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YG Kplus Entertainment: Artists, History & Facts

YG Kplus Entertainment: Artists, History & Facts

YG Kplus is a modeling company under YG Entertainment. This profile only includes the singers/idols debuted under YG Kplus. If you want to see their models, please check their official website.

Official Company Name: YG KPLUS
Hangul: YG케이플러스
Old Name: K-Plus (2008–2014)
Founders: Go Eun Kyung (founder & CEO)
Founding Date: 2008 (as K-Plus), 2014 (as YG KPLUS)
Key People: Go Eun Kyung (founder & CEO)
Type: Subsidiary
Parent Company: YG Entertainment, YG PLUS
Distributor: YG PLUS
Address: 332, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

YG KPLUS Entertainment Official Accounts:
Website: YG KPLUS
Facebook: YG KPLUS
Instagram: yg_kplus
Naver Blog: YG KPLUS
V Live: YG KPLUS (Deleted)

YG KPLUS Entertainment Artists:
Fixed Groups:

Debut Date: February 24, 2021
Status: Active
Members: Lee Gihean, Park Hong, Yoo Hyunwoo, Son Hyeonwu, Sin Yongguk, Kim Hyeonwoo
Most Recent Korean Comeback: “Runway” (2021)


Debut Date: 2017 (with Temporary Idols & JBJ), 2018 (as soloist)
Other Names: Kwon Hyunbin (권현빈)
Status: Active
Co-company: YGX Entertainment
Groups: Temporary Idols (2017), JBJ (2017-2018)
Most Recent Korean Comeback: “Moon and Butterfly” (2020)
Website: ygx_artist/viini

Yoo Hyunwoo

Debut Date: August 6, 2019 (as a soloist), 2021 (with ATO6)
Status: Inactive (as soloist), Active (in ATO6)
Most Recent Korean Comeback: “ANALOG (ft. BITTO of UP10TION)” (2019)
Website: YOO, HYUN WOO | 유현우


Debut Date: 1999 (with BROS), 2000 (with CHAKRA)
Status: Active
Groups: 1999 (BROS), CHAKRA (2000-2004)
Most Recent Korean Comeback: “아직 난 예쁘다” (2010)
Website: HWANG BO | 황보

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