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Who wore it better? BTS’s Suga vs SHINee’s Jonghyun

Today’s fashion challenge brings forth two cute Naruto cosplays made by BTS’s Suga and SHINee’s Jonghyun.
BTS’s Suga and SHINee’s Jonghyun
Let’s see who incorporates the well-known character better.

Naruto Naruto
Naruto sage mode    Naruto sage mode

Suga (BTS)
Suga cosplayed Naruto in the 2015 ‘Halloween Party with BTS’ via VApp. He gives off a very cute image and we gotta admit that blue eyes suit him a lot.

A funny thing to mention from the question and answer part of the event – when ‘Naruto Suga’ was asked what kind of ghosts he was mostly scared of, he replied “I’m not scared of ghosts, but I am the most scared of… my father. He is scarier than any ghost.”
Suga (BTS)


Jonghyun (SHINee)
SHINee’s Jonghyun dressed up as Naruto (sage mode) for the 2013’s Halloween. He chose a strong make up, and seems very energetic and goofy as the Seventh Hokage. He accessorized the costume with a black leather fingerless glove, while the other hand, which carries a katana, is wrapped in a white bandage.
Jonghyun (SHINee)

Who wore it better? Suga vs Jonghyun

Who makes your favorite Naruto: Suga or Jonghyun? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Karie

    Voted for Jonghyun! His Naruto cosplay is so good! Good work oppa!

  • Moni

    For me Suga wore it the best!!!

  • Kara

    Suga is all cute but this time I’ll vote for Jonghyun.

  • LL

    JJong bc he’s way more into it LMAO. Also, his expressions are exactly like Naruto’s (bright grin etc.)


    Okay but Suga’s Eye makeup was weak tbh.
    I dont know why he won..
    Im salty.


  • Geany

    Ahaha, love that photo of Taemin! 😀

  • Noela Miškić

    Suga’s makeup was more similar to the original, lol

  • Bts Army’s

    HELLO?! Suga is the PERFECT being naruto 👻

  • Bts Army’s

    Suga really deserve as a Naruto because he is cute as Naruto .. 👻


    Jonghyun is a dirty otaku and won’t depict Naruto wrong.
    Looky here. Aint that Naruto. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/73b507992ef9720fdbc4fa3ebcdd802dc41afb31169165c3720afe3eba3ee3c1.jpg


    Naruto hair was pink omg i totally forgot lol thanks wow how could i even lol lmao wow

  • peachmomo

    that’s the sage mode naruto. suga’s is the default/normal naruto. they both did good.

  • peachmomo

    This is Naruto normally. https://dw9to29mmj727.cloudfront.net/misc/newsletter-naruto3.png
    Jonghyun is when he’s on sage mode.



  • Jasmin


  • cristine castillo

    i’m sorry suga wear it better

  • Aqsa Mehfooz


  • Lisa Koch (MakuryxxKookie)


  • Lee Var Payawal Antolijao


  • Lucky Lucy


  • losmic

    obvi suga

  • Kim Ji Hye


  • jjj

    Jonghyun to be very honest

  • oh no! Luffy is angry! :o


  • Emi

    Suga won my vote (not cuz I’m army) but because he looks more like Naruto, maybe because of the streaks on their cheeks, Jonghyun’s are a bit too thick. Also Suga has Naruto’s blue eyes (even if they are contacts)

  • haru♡
  • haru♡

    thank you : )

  • haru♡

    suga is naruto normally but junghyun is naruto in sage mode so…yeh

  • Mahzabin Naruse

    Suga’s facial shape and body cutting goes with Naruto well, Jonghyun on the other hand is really thin to be Naruto but cosplay wise, Jonghyun did it better, not only that he pulled off the sage mode well.

  • Бегущий Степан

    jonghyun sure! he looks similar

  • Queen Royal

    Jonghyun did wayyyyyyy better

  • Queen Royal

    Guys it’s not about what fandom your in it’s about the costume. Jonghyun killed it and he looked more into it.

  • Queen Royal

    it’s not about what fandom your in it’s about who wore it better.

  • Queen Royal

    once agian it’s not about the fandom your in and I think suga should have wore makeup ’cause if he did he would have looked more like NARUTO but he didn’t and Jonghyun did so Jonghyun won. OKAY?

  • Queen Royal

    They both did good, Suga’s the normal Naruto and Jonghyun is the sage mode one.

  • haru♡

    No, it’s about someone’s opinion, obviously you don’t agree with my opinion so…

  • haru♡

    Listen, you can’t do that….you can’t force someone to choose your opinion OKAY?

  • Sugakookies

    It’s funny how you say this, but above you were saying that Jongyun was better. People have their own opinions.

  • Sugakookies

    Suga got my vote, but they both did so good!!!

  • SoftMist

    jonghyun killed it

  • SoftMist

    RIP jonghyun but you the best naruto i’ve seen in kpop 🙂

  • Queen Royal

    And now he’s dead TT

  • Queen Royal

    what? I know what I said, and i’m on both fandom’s so what is your point?

  • Queen Royal

    WELL you can’t judge of what fandom your in.

  • Queen Royal

    The person asked who wore it better, your supposed to look at what they are wearing and compare it to NARUTO then say who wore it better. Your NOT supposed to pick biased on who your bias is and what band you like more or whatever. so of course I don’t agree with your opinion ’cause it’s about being an ARMY.

  • Queen Royal

    I love Bts

  • Queen Royal

    But Jonghyun had more of the equipment and suga’s looked kinda boring

  • SoftMist


  • haru♡

    same ;”0

  • haru♡

    rip jonghyun


  • Queen Royal

    R.I.P Jonghyun TT

  • Shruti Sengupta

    i guss jeonhyung is no more in this world

  • syalalala land


  • Minow

    who tf is jeonhyung?

  • angel sims
  • angel sims

    same i have no clue who he is

  • amy ✨

    obviously ppl shouldn’t vote based on their fandom but you also shouldn’t go around trying to argue literally everyone just bc they didn’t choose the same option as you. are you rly that thirsty for a fight? smh not everyone thought that jonghyun looked more like naruto, imo yoongi wore it better. all you’re doing is picking fights by stating that everyone who chose yoongi is just bc they’re army’s. like you said, ppl should, and have chosen based on who wore it better. not everyone thinks like you-

  • 100% Jonghyun, he looked so good in it.

  • Tyypo I’m guessing

  • JiminsCrookedTooth

    please be respectful with how you word it but he was a member of shinee. He passed away from suicide on december 2017

  • So what

    Actually, it’s not about respectful. These guys are just mocking the person that can’t even spell his name right while reminding us that he’s gone. Jeonhyung is definitely not his name.


    i luv suga but jonghyun on this (this was hard)