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Who wore it better? Kai (EXO) vs Jin (BTS)

Today’s fashion challenge brings forward two visuals: EXO’s Kai vs. Jin of BTS.

The two handsome guys wore a similar Gucci suit belonging to the Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Both of them wore a pair of dark blue tailored bee check pants, which can be currently bought at $980.
Gucci Tailored bee check pant

Kai (EXO)
Kai EXO Who Wore it Better Gucci Suit
Kai was spotted wearing the trendy suit at Incheon Airport, when he was flying to Paris for Gucci Cruise 2019 Show event. For his top, he chose a heritage bee check jacket from the same collection, which can currently be bought for $2400, a white oversize washed T-shirt with Gucci logo ($480), along with matching Gucci sneakers and bag.
Heritage bee check jacket Oversize washed T-shirt with Gucci logo kai EXO Gucci

Jin (BTS)
Jin BTS Who Wore it Better Gucci Suit
Jin wore the suit during the ‘2018 Billboard Music Awards’. His chosen top was a Gucci bee check formal vest ($1300), along with a light blue bee fil coupé Cambridge shirt ($570), both belonging to the same collection.
Bee check formal vest Bee fil coupé Cambridge shirt jin BTS Gucci

Kai (EXO) vs Jin (BTS): who wore it better?

Out of the two, who wore better this trendy Gucci suit: Kai or Jin? Feel free to comment below.