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March 2021 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included) (Always listed by Title Track & not album name).


February 20th
Gowoon [BerryGood] |〘City Lights〙[Solo Debut]
OWV |〘Roar〙[Release]
NiziU |〘Poppin’ Shakin’〙[Release]
Broccoli you too (브로콜리너마저) |〘Upright (바른생활)〙[Release]
meenoi (미노이) |〘우리집 고양이 츄르를 좋아해 (WGC) feat.염따〙[Release]
Solar [MAMAMOO] |〘저녁에 들어주세요 (Please Listen to This in the Evening)〙[Special Release]
ONF |〘My Name is〙[Pre-Release]

February 22nd
SHINee |〘Don’t Call Me〙[Comeback]
J.DON [N.Flying] |〘클리커 (Clicker)〙[Solo Release]
허성현 (Huh!) |〘uh-uh (Feat. Kid Milli, 개코)〙[Release]

February 23rd
Sunmi |〘꼬리 (TAIL)〙[Comeback]
Suran |〘Sunny〙[Comeback]
Danggisio |〘Up to the Light〙[Comeback]
Wilcox |〘RUDE (Feat. 모트)〙[Comeback]
KEEMBO |〘Inside〙[Comeback]

February 24th
ELLY [J SOUL BROTHERS] |〘OH (Ft. Shota Shimizu & OZworld)〙[Solo Comeback]
WEi |〘모 아님 도〙[Comeback]
The Boyz |〘Breaking Dawn〙[Japanese Release]
IMLAY |〘Too Good (ft. CHENLE of NCT)〙[Release]
Keumjo [9Muses] |〘월광애(月光愛)〙[Comeback]
ONF |〘Beautiful Beautiful〙[Comeback]
PIXY |〘날개 (WINGS)〙[Debut]
ATO6 |〘Runway〙[Debut]

February 25th
Yujeong [HI CUTIE] |〘yes or no〙[Solo Comeback]
Golden Child |〘Breathe〙[Release]
BIG Naughty |〘Joker〙[Release]
Ash Island |〘MELODY〙[Release]
Paul Kim |〘사랑하는 당신께〙[Release]
ELLY [J SOUL BROTHERS] |〘Amnesia (アムネジア)〙[Solo Comeback]

February 26th
Wonho |〘Lose〙[Comeback]
CHEETAH |〘Villian (Ft. Jamie)〙[Release]
Sik-K |〘BLOCK + prob·lem·at·ic (Produced by SMMT)〙[Release]
CL |〘Wish You Were Here〙[Special Release]
ELLY [J SOUL BROTHERS] |〘DoCoDeMoDooR〙[Solo Comeback]

February 27th
BabyBoo |〘Ring-Ring-Ring (Latin Remix)〙[Comeback]
Lil Boi x Wonstein |〘FRIENDS (Prod. Slom)〙[Collab Release]

February 28th
Park Moonchi and DAY6’s Young K |〘What a Wonderful Word〙[Collab Release]
Hui & Shinwon [PENTAGON] |〘WTH〙[Release]


✦March 1st✦
ATEEZ ║〘불놀이야 (I’m the one)〙[Comeback]
OLNL ║〘PAPI(바삐) (Ft. Soovi)〙[Release]
TRITOPS ║〘청개구리 Green frog (2021 Ver.)〙[Release]
Paloalto, Khundi Panda, SUMIN ║〘Unsung Heroes (Prod. SUMIN)〙[Release]
HWIHYUN ║〘I Love You(new) (사랑의 시작은 고백에서부터(new))〙[Release]

✦March 2nd✦
VERIVERY ║〘Get Away〙[Comeback]
Raina ║〘Waiting For You (오늘 연락해)〙[Release]
YUKIKA ║〘애월 (愛月)〙[Pre-Release]
MC MONG ║〘There can’t be a good breakup (ft Jo HyunAh) | Blind (눈이 멀었다)〙[Comeback]

✦March 3rd✦
DEMIAN ║〘Love % (Ft. DAWN)〙[Comeback]
iKON ║〘왜왜왜 (Why Why Why)〙[Comeback]
Rain ║〘WHY DON’T WE (Ft. Chungha)〙[Comeback]
YY ║〘He‘s Gone (ft. Jayci Yucca)〙[Comeback]
QODES ║〘Quest 1. $ Better than X〙[Release]
Jackson [GOT7] X Rain ║〘MAGNETIC〙[Release]
Kim Feel ║〘어떤 날은 Someday〙[Release]

✦March 4th✦
Park Jihoon ║〘Call U Up (Ft. Lee Hi) (Prod. PRIMARY)〙[Release]
MCND ║〘아직 끝난거 아이다(Not Over)〙[Release]

✦March 5th✦
G-REYISH ║〘Blood Night〙[Comeback]
Yehana [We Girls] ║〘Pray〙[Solo Debut]
Youngsoo ║〘Because Of You〙[Release]
OWLER║〘Mandarin (Ft. Austn)〙[Release]

✦March 6th✦
Checkmate ║〘DRUM (New Ver.)〙[Release]
AboutU ║〘Time to Shine〙[Release]
Ahn Byeongwoong ║〘Eyes on u〙[Release]
wasp ║〘Intro : my area〙[Release]

✦March 7th✦
MAKTUB ║〘Red Moon : Full Bloom (滿開)〙[Release]
Jawsoul ║〘Feel Your Lips〙[Release]

✦March 8th✦
BDC ║〘MOON RIDER〙[Comeback]
WOW ║〘Miss You〙[Debut]
Soo-Yeony ║〘cover〙[Release]
Simon Dominic ║〘파티 포에버 (Party Forever)〙[Release]

✦March 9th✦
SB19 ║〘What?〙[Comeback]
IZ ║〘겨우살이 (Say Yes)〙[Comeback]
MAJORS ║〘Spit it out | Stronger〙[Debut]
Earth Kim (김지구) ║〘Say What You Want〙[Release]

✦March 10th✦
WayV ║〘秘境 (Kick Back)〙[Comeback]
BUZZ ║〘아날로그 (Analogue)〙[Release]
Punch ║〘안녕 내 전부였던 너 | 질투나〙[Comeback]

✦March 11th✦
GHOST9 ║〘SEOUL〙[Comeback]
CRAVITY ║〘Bad Habits〙[Release]
Soyou ║〘Good Night MY LOVE (잘자요 내사랑)〙[Comeback]

✦March 12th✦
DPR IAN ║〘MITO〙[Comeback]
ØMI [J.Soul Brother’s] ║〘Can You See The Light〙[Release]
Rosè [Blackpink] ║〘On The Ground〙[Solo Debut]
CooKie ║〘정말 널 사랑하나봐〙[Debut]

✦March 15th✦
Ciipher ║〘안꿀려 (I Like You)〙[Debut]
PurpleKiss ║〘PONZONA〙[Debut]
YONGHYEON, WOONIE║〘WANT (원해) (Prod. Los Park)〙[Release]
Pentagon ║〘DO or NOT〙[Comeback]
Liu ║〘Be My Boy〙[Comeback]
Diawings ║〘The Way To Go | Wish Gone Wish Go〙[Comeback]
Kim Jeonguk ║〘lean on me | 타지생활 / away from home〙[Comeback]
WOODZ [UNIQ] ║〘FEEL LIKE〙[Solo Comeback]

✦March 16th✦
MY.st ║〘별이쏟아진다 (DAZZLE)〙[Comeback]
Super Junior ║〘House Party〙[Comeback]
DRIPPIN ║〘Young Blood〙[Comeback]
Sungdam ║〘Yawning〙[Comeback]
Zephyr ║〘그랬다 너는 그렇게 떠나갔다〙[Comeback]

✦March 17th✦
Weeekly ║〘After School〙[Comeback]
SunsetCruz ║〘The First Night〙[Release]
4MIX ║〘คิดผิด (Wrong)〙[Debut]
Jessi ║〘어떤X (What Type of X)〙[Comeback]

✦March 18th✦
Seori ║〘lovers in the night〙[Comeback]

✦March 19th✦
Hyunoh [D-CRUNCH] ║〘거울 (With. Chanyoung)〙[Release]
리썬 (LEES2UN)║〘Butterfly〙[Release]
ELLIE (상강) ║〘NEW GOOD MIND (Ft. Olltii, Marvel.J, Oscar $mith)〙[Release]
Stray Kids x Alesso and DJ CORSAK ║〘Going Dumb〙[Collab Release]
B.I ║〘(Midnight Blue) 깊은 밤의 위로〙[Release]
Lee Seung Chul ║〘We Were (우린) (pro. by Chan Hyuk of AKMU)〙[Release]

✦March 20th✦
ITZY ║〘MIDZY〙[Special Release]

✦March 21st✦
REDMINT ║〘Ice Cream〙[Comeback]

✦March 22nd✦
Eternity ║〘I’m Real〙[Debut]
Youha ║〘zzz〙[Release]
Boom Trigger ║〘Only One〙[Comeback]
CGM48 ║〘มะลิ (Mali)〙[Comeback]
LUSS ║〘หยอก หยอก〙[Comeback]

✦March 23rd✦
Sorn [CLC] ║〘RUN〙[Solo Debut]
ONEUS ║〘no diggity〙[Japanese Release]
Kiko50 ║〘Voyager〙[Comeback]

✦March 24th✦
Dreamcatcher ║〘Eclipse〙[Japanese Release]
ATEEZ ║〘Still Here〙[Japanese Release]
Kangta ║ 〘Freezing〙[Release]

✦March 25th✦
IU ║〘라일락 (LILAC) | Coin〙[Comeback]
AR3NA ║〘Come Get It Now〙[Debut]

✦March 26th✦
Jackson [GOT7] ║〘Leave Me Loving You〙[Release]
Roda [M.O.N.T] ║〘Anxious〙[Release]

✦March 27th✦
Uranus ║〘White〙[Release]

✦March 28th✦
from20║〘친구들은 하나 둘 담배를 피우기 시작해 (Cigarettes & You)〙[Debut]
KANTO ║〘Close Up〙[Release]
JO1 ║〘Born to be Wild〙[Comeback]
4EVE ║〘Like a Bling〙[Comeback]

✦March 29th✦
South Club ║〘If I Were Rich〙[Comeback]
Sunggyu [INFINITE] ║〘Won’t Forget You〙[Solo Release]
pH-1 ║〘Antisocial (Prod. Mokyo)〙[Release]
CHECKMATE  ║〘YOU〙[Comeback]
Kim Sejeong  ║〘Warning (ft. lIlBOI)〙[Comeback]
Kang Seungyoon [WINNER] ║〘아이야 (IYAH)〙[Solo Comeback]

✦March 30th✦
Baekhyun [EXO] ║〘Bambi〙[Comeback]
DKB ║〘ALL IN (줄꺼야)〙[Comeback]
NTX ║〘Kiss The World〙[Debut]

✦March 31st✦
G-Reyish ║〘Blood Nigh (Oriental Ver.)〙[Release]
Park Bom ║〘Do Re Mi Fa Sol〙[Comeback]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the March Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any March comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂