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Who wore it better? IU vs AOA’s Seolhyun

Today we have two beautiful girls competing for the ‘Who wore it better’ poll: IU vs AOA’s Seolhyun.
Kpop who wore it better IU Seolhyun Even if they wear the same outfit – a short tight pink-blue striped dress, with a pretty low, oval neck and three quarter sleeves – they give a totally different vibe.

IU chose to adapt a rather classy, stylish look, accessorizing the dress with a pair of pink rimmed sunglasses and an elegant envelope-like pink and blue checked purse.

Seolhyun (AOA)
Seolhyun wore the dress in a rather sporty way, with no accessories, with the exception of some chocolate highlights in her hair, giving a very natural, street look.
Seolhyun (AOA)

Who wore it better? IU vs Seolhyun

So, what is your opinion, who wore this cute short dress better: IU or Seolhyun? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Mine

    IU!!! Stylish, cute, adorable…

  • Anne

    for me the winner is Seolhyun. I think she has the nicest body in k-pop.

  • Dery

    Seolhyun is so sexy and with such a hot body while IU is a cutie.

    PS: voted for IU

  • sixty-oneXninety-fourEVER

    Seolhyun is sexy while IU is cute and sexy at the same time..
    so my vote goes to IU of course.
    so pretty!!

  • syalalala land

    IU is cute wearing that dress but sorry that clutch didn’t match with that dress.
    so i choose seolhyun.

  • ChoiYeonjun

    Seolhyun looks better wearing that outfit because she just looks natural with that look. Unlike IU, she’s supporting her outfit with other accessories but overall, she still looks good. My vote goes to Seolhyun.

  • Miyo Chan!

    I started to think that people only vote for IU because she is more popular. Like, lets be honest, that definietly looks more mature on Seolhyun even I love IU