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Who wore it better: History’s Kyungil or BTS’s Rap Monster?

This edition of “Who wore it better” brings two different styles of the same outfit: History’s Kyungil and BTS’s Rap Monster.

Let’s see who wore better this Neil Young’s Supreme Red T’shirt.

Kyungil (History)
Kyungil is wearing more like a gym shirt version of the original Neil Young’s Supreme Red T’shirt. This modified, sleeveless shirt, shows off his impressive arm muscles. He wore the shirt over a longer white tank top along with a pair of blue jeans and a military patterned cap. His only accessories are a blue charm bracelet, a necklace and a ring. He gives off a fit, sporty image.

Rap Monster (BTS)

Rap Monster wears the original Neil Young’s Supreme Red T’shirt. He wears it along with a pair of classic dark blue jeans. He accessorized his outfit with a dark grey bag and a pair of sunglasses. His grey hair is carefully styled, the whole outfit giving him a chic image.

Who wore it better: History's Kyungil or BTS's Rap Monster?

(Special thanks to Yanti)

Who will you vote for today? The sporty style of Kyungil or the chic style of Rap Monster? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

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  • Gummy

    I like BTS but Kyungil wore it better this time, sorry Rapmon

  • 21st Century Girl In Luv

    Rapmon wore it better, he was more stylish.

  • Qery

    Kyungil wore it better for me. I don’t know him but I have to search more about him now! 😀

  • Yanti

    You can start search about him in here at History Member profile. ^^

  • Kew

    my vote also goes for the History guy, Kyungil.

  • Bts Army’s

    VOTE FOR RAPMON !!! Don’t judge the book by it’s cover! Rapmonster is handsome from inside and outside!!!!!!!!!!
    #ARMY #BTS #HWAITING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Qery

    Thanks that’s right! *___*
    I like him more and more.

  • me

    ok, this was a difficult choice. 1st……………..I like BTS. 2nd………..this guy Kyungil looks so so well in that outfit.
    so my vote went to…………………………SECRET………..you’ll just have to guess that XDDDD

  • RAWR :3

    Rapmon looks so much better in it.

  • Kime

    Kyungil!!! WOW he looks so handsome

  • Rina

    OMG, KYUNGIL!! THat SHIRT AGAIN??? NOT FAIR!!! *Looking away*

  • ThatBoy Dino

    no he doesn’t

  • ThatBoy Dino

    It’s who wore it better, not a personality stand off

  • Patrycja Pawlak


  • cristine castillo

    they both wear it better in different way

  • Huda Ather

    Lol,I was just gonna say that

  • Liza M. Pelisco

    rapmon this god rao

  • Cherry May Lucero (Choi Min Ye

    Rap Monster for me. It’s much fashionable than Kyungil’s

  • sixty-oneXninety-fourEVER

    I guess a lot of people don’t undstand the question,
    smh.. this kids.

  • sixty-oneXninety-fourEVER

    I like Rap Mon because he’s nice, and I know BTS more than HISTORY.
    but since this is WHO WORE IT BETTER… it’s obviously Kyungil, so I give my vote to him.

  • Maria Aru

    I don’t even know history and rapmon is my bias from bts but kyungil wore it better.

  • Aisha

    Kyungil looks good af but the white tanktop underneath is kind of a dealbreaker for me? It looks weird tbh

  • Yanti

    That red shirt is actually his favorite but it’s just too reavealing.


    That’s why he use white tank top underneath it since they were on fandate event. But guess is useless since many were ask him to show off his abs anyway. ^_^;

  • Andrea Tuan

    Can somebody tell me please news about History? 🙁

  • Yanti

    I don’t know what kind of news that you’ve been looking for but I’ll try help you out by share some information as much as I could. Hope I’m not wrong..so here goes.

    – On 12th May 2017, History officially disband.
    – End of May – 17th June 2017 ALL of History official social media is closed down (fancafe, twitter, facebook, Instagram, soundcloud and lastly vlive is gone) leaving only their MVs, Short skit video and Behind The Scene video on Fave_Ent and 1theK youtube channel.

    As for the members update:

    Kyungil : Still served as Seoul Police Public Relation Unit.

    Dokyun : Recently taking a Police service exam (maybe he wanted to do enlistment duty the same as Kyungil)

    Sihyoung : Last time he update his Instagram said that he was under recovery from surgery that he take in the end of last May. And he added that the recovery progress is quick.

    Lastly for Jaeho (who now choose to be called as NANO) and Yijeong, both are recently helping FIESTAR’s Yezy composed her new single release called “Anck-Su-Namum” (the MV is already release under 1theK youtube channel).

    So…that’s is how much I know for now. Hope it helps.

  • sam UI

    You’re really updated. ^_^

  • sam UI

    Many people keep pointing out that he wears sleeveless shirts all the time. He wore a white shirt underneath so people won’t get disturbed because some people are toooooo conservative. It’s a form of respect for other people as well. He’ll remove those shirt off as soon as he’s not in public.

  • Jacqueline

    Is there something wrong with thinking RM wore it better? I think a lot of people understand the question and still think RM wore it better. smh at you.


    RM Looks better in that shirt…..

  • Amber

    Honestly, I do not know History, but I think that guy wore it better based on handsomeness but my king RM wore it better based on casualness and sporty style. Ahh idk who to choose

  • Teagan Freeman

    im sorry, but kyungil in that picture looks kinda a lot like taeyong…. also looks god damn beautiful

  • 𝒵𝒾𝒶𝒽 ♡ 지우


  • 𝒵𝒾𝒶𝒽 ♡ 지우

    Had to choose Namjoon, I love a good tucked in shirt with jeans.