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Ai (Denpamaru!) Profile and Facts

Ai (Denpamaru!) Profile and Facts

Ai (아이/愛) is a member of the live idol group Denpamaru! based in South Korea. She’s a former member of the disbanded idol group Kamisama and the disbanded live idol unit-group Snow Drop.

Ai Official Accounts:
Youtube: 그렇구만
TwitCasting: @AiAi__LoveLove
Twitter: @AiAi__LoveLove
Tiktok: @narutoooomakl
Instagram: @narutoooomakl
Naver Blog: 그렇구만 (@aiailovelove)

Stage Name: Ai (아이/愛)
Birth Name: –
Positions: –
Birthday: September 21, ???
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 156cm (5’1″)
Weight: 41.8kg
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emojis: 🐰🤍🍥
Representative Animal: Bunny
Representative Color: Shiny Magical Pink

Ai Facts:
– She’s from Seoul, South Korea and currently lives there.
– She’s an original member of Denpamaru!. and was a original member of Kamisama as well.
– Her member hashtags are #아이조아 (#AiJoa), and #우마아이 (#UmaAi).
– She has a younger brother.
– Nickname: Agi (아기)
– Her stage name means ‘love’.
– Two music genres she listens to are Idol songs and Kpop.
– A Place she wants to visit is Okinawa, Japan.
– She enjoyed visiting Singapore and wants to visit again.
– Her favorite fruits are watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit, blueberries, and raspberries.
– A habit she has is touching her nails.
– Her favorite snack is Sun Chips.
– Her favorite colors are pink and white.
– She doesn’t like fried food.
– Her favorite animal is a rabbit.
– Favorite number: 5
– Her favorite flowers are Ranunculus.
– She doesn’t like beer nor soju.
– A habit she has when falling asleep is rolling up the blanket and hugging it to sleep.
– Her favorite season is fall and her least favorite is winter.
– The lowest test score she remembers getting in school was in 9th grade math.
– One thing she always carries with her is her phone.
– Her favorite sport is dancing.
– Her best friends are the other members of Denpamaru!.
– She doesn’t have a favorite actor.
– She usually goes to bed at 5am.
– Her favorite foods include Malatang, fermented vegetables, and anything with cheese.
– If she had to choose between being able to turn back time or being able to move through space, she would choose being able to move through space.
– One of her hobbies is photography.
– In school, her favorite subject was art and her least favorite was Science.
– Her favorite game is Heaven Burns Red.
– Peoples first impression of her is usually that she’s shy.
– One of her strengths is that she likes planning things.
– A celebrity she thinks is handsome is Sungho from BOYNEXTDOOR.
– If she could do anything to her hair without any damage she would bleach it a lot.
– She doesn’t like people who interrupt when someone else is talking.
– An activity she wants to try is paragliding.
– Shoe Size: 225-230
Ai’s Ideal type: “Someone who is more mature than me”

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