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Bae Jong Ok Profile and Facts

Bae Jong Ok Profile: Bae Jong Ok Facts and Ideal Type

Bae Jong Ok (배종옥)
is an actress under J, Wide Company. She debuted in the movie Chilsu and Mansu (1988). She is mostly known for her roles in; The World That They Live In (2008), Monster (2016), Live (2018), Designated Survivor: 60 Days (2019), Graceful Family (2019), and Mr. Queen (2020).

Birth Name: Bae Jong Ok (배종옥)
Birthdate: May 13th, 1964
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 166 cm  (5′ 5″)
Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @baejongok

Bae Jong Ok Facts:
– She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– While acting Bae Jong Ok completed a doctorate at Korea University.
– In 2003, she returned to Chung Ang University to teach in the Theater and Film Studies department as a visiting professor.
– Bae married a pilot (Park Gil Jae) in 1994 but later divorced in 1996.
– She has a daughter (Park Chae Eun) studying in the United States.
– She follows a pescatarian (seafood in place of meat) diet.
– She had guest appearances in Windfall (1986), Soon Shim (1988), Our Paradise (1990), and Our Paradise 2 (1992).
– She made an appearance in the film Ad-Lib Night (2006).

Bae Jong Ok Dramas:
If Blooming Flowers Weeped (꽃피고 새울면) | KBS2 / as Choe Seung Hui (1990)
Hotel (호텔 ) | MBC / as Im Jung Bin (1995)
Happiness (행복) | MBC / as Song Yoo Kyung (1995)
War And Love (전쟁과 사랑) | MBC / as Han Ji Yeon (1995)
Men of the Bath House (목욕탕집 남자들) | KBS2 / as Kim Yoon Kyung (1995)
Sea of Ambition (욕망의 바다) | KBS2 / as Jang Seo Yun (1997)
Woman Next Door (이웃집 여자) | KBS2 / as Nah Yong Hee (1997)
Because I Love You (사랑하니까) | SBS / as Eun Ah (1997)
The Lie (거짓말) | KBS2 / as Joo Sung Woo (1998)
Wang Rung’s Land (왕룽의 대지) | SBS / as Mi Ae (2000)
Foolish Love (바보같은 사랑) | KBS2 / as Jung Ok Hee (2000)
Tender Hearts (우리가 남인가요) | KBS1 / as Park Yoon Ju (2001)
Man In Crisis (위기의 남자 ) | MBC / as Kim Yun Ji (2002)
While You Were Dreaming (그대 아직도 꿈꾸고 있는가) | MBC / as Cha Moon Kyung (2003)
More Beautiful Than a Flower (꽃보다 아름다워) | KBS2 / as Kim Mi Ok (2004)
Beating Heart (떨리는 가슴) | MBC / as Bae Jong Ok (2005)
Goodbye, Solo (바이 솔로) | KBS2 / as Oh Young Sook (2006)
My Man’s Woman (내 남자의 여자) | SBS / as Kim Ji Soo (2007)
Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Kum (천하일색 박정금) | MBC / as Park Jung Geom (2008)
The World That They Live In (그들이 사는 세상) | MBC / as Yoon Young (2008)
Kim Soo Ro (바이 솔로) | MBC / as Queen Jung Gyun (2010)
Pure Pumpkin Flower (호박꽃 순정) | SBS / as Joon Sun (2010)
Hooray for Love (애정만만세) | MBC / as Oh Jung Hee (2011)
That Winter, The Wind Blows (그 겨울, 바람이 분다) | SBS / as Wang Hye Ji (2013)
Wonderful Mama (원더풀 마마) | SBS / as Yoon Bok Hee (2013)
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion (달래 된, 장국: 12년만의 재회) | JTBC / as Choi Go Soon (2014)
SPY (스파이) | KBS2 / as Park Hye Rim (2015)
Bubblegum (풍선껌) | tvN / as Park Seon Young (2015)
Monster (몬스터) | MBC / as Jung Man Ok [Ep. 1-2] (2016)
Unknown Woman (이름 없는 여자) | KBS2 / as Hong Ji Won (2017)
Live (라이브) | tvN / as Ahn Jang Mi (2018)
Designated Survivor: 60 Days (지정생존자) | tvN / as Yoon Chan Kyung (2019)
Graceful Family (우아한 가) | MBN / as Han Je Kook (2019)
Mr. Queen (철인왕후) | tvN / as Grand Queen Dowager Sunwon (2020).

Bae Jong Ok Movies:
Chilsu and Mansu (칠수와 만수) as Ji Na (1988)
I Stand Up Every Day (나는 날마다 일어선다 ) as Eun Shil (1990)
Portrait of the Days of Youth (젊은날의 초상) as Miss Yoon (1991)
Walking all the way to heaven (걸어서 하늘까지) as Ji Suk (1992)
Deep Blue (깊은 슬픔) as Park Hyo Seon (1997)
Jealousy Is My Middle Name (질투는 나의 힘) as Park Sung Yeon (2002)
Hello, Brother (안녕, 형아 ) as Mother (2005)
Love Talk (러브토크 ) as Sunny (2005)
Herb (허브 ) as Hyun Sook (2007)
Five Senses of Eros: “The 33rd Man” (오감도: “33번째 남자” ) as Park Hwa Ran [3rd Story] (2009)
The Last Blossom (세상에서 가장 아름다운 이별) as Kim In Hee (2011)
Ari Ari the Korean Cinema (영화판) as Bae Jong Ok [Herself] (2012)
Dances with the Wind (바람의 춤꾼) as Bae Jong Ok [Herself] (2017)
The Chase (반드시 잡는다) as Min Young Sook (2017)
In Between Seasons (환절기) as Mi Kyung (2018)
Innocence (결백 ) as Hwa Ja (2020)
Kingmaker: The Fox of the Election (킹메이커: 선거판의 여우) as Hee Ran  (2020)

Bae Jong Ok Awards:
1987 KBS Drama Awards | Popularity Award (N/A)
1991 29th Grand Bell Awards | Best Supporting Actress (Portrait of the Days of Youth)
1991 MBC Drama Awards | Excellence Award, Actress (N/A)
29th Baeksang Arts Awards | Best Actress (Film) (Walking All the Way to Heaven)
2000 KBS Drama Awards | Excellence Award, Actress (Foolish Love)
2003 MBC Drama Awards | Special Acting Awards (While You Were Dreaming)
2005 30th Golden Chest International TV Festival | Best Actress (More Beautiful Than a Flower)
2007 8th Korea Visual Arts Festival | Photogenic Award (My Husband’s Woman)
2007 SBS Drama Awards | PD Award (My Husband’s Woman)
2008 MBC Drama Awards | Top Excellence Award, Actress (Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Geum)
2008 KBS Drama Awards | Best Supporting Actress (The World That They Live In)
2011 MBC Drama Awards | Golden Acting Award, Actress in a Miniseries (Bravo, My Love!)
2014 SBS Entertainment Awards | Best Female Newcomer in a Variety Show (Roommate)

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