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Who is the best dancer in Monsta X?

Who is the best dancer in Monsta X?

Who is the best dancer in Monsta X?

Post by YoonTaeKyung

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Who’s the best dancer in Monsta X in your opinion? Feel free to comment below🙂!

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  • Jooheon and Shownu

  • Linnea Boqvist


  • Minhyuk-Sunbaenim 🌹

    they have a main dancer position what’s the point of this…

  • Lia Giba

    It’s so hard when all of them dance so good

  • Rosy

    For me Hyungwon uwu

  • disqus_EsrHhz06Q8

    i was so shocked when i found out jooheon wasnt apart of the dance line…his dancing really stands out the most for me. hes really talented

  • Michellevvip

    Shownu of course :’)

  • mereee

    omfg ikr? like his dancing really looks natural

  • Julianna

    they’re literally all so good, but we know shownu trained for 7 years (and was lee hyori back up dancer), so of course he’s the best, not to mention his dancing is so fluid and natural. but yes, for me, monsta x are the best dancers

  • Rosy

    People have different opinions uwu

  • Tera

    Im is not a better dancer than Jooheon

  • XiuminLove12

    First of all, rOOd, he can dance to. And also, people don’t always vote ranking them in skill. Rather in biases. Except when it’s obvious that the top 3 are the best at it.

  • XiuminLove12

    Plus you can vote for up to 3 people.

  • Haruki

    Joohoney is a great dancer! He and Shownu are on a higher level, people need to pay more attention to Joohoney dancing too.

  • carat cute

    same for me he’s a really good dancer but I guess this is more biased than about the dance skill

  • carat cute

    definitely 😉

  • carat cute


  • Tera

    Jooheon and Shownu are the superior dancers, under them it’s 100% Hoseok and Hyungwon. Then IM, and after him it’s Kihyun and Minhyuk

  • Joohoney, Shownu & Hyungwon

  • RedMonMon

    Jooheon and Shown are the best. End of discussion 😊😊

  • MonMin


  • Ukie

    Im is a pretty good dancer but he could NEVER compare to Jooheon