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All BanG Dream! Artists

All BanG Dream! Artists

BanG Dream! is a Japanese multi-media project which launched in January 2015. The franchise has seen the release of music CDs, animes, films, concerts, mangas, video games and card games.

BanG Dream! Bands:
Live Bands
Poppin’Party (2015-present)
Roselia (2017-present)
RAISE A SUILEN (2018-present, known as THE THIRD for a short period of time)
Morfonica (2020-present)

Girls Band Party! Bands
Note: Poppin’Party, Roselia, RAISE A SUILEN and Morfonica also fall under this category. However, those 4 regularily have live shows, unlike these bands.
Pastel*Palettes (2017-present)
Hello, Happy World! (2017-present)
Afterglow (2017-present)

2D/3D Bands
MyGO!!!!! (2022-present)
Ave Mujica (2023-present)

Anime Bands
Glitter*Green (2017-present)
CHiSPA (2017-present)

Idol Groups:
sumimi (2023-present)

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