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April 2021 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included) (Always listed by Title Track & not album name).


✦March 20th✦
ITZY ║〘MIDZY〙[Special Release]

✦March 21st✦
REDMINT ║〘Ice Cream〙[Comeback]

✦March 22nd✦
Eternity ║〘I’m Real〙[Debut]
Youha ║〘zzz〙[Release]
Boom Trigger ║〘Only One〙[Comeback]
CGM48 ║〘มะลิ (Mali)〙[Comeback]
LUSS ║〘หยอก หยอก〙[Comeback]

✦March 23rd✦
Sorn [CLC] ║〘RUN〙[Solo Debut]
ONEUS ║〘no diggity〙[Japanese Release]
Kiko50 ║〘Voyager〙[Comeback]

✦March 24th✦
Dreamcatcher ║〘Eclipse〙[Japanese Release]
ATEEZ ║〘Still Here〙[Japanese Release]
Kangta ║ 〘Freezing〙[Release]

✦March 25th✦
IU ║〘라일락 (LILAC) | Coin〙[Comeback]
AR3NA ║〘Come Get It Now〙[Debut]

✦March 26th✦
Jackson [GOT7] ║〘Leave Me Loving You〙[Release]
Roda [M.O.N.T] ║〘Anxious〙[Release]

✦March 27th✦
Uranus ║〘White〙[Release]

✦March 28th✦
from20║〘친구들은 하나 둘 담배를 피우기 시작해 (Cigarettes & You)〙[Debut]
KANTO ║〘Close Up〙[Release]
JO1 ║〘Born to be Wild〙[Comeback]
4EVE ║〘Like a Bling〙[Comeback]

✦March 29th✦
South Club ║〘If I Were Rich〙[Comeback]
Sunggyu [INFINITE] ║〘Won’t Forget You〙[Solo Release]
pH-1 ║〘Antisocial (Prod. Mokyo)〙[Release]
CHECKMATE  ║〘YOU〙[Comeback]
Kim Sejeong  ║〘Warning (ft. lIlBOI)〙[Comeback]
Kang Seungyoon [WINNER] ║〘아이야 (IYAH)〙[Solo Comeback]

✦March 30th✦
Baekhyun [EXO] ║〘Bambi〙[Comeback]
DKB ║〘ALL IN (줄꺼야)〙[Comeback]
MoriD ║〘THE BEAST (짐승)〙[Comeback]
Monika ║〘뛰어간다 (GO ON) (Ft. Bae YeongGyeong]〙[Comeback]
NTX ║〘Kiss The World〙[Debut]

✦March 31st✦
G-Reyish ║〘Blood Nigh (Oriental Ver.)〙[Release]
TREASURE║〘BEAUTIFUL〙[Japanese Release]
Park Bom ║〘Do Re Mi Fa Sol〙[Comeback]


April 1st
3YE ║〘Stalker〙 [Comeback]
VYRA ║〘ต๊ะต่อนยอน…Hurry Up! (ft. Sunnee)〙[Comeback]
bamm ║〘โดนเทแต่เท่อยู่ (2COOL2CARE)〙[Debut]
BTS ║〘Film Out〙[Japanese Release]

April 2nd
Hoshi [Seventeen] ║〘Spider〙 [Mixtape Release]
Ha Hyunsang [Hoppipolla] ║〘심야영화 (Late Night Movie)〙[Release]
Yultron X Jay Park  ║〘Us2〙[Release]

April 3rd
2Z ║〘O@SIS | Stupid〙 [Comeback]
KCM & Outsider ║〘그냥 촣아〙 [Comeback]
Jang YeJin ║〘Sing Love (모든 사랑을 담아 노래해)〙[Release]

April 4th
Moti [PLT] ║〘ASH (Feat. Gaho) |WHENEVER (Ft. CAMO)〙[Release]
3YE ║〘STALKER REMIX ver. (ENG)〙[Release]
NECTA║〘Sugar rush〙[Release]

April 5th
Wendy [Red Velvet] ║〘Like Water | When This Rain Stops〙 [Solo Debut]
Lee Jinhyuk [UP10TION] ║〘5k〙[Solo Comeback]
ASTRO ║〘One〙[Comeback]
GyeongseoYeji ║〘Might not know〙[Comeback]
Withus ║〘쾌지나 칭칭 나네〙[Comeback]
Rosé [BLACKPINK]║〘Gone〙[Release]

April 6th
D-CRUNCH ║〘My Name〙 [Comeback]
Chanyeol [EXO] ║〘Tomorrow〙[Release]

April 7th
Yukika ║〘Insomnia〙 [Comeback]
Kim Jaehwan ║〘찾지 않을게 (I Wouldn’t Look For You)〙[Comeback]

April 8th
OnlyOneOf ║〘libidO〙 [Comeback]
BAE173 ║〘사랑했다 (Loved You)〙[Comeback]
U-Min ║〘You&I〙[Solo Debut]
STAY C ║〘ASAP〙[Comeback]
Signal ║〘Goodbye〙[Comeback]
Simon Dominic & Loco ║〘밤이 되면〙[Release]

April 9th
SuperM x Prudential ║〘we do〙 [Collab Release]
Elris ║〘Jackpot (Japanese Ver.)〙[Japanese Debut]
Pentagon ║〘DO or NOT (English & Chinese Ver.)〙[Release]

April 10th
Moon Yujeong [Gowoon of Berry Good] ║〘Weird〙 [Solo Release]

April 11th
Moon Sujin ║〘The Moon (Ft. Taeil [NCT])〙 [Collab Release]
yourbeagle ║〘To Me〙[Release]

April 12th
DAVICHI ║〘그냥 안아달란 말야〙 [Comeback]
SHINee ║〘Atlantis〙[Comeback]
mu.b ║〘Subscribe〙[Release]

April 13th
Kang Daniel ║〘Antidote〙 [Comeback]
Choi YuRee ║〘US〙[Release]
Cho Hani ║〘Reflection〙[Release]
Kyuhyun [Super Junior] ║〘Coffee〙[Solo Comeback]
Wheein [Mamamoo] ║〘Water Color〙[Solo Comeback]
THE8 [Seventeen] ║〘Side By Side〙[Solo Release]

April 14th
CIX ║〘All For You〙 [Japanese Release]
Sakurazaka46 ║〘BAN〙[Comeback]
Dvwn ║〘Yeonnam-dong (ft. LiLBOi)〙[Release]
Monsta X ║〘Flavors Of Love〙[Japanese Release]

April 15th
Yoon Jisung ║〘LOVE SONG〙 [Comeback]
Dongkiz ║〘Universe〙[Comeback]
Iris ║〘lilies〙[Comeback]
Cheeze ║〘LOSER〙[Comeback]
SWAY ║〘사랑 하고 난 후 (After love)〙[Comeback]
Kim Eana x LUCY x Suhyun [AKMU]║〘LOVE ME LOVE YOU〙[Collab Release]

April 16th
MAJORS ║〘Rain On Me〙 [Debut]
MAJORS ║〘Dancing in the starlit night〙[Release]
A.C.E ║〘Down (Ft. Grey)〙[Release]
Hyunjun Hur ║〘VO!D〙[Release]
ONE OK ROCK ║〘Renegades〙[Comeback]

April 18th
Great Guys ║〘Touch By Touch〙 [Comeback]

April 19th
A-Pink ║〘Thank You〙 [Special Release]
NU’EST ║〘Inside Out〙[Comeback]
DAY6 ║〘You Make Me〙[Comeback]
ORβIT ║〘Blind | Dionaea〙[Comeback]
Penomeco ║〘DRY FLOWER〙[Comeback]

April 20th
P1HARMONY ║〘겁나니 (Scared)〙 [Comeback]
YunGGI ║〘Overdose〙[Comeback]
Sunny Hill ║〘After meeting you (너를 만나고(with. Hwang Daniel))〙[Comeback]
Magic Girl ║〘Magical Girl〙[Debut]
TWICE ║〘Kura Kura〙[Japanese Release]
Sumi [FLORIA] ║〘그댈 너무 (Too Much)〙[Solo Release]

April 21st
BoomTrigger ║〘Guerrilla’s Way〙[Comeback]
Seventeen ║〘히토리쟈나이 (ひとりじゃない)〙[Japanese Release]

April 22nd
IZ ║〘Missing U〙 [Comeback]

April 23rd
B1A4 ║〘10 TIMES〙 [Special Release]
Yesung [Super Junior] ║〘Phantom Pain〙[Pre-Release]

April 25th
ICU ║〘Look At Me〙 [Comeback]

April 26th
Enhypen ║〘Drunk-Dazed〙 [Comeback]
AB6IX ║〘CLOSE〙[Comeback]

April 27th
KidMilli ║〘Midnight Blue (ft.끝없는잔향속에서우리는) | Bittersweet (ft. ron)〙 [Comeback]

April 28th
ONF ║〘춤춰 (UGLY DANCE)〙 [Comeback]
Hot Issue ║〘GRATATA〙[Debut]

April 29th
HeyGirls ║〘I Cook〙 [Comeback]
Aivan ║〘인공지능 (A.I)〙[Comeback]
(G)I-DLE ║〘Last Dance〙[Release]

April 30th
ITZY ║〘마.피.아 In The Morning〙 [Comeback]
ØMI ║〘Colorblind〙[Release]
Narachan & Roda [MONT] ║〘BOTTLE〙[Release]
Sarah Barrios ║〘Have we met before (ft. Eric Nam)〙[Release]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the April Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any April comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂