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Aden Profile and Facts

Aden Profile & Facts

Aden (에이든) is a South Korean Singer who officially debuted with “Fall For You (기대)” on April 24, 2021.

Stage Name: Aden (에이든)
Birth Name: Kim Changmin (김창민)
Birthday: January 5th, 2000
Zodiac: Capricorn
Instagram: adenvsnr
Soundcloud: Aden 에이든
Youtube: Aden에이든
Facebook: Aden Cm
Genre: RnB/Soul, Indie, Pop

Aden Facts:
– His hometown is Seoul, South Korea, but he lived in Canada for a while.
– He started his music interest by playing the piano, and then later on he was part of a school band where he played the drums.
– Aden practiced the guitar and the bass by following and mimicking his older brother.
– He started songwriting around January 2021.
– Aden’s favourite colours are black, white, grey and green.
– His favorite song is oceanfromtheblue – 연애.
– He needs a few hours to record, but lots of time to sketch out the song and write up the lyrics.
– Sometimes he can finish a song quickly when he has a feeling, but overall it takes lots of focus and effort.
– ‘우리도 지나가지만 by Aden, 정훈 (Junghun) (Prod. SIM2)‘ is a song that took him the most effort to make; it will be released officially in August 2021.
– This year’s biggest goals are to release his album, on which he plans to have 10 tracks, including an intro and outro track.
– Aden is planning to look for a music entertainment company or label that can help his career.
– Aden can play the piano, guitar, bass, and drums. He really enjoys it.
– One of his biggest influencers is an artist called Saula (사울라).
– One of Saula songs called “다가와 (Each other) (Feat. amin)“, got Aden to start this journey.
– The biggest motivation that makes him love to do music is because is fun, but also because the reactions of people when they listen to his songs.
– Aden likes the feeling he gets when people are truly enjoying his song as much as he does.
– He chose “기대 (fall for you)” from his songs which he really likes.
기대 (fall for you) has lots of memories of his friend who also is an artist.
– Aden can do mixing and mastering but for his demo songs.
– His songs are mostly done by other engineers when it comes to official releases.
– He can sing and he can do a little bit of rap.
– Before the song ‘Fall for You’, Aden also has songs released under ‘KozyPop – 말해줘 (Song By Aden) (Prod. H!)‘, ‘Sound Pallete – PALETTE D#202. 그림 (Song by 정훈, Aden(에이든))‘ , available on all music platforms and his Soundcloud.
– Aden has covered many songs and he uploaded them on his YouTube channel.

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