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AOA (Ace of Angels): Who is Who?

AOA (Ace of Angels): Who is Who?

[2012.07.29] Elvis

[2012.10.10] Get Out

[2013.07.26] MOYA (모야) (AOA Black)

[2013.10.10] Confused (흔들려)

[2014.01.16] Miniskirt (짧은 치마)

[2014.06.19] Short Hair (단발머리)

[2014.10.01] Miniskirt (Japanese Ver.) (ミニスカート)

[2014.11.10] Like A Cat (사뿐사뿐)

[2015.02.15] Like A Cat (Japanese Ver.)

[2015.06.22] Heart Attack (심쿵해)

[2015.07.29] Heart Attack (胸キュン) (Japanese Ver.)

[2015.10.14] Oh BOY

[2016.02.12] I’m Jelly Baby (질투 나요 BABY) (AOA Cream)

[2016.04.20] Give Me Love (feat. Takanori Nishikawa) (愛をちょうだい feat. TAKANORI NISHIKAWA)

[2016.05.15] Good Luck

[2016.08.03] Good Luck (Japanese Ver.)

[2016.11.30] Wow War Tonight

[2017.01.01] Excuse Me

[2017.01.01] Bing Bing

[2018.05.28] Bingle Bangle

[2019.11.26] Come See Me (날 보러 와요)

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