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257 Members Profile

257 Members Profile and Facts

257 (이오칠) is a South Korean girl group consisting of three members: Odimx, Kubin, and Macho. They debuted on May 17th, 2024 with their first single album, BLACK OUT.

257 Meaning: N/A
Official Greeting: N/A

257 Official Fandom Name: N/A
Fandom Name Meaning: N/A
257 Official Fandom Color: N/A

257 Official Logo:

Official SNS:
Instagram: @257_official_
X: @dldhclf25789287
TikTok: @257_chill
YouTube: 257 (이오칠)
Spotify: 257
Apple Music: 257
Melon: 257 (이오칠)
Bugs: 257 (이오칠)

257 Member Profiles:

Stage Name: Macho (마초)
Birth Name: Im Seyoung (임세영)
Position: N/A
Birthday: July 11, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
Height: 172 cm (5’7″)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: B
MBTI Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Representative Color: Green
Instagram: @mo.momoro (personal) / @momo_guardian (pets)
YouTube: 임마초 / 임마초 다시보기 (stream archive)
AfreecaTV: 임마초
Naver Café: 임마초

Macho Facts:
– She’s from Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– She’s also known as  I’m Macho (임마초) and Momo.
– Macho is a streamer mainly streams on AfreecaTV, and used to do lives on Twitch until the platform stopped being operative in South Korea. She held her first stream on February 16, 2021.
– She has an older sister, an older brother and a younger brother.
– She majored in Costume Design in college.
– Macho has two dogs named Podong and Pori, and four cats named Vex, Sogeum, Sato and Chichi.
– She is part of the content creator crew 수세미.
– Her nicknames are Maengnanyong (the Korean name for the Pokémon Dragonite, and also means “troublemaker”), Tteokbokki auntie (because she resembled one when she dyed her hair red), and Han Goeun (her mom told her she resembles her).
– She has a big tattoo on her back and several on her arms.
– She creates content primarily focused on communication and interaction with viewers, incorporating elements such as singing, gaming, and the occasional mukbang.
– Macho prefers to play 2D indie games over popular AAA games due to motion sickness from 3D games.
– She enjoys taking selfies.
– She drives a Hyundai Tucson.
– Macho never had any vocal training.
– She played in a band in high school.
– She babysits her niece/ nephew once a week.
– Macho usually avoids singing pop songs because her English is not good, and will even skip the English parts in K-pop songs. However she is good at Japanese and enjoys covering J-pop songs.
– She prefers steamed or boiled chicken to fried chicken.


Stage Name: Kubin (쿠빈)
Birth Name: Subin (수빈)
Position: N/A
Birthday: May 15, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Height: 165 cm (5’4″)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Representative Color: Blue
Instagram: @_kxx_vin_
YouTube: 쿠빈 KUBIN / 쿠봉밥 (Twitch archive)
AfreecaTV: 쿠빈
TikTok: @kubin0515_
Naver Café: kuhub

Kubin Facts:
– She is from Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea.
– She’s managed by ONSIDE Company for her streaming and content creator activities.
– Kubin is a streamer mainly streams on AfreecaTV, and used to do lives on Twitch until the platform stopped being operative in South Korea. She held her first stream on March 23, 2022.
– She majored in Vocal Performance in the Practical Music Department in college.
– Kubin has a dog named Woody.
– Her nicknames are Kobin (ko means nose in korean, she received it because she has a prominent nose), and Hani (because she resembles EXID‘s Hani).
– She produces a variety of content including gaming streams, interactive chat sessions with her viewers, humorous reaction videos, music and gaming videos/ streams and more.
– If she wasn’t a YouTuber or streamer, she would have continued her career in sales.
– Her favorite movies are Marvel movies.
– Her favorite food is her mother’s warm home-cooked meals.
– Kubin doesn’t like to eat carrots and seafood.
– Her stress relief method is retail therapy.
– If she had a superpower, she’d like to be able to look into people’s wallets.
– She frequently consumes energy drinks.
– Her favorite singers are Park Hyoshin and FTISLAND‘s Lee Hongki.
– She buys most of her clothes from Musinsa and duty-free shops.
– She is known as a warm and generous person, and often volunteers and helps people in need out.
– Her ideal type is a man who is rich, handsome, tall, and fit.


Stage Name: Odimx (미도)
Birth Name: Kim Miso (김미소)
Position: Maknae
Birthday: February 6, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Height: 157.9 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Representative Color: Purple
Instagram: @odimx (personal) / @ne.uru (pets)
YouTube: 나는미도
TikTok: @odimxx
Naver Blog: @odimx_

Odimx Facts:
– She was born in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, and grew up in Daejeon, Chungcheong-d0, South Korea.
– She’s managed by ONSIDE Company for her streaming and content creator activities.
– Odimx is also known as Mido/ I am Mido (나는미도).
– She received the nickname Mido, short for Michin Bulldozer (crazy bulldozer), from her friends because it describes her personality.
– Her stage name, Odimx, is derived from her nickname, Mido, spelled backward with an ‘x’ attached. Initially, she used the name Odimxx, where the ‘xx’ symbolized chromosomes.
– Her fandom name is Pado (파도, translates to “waves”).
– She started her YouTube channel on June 30, 2020 and started streaming on Twitch on July 24, 2021.
– She made her solo debut on March 15, 2022, with the single “구역질”.
– Odimx featured on Ripple_S‘ “Get to Work”, BIGONE‘s “Shy Girl”, and home_boy_loo‘s “Flower”.

– She made an appearance in Nahee‘s MV for “Ending”.
– She used to be under Ripple Company, but left due to health issues.
– Education: Seodaejeon Girls High School.
– She loves motorbikes and rides a Honda CG125 (as of 2021). She sometimes uploads motorcycle riding vlogs to her YouTube channel.
– Other kind of contents she uploads to her YouTube are beauty and makeup videos, cosplays, daily vlogs, gaming streams and more.
– She has two cats named Baru and Neuru and a dog named Haero.
– Her nicknames are Orochimaru (from Naruto, got it because she resembles him/ a snake), and Itachi (also from Naruto, because dimples would appear between her nose and eyes when she smiled).
– When she was younger, she wanted to be a children’s author. As a result, she is very good at drawing.
– Odimx likes taking selfies, reading, and smelling perfumes.
– Her personal color is winter cool tone.
– She has several tattoos on her arms and chest, and used to have a nose piercing.
– She usually doesn’t drink alcohol because she doesn’t like the taste.
– Some of her favorite foods include Daejeon seaweed, kimchi stew, fruits (especially strawberries and peaches), and GooGoo Cone (ice cream), egg dishes, malatang, lattes and Ansungtangmyun (brand of instant noodles).
– She doesn’t like peanuts, americanos, cilantro, fuzhu, bean and udon noodles, fried food (except chicken), soggy rice cakes, fried rice, selfish and ignorant people, and spelling mistakes.
– Her celebrity crushes are Woo Wonjae and Code Kunst.
– She loves anime, and her favorite anime is Demon Slayer and her favorite character is Sesshōmaru.
– Her ideal type is a boy who looks sickly and has broad shoulders.
– Motto: “Let’s live without causing harm to others, and let’s refrain from making definitive judgments”.

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