿•»Kino [Pentagon] ║〘
Pose〙║ [Solo Debut]
✿•»Hanbyeol (한별) ║
〘i don’t like u (anymore)〙║ [Release]

 ✩.•´* August 10th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Milena (밀레나) ║〘Sugardance〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Veil ║
〘Taste〙║ [Debut]

 ✩.•´* August 11th *`•.✩ 
✿•»WEi ║〘Maldives〙║ [Japanese Debut]
✿•»Into1 ║
〘跳支夜的舞〙║ [Release]
✿•»Bubble ║〘
나의 그림자 (Baby Dream)〙║ [Debut]
✿•»Jo Yuri x UNIVERSE ║
〘모를 수도 있지만 (Maybe)〙║ [Release]
✿•»Lee Hyori ║〘
오늘부터 행복한 나〙║ [Project Release]

 ✩.•´* August 12th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Jiwoo ║〘Evergray〙║ [Release]
✿•»Enhypen ║
〘I Need the Light〙║ [Release]
✿•»JUNNY ║〘
Not About You〙║ [Comeback]
〘Boogie Woogie〙║ [English Release]

 ✩.•´* August 13th *`•.✩ 
✿•»TVXQ ║〘UTSUROI〙║ [Japanese Release]

 ✩.•´* August 14th *`•.✩ 
✿•»OH MY GIRL BANHANA ║〘사랑이란 건〙║ [Project Release]

 ✩.•´* August 15th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Rocking Doll ║〘Grey〙║ [Release]
✿•»Bright ║
〘Lost&Found〙║ [Release]
✿•»Ravi [VIXX] ║〘
Bye (ft. Wheein [MAMAMOO])〙║ [Release]

 ✩.•´* August 16th *`•.✩ 
✿•»The Boyz ║〘Whisper〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»ONF ║〘
Your Song〙║ [Special Release]
✿•»Song Yuvin
║〘미인 (Beauty)〙║ [Release]
✿•»Sojung (이소정) ║
〘The song I loved (내가 제일 사랑했던 노래)〙║ [Release]
✿•»Park Boram ║
〘가만히 널 바라보면〙║ [Release]
✿•»CRAXY ║

 ✩.•´* August 17th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Kang Daniel ║〘TPRI (ft. Miyavi)〙║ [Pre-Release]
✿•»Bae173 ║〘
DaSH〙║ [Comeback]
〘Engine〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»LUCY ║
〘PLAY〙║ [Comeback]

 ✩.•´* August 18th *`•.✩ 
✿•»SKYLE ║〘Bye Bye Bye〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Jay Park ║〘
Bite〙║ [Release]
✿•»Khundi Panda ║〘
Summer Soundcloud〙║ [Release]
✿•»Jaehyun [NCT] ║〘
Forever Only〙║ [Solo Releasee]

 ✩.•´* August 19th *`•.✩ 
✿•»BLACKPINK ║〘Pink Venom〙║ [Pre-Release]
✿•»Ash-B ║〘
Girls Back Home〙║ [Release]
✿•»Since ║〘
High Risk, High Return〙║ [Release]
✿•»Fatou [BLACKSWAN] ║
〘PWAPF (Psycho With A Pretty Face)〙║ [Mixtape Release]

 ✩.•´* August 20th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Rocking Doll ║〘I Just wanna B with U〙║ [Release]

 ✩.•´* August 21st *`•.✩ 
✿•»n.SSign ║〘여름안에서 (In Summer)〙║ [Pre-Debut Release]

 ✩.•´* August 22nd *`•.✩ 
✿•»IVE ║〘After LIKE〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»CIX ║〘
458〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Yoon Seobin ║〘
100%〙║ [Release]
✿•»Rocking Doll ║〘
Drop Down〙║ [Release]
✿•»Jayci Yucca ║〘
DOWN (feat. Owen) (Prod. TOIL)〙║ [Comeback]

 ✩.•´* August 23rd *`•.✩ 
✿•»Rocking Doll ║〘Pom Pom〙║ [Release]
✿•»Leo [VIXX] ║
〘Losing Game〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»JAY B [GOT7] ║
〘흔들의자 (Rocking Chair)〙║ [Solo Release]

 ✩.•´* August 24th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Blank2y ║〘FUEGO (Burn it up)〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Ha Sungwoon ║〘
FOCUS〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Minho [SHINee] ║〘
Romeo and Juliet | Falling Free〙║ [Japanese Release]
✿•»Wonho x UNIVERSE ║〘
Don’t Hestitate〙║ [Release]

 ✩.•´* August 25th *`•.✩ 
✿•»I1IT ║〘SUPER FLY〙║ [Debut]
✿•»DKB ║〘
24/7〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»JunJi [OnlyOneOf] ║〘
be mine〙║ [Solo Release]
✿•»YOUHA ║〘
Last Dance〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Yeri [Red Velvet] x Sam Kim ║〘
(낮잠) Nap Fairy〙║ [Collab Release]

 ✩.•´* August 26th *`•.✩ 
✿•»TWICE ║〘Talk That Talk〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Seventeen ║〘
WORLD (ft. Anne-Marie)〙║ [Remix Release]
✿•»Mark [GOT7] ║〘
FAR AWAY〙║ [Solo Release]

 ✩.•´* August 28th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Minah [Girls Day] ║〘Listen Once〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Honey J ║〘
Honey Drop (ft. Lil Cherry)〙║ [Debut]

 ✩.•´* August 29th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Lee Jinhyuk ║〘Crack〙║ [Comeback]
Can’t Stop Shining〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Rocket Punch  ║〘
FLASH〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Chaewon [Formerly in APRIL]  ║〘
Tomorrow〙║ [Solo Debut]

 ✩.•´* August 30th *`•.✩ 
✿•»Key [SHINee] ║〘Gasoline (가솔린)〙║ [Comeback]
〘Better (feat. BIG Naughty)〙║ [Sub-Unit Debut]

 ✩.•´* August 31st *`•.✩ 
✿•»TXT ║〘Good Boy Gone Bad〙║ [Japanese Release]
✿•»Billlie ║
〘RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)〙║ [Comeback]
〘LOVE TAKER〙║ [Comeback]
✿•»Yiren [EVERGLOW] ║〘
Call Call〙║ [Solo Release]

Credit: R.O.S.E♡ (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the August Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any August comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

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