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Who wore it better? Shownu (Monsta X) vs Rowoon (SF9)

Today’s ‘who wore it better’ brings forth two tall and handsome men: Monsta X’s Shownu and SF9’s Rowoon.

Who wore it better Shownu Rowoon
Both Shownu and Rowoon wore the same over-sized fit knitwear, a unisex Shawl Collar Long Cardigan Blue, from MSKN2ND. The cardigan currently costs $246.
Shawl Collar Long Cardigan Blue

Shownu (Monsta X)
Monsta X’s Shownu wore the cardigan for the photoshoot for Dispatch x Naver and in the V-Live x Dispatch video, both held on the 21st February.

He paired the over-sized cardigan with a white t-shirt, white sneakers, and a pair of light blue jeans. Shownu completed the outfit with a few discreet accessories such as a black belt, a pair of small earrings and a watch. Moreover, he had soft makeup and light dyed hair.

He gives off a relaxed, soft, yet manly aura.

Rowoon (SF9)
SF9’s RoWoon wore the cardigan during the show ‘Battle Trip’ where he appeared from 2nd to 23rd February.

Pretty much like Shownu, Rowoon completed his outfit with a white t-shirt, white sneakers, black belt, but he chose a pair of black pants instead. He had no accessories and chose a natural look.

Rowoon gives off a fresh and cute look.

Shownu (Monsta X) vs Rowoon (SF9): who wore it better?

Out of the two, who wore better this long blue cardigan: Shownu or Rowoon? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Suzaan

    I am a monbebe but I hate comparing.
    They both have their own individual style so they both look good.

  • Alisha

    I think Shownu, becuase the blue jeans go better than black jeans, I think.

  • Nicole Watts

    Rowoon is a very slept on visual

  • Ilana Goytia

    They both pulled it off not gonna lie to me shownu pulled it off good not because I like him because he gives off this aura a soft yet manly one like how it said it y’know

  • Cynthia Setorie Billington

    Shownu looks comfortable. While Rowoon looks akward.

  • Lia Giba

    I wanna cuddle Shownu in that cardigan….

  • lilith

    Shownu looks like a cute and warm boyfriend in it, aww. <3

  • 𝒵𝒾𝒶𝒽 ♡ 지우

    Either way…the cardigan is adorable!

  • idk, Shownu just looks better.

  • Eunwoo’s Left Leg

    I can’t choose. I love them both so much and they both look so cute and squishy I’m very conflicted right now

  • Chae_hyungwon

    SHOWNU looks so cute with it on …..(this is mostly biased lmafao)

  • Chae_hyungwon