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Who is the best dancer in BTS?

Who is the best dancer in BTS?

Who is the best dancer in BTS?

Post by YoonTaeKyung

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Who’s the best dancer in BTS in your opinion? Feel free to comment below🙂!

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  • Linnea Boqvist

    I prefer Jimin’s style, Idk he’s just an dance legend.
    I mean look at how he dance in his solo performance😩💞

  • Hobi <3

  • Amelia

    It’s a trick question

  • LaDream

    Of course it’s Hobi.
    I love Hoseok free way of dancing. It’s like he’s dancing without a thing on his mind and just breezing through. Him dancing is me watching sunflowers with the sun shining.
    But on the contrast , Jimin’s dancing is contemporary. Which is a way of telling stories through dancing. I can feel and imagine out the smooth moves Jimin had while dancing. It’s mesmerizing.
    And then JK,Tae,Joon, and Seokjinie is a mix of both modern and contemporary.
    I love BTS’dancing thank you very much.

  • J-Hope

  • Leeloo Hargraves

    Reason why I picked Jimin:
    When I look at dancing and dance skills, it doesn’t have to do with how cool it is or anything, it has to do with emotion and empathy. I’m kind of a psychology nut and people absolutely fascinate me. One of the most fascinating things is the way that we can put our emotion, something we don’t even fully understand yet, into motion and through viewing these motions, others can understand and feel the emotion. Jimin does this mind bogglingly well. Like, I can feel his emotion and feeling so much that if I sit still while watching him, my skin feels like it’s vibrating and I can ACTUALLY feel the movements. Like, as if I were doing the same moves. As if I could actually dance. This skill he has of making people actually be able to feel him through movements through a screen is the most impressive form of dance I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have NEVER found another dancer that puts that much emotion and passion in their dancing. That is why, in my opinion, he is the best dancer.

  • Tt

    I think it’s Jimin! I just love the way he dances so much. He puts so much emotion into his dancing. It’s beautiful and so amazing to watch. A dance legend

  • Emi Hope

    I love Jimin’s dance it’s very artistic and beautiful in so many levels but I haven’t seen a dancer like J-hope in a very very long time. There styles are totally different so it’s hard to choose a ‘better dancer’ still, I would go with bts’s dance leader Hoseok

  • carm3n

    yall be wildin with jimin lmao
    ugh i love hobi’s and jimins dance style. they even make Fire choreography look easy

  • Gabrielle Fernandez

    jimin and j-hope are the best dancers but they do have different dancing skills

  • Dazy


  • mereee

    i prefer hobi the most cuz like have you seen him hello but im surprised not many are talking about jeongguk

  • idk

    can we all just think about why RM doesn’t have much votes? Like, you try to be a leader in bts and still expect to be able to be all energized for a concert! you try to dance and rap in a concert! you try to forget about all the hate that is coming towards you because of your looks, your dancing, just you! I mean give some respect to RM please. Thank you

  • Zahra Bakhtiyari

    I love RM but the title says “Who is the best dancer in BTS“?

  • Zahra Bakhtiyari

    J-Hope, Jimin & Jungkook are the best dancers in my opinion!!

  • Benten

    Namjoon is definitely not one of the better dancers in BTS. It is debatable wether the worst dancer is him or Jin but you can’t argue on them being the worst ones out of BTS (which still doesn’t mean they’re terrible dancers)

  • Just_ATEEZ

    Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook are easily the best dancers of BTS. I like Jungkook’s style the most, though 💜

  • Light

    jimin, the most versatile dancer out there.

  • neogotback

    he has the least amount of votes because he’s the worst dancer in bts. that’s it.

  • Rose

    Suga, Jin, and RM have the least because they aren’t even in the dance line, Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, and V make upthe dances for their songs. All respect for Joonie ^^

  • lizzy

    jimin jhope and jungkook and v are the best to me of dancing

  • XiuminLove12

    Dance line. Obviously. To be more specific: J-Hope (Duh), Jimin, Jungkook and additionally V. But I have to exclude V because you can only vote for 3 pEOplE

  • Percy Rain

    They have such different styles that I can’t choose between them!

  • Dahlia

    I don’t think you are a real fan because if you were then you would understand…besides even if he isn’t the best dancer we all still love our dance monster😘😍❤️

  • Nahly

    Yoongi is really good at dancing, he is just a bit lazy and is doing as much as he have to be.


    j-hope v and jungkook but also jimin so this was hard well yea oof



  • Bangtan X

    1. J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin (My favorite dancer is Jungkook. I can’t pick between these three, it’s so hard, they’re all amazing.)
    2. V (I don’t really notice his dancing, but he’s good.)
    3. Suga (He’s good at dancing.)
    4. RM (I don’t get why RM’s dancing is so underrated. Look at how much he’s improved! He’s not bad at dancing.)
    5. Jin (Jin is quite sloppy in his dancing, but he’s not bad at it. He’s improved a lot!)

  • Bangtan X

    Tbh, Jin is the “Worst” dancer in BTS, but that doesn’t make him bad. Almost all of the members didn’t start off with experience in dancing, have you SEEN how much they’ve improved? Namjoon is definitely not the worst dancer. 🙁

  • Loriann Bacon

    All of them

  • Ela

    I choose Jungkook. I’m not bts fan. I watched their performance at BBMA 2018. and he just caught my eyes

  • DanceM

    for ME: 1. J-Hope 2. Jungkook 3. Jimin 4. rest of them

  • Ldade

    3J- Jhope, Jungkook, Jimin👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Min Suga

    But Suga dance better than Jin

  • Bangtan

    Of course our precious dance line – Hobi Jimin Jungkook

  • Bangtan

    True. 100%

  • Jayden

    Fuh real thooo

  • Jayden

    Although I think all kpop stars can dance otherwise they wouldn’t be an idol, but I disagree that Jin is a better dancer than Suga

  • Aeiara

    He isn’t lazy, he works extremely, extremely hard, and he goes sleepless, that’s why you can see him taking naps when they wait in their waiting room before performances. Though he only aimed to be in a rap-only group, he soon accepted that he had to learn choreography and worked extremely hard for it. Unfortunately, in pre-debut, he was poor, so he had to work as a newspaper delivery boy and got into an accident and completely damaged his shoulder. He didn’t report about his painful practises or his injury, afraid he would be kicked out of the future group which will debut (that’s BTS). Thus he couldn’t B-boy or freestyle. Please don’t call him lazy, at all.

  • Ksakshi

    J hope is no 1 no doubt. But I think Jimin
    is a better dancer than Jungkook. Jimin is naturally talented and his style is so gracious and powerful at the same time that on stage you can’t help but look at him. Jungkook (my bias) has developed his dancing skills overtime and has a rather this roughness when he dances, which is not a bad thing but if you have a duel of these two, people are more likely to focus on Jimin because of just how much emotion and focus he puts in his dancing.

  • Angela. P

    For me it’s 1. Jimin 2. Jhope. 3 Jungkook 4. SUGA. 5. Taehyung. 6. Jin 7. RM

  • JaNeverland

    Jungkook. I only watched their mama and mma performances. And somehow he’s the one who always gets my full attention.
    Idol, fake love, even anpanman. I’ve always thought he was the main dancer.

  • imyourhope

    3. Jimin

  • Mēy Ly

    1. Jhope
    2. Jungkook
    3. Jimin
    4. V
    5. Suga
    6. Jin
    7. Namjoon

  • Anon

    Jhope Jimin and Jungkook take 89% of total votes. Wow


    as Aeiara said suga is not lazy he is the last of lazy you realize that suga takes again alot of naps sometimes during photoshoots he works hard 24/7 and he writes music for the group as well so to call him lazy is just really mean and shows that you kinda of don’t know nothing about them and he did get ito an accident i remember that T^T we all love him and he is a hard-working person and deserves to be treated better than what he does tsk tsk tsk

  • Hola

    Dance line💅

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    let me tell u jimin is better then jhope

  • Taeoppa

    Ofcourse TAEHYUNG

  • Hola

    they ask ‘who is the BEST DANCER’. not ‘who is ur bias’.

  • Levi’s girl

    I think Jin is much better than RM. If you see his fancams, then you’ll get it why I’m saying it.

  • Levi’s girl

    In my opinion hobi is.

  • Levi’s girl

    Many people prefer Jin because he improved a lot but Suga is great too.

  • Levi’s girl

    Jin isn’t the worst dancer sis. Actually he is better at dancing than RM. Some people don’t even bother to watch Jin’s fancams and appreciate his fluidity smh

  • Levi’s girl

    Can people stop fighting over who is the best or worst dancer in BTS? Although my bias is Jin, I totally agree with the votes. Jk, Jimin and hobi are in the dance line so OFC it makes them the best dancers. Suga,Tae,Jin and Joon are also good dancers but not on Jikookhope’s level so that’s why they’ve less votes. Can we least appreciate the fact that ALL OF THEM ROCKS SUCH HARD CHORES? Every member is good so stop fighting over nothing.

  • mereee

    can we just say everyone who is not officially part of the dance line are equally as good thank u (replying to all the comments above)

  • Nira

    1. Jhope
    2. Jimin
    3. Jungkook
    4. V (passion/lyrical grasp) / Suga (choreo grasp and musicality)
    5. Jin
    6. Namjoon

    Though they are all certifiably “good” dancers, even Joonie.

  • carm3n

    taehyung was added to dance line when singularity was released, but okay buddy

  • R

    1. Jhope Jimin Jungkook- without doubt
    2. Suga
    3. V
    4. Jin/Rm

  • Rapline

    Not officially. And obviously he is not on Jhope Jimin & Jungkook’s level.

  • JeongI.NsNetfelixAccount

    I don’t know what y’all talking about? RM is obviously the best dancer. Have you seen him on weekly idol?

  • Sarah Butler

    Take all the way, I mean have you seen Singularity

  • Serena

    I really like Jungkook’s style

  • QueenLisaxJhopeu💜

    Jhope and Jimin and Jungkook the J’s Are taking over I have a “J” In my name I’m a great dancer *Wink Wink*

  • QueenLisaxJhopeu💜

    I think Hobi is but I respect you’re opinion. But you don’t need to say it like that… 🤨

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    but its my opinion tho

  • Katie

    J-Hope! I love his powerful energy when he dances, he brightens the whole mood 🌟💖😍

  • olivia okpara

    we all love RM hes my ultimate bias but I think we can both agree rm and jin are the bad dancers in the group

  • olivia okpara


  • nat bro

    where is min yoongi Bro ,

  • nat bro

    i mean, its based on their opinion, probably influenced by being tae biased so like-

  • nat bro

    lemme give you an idea: jihope, both iconic dancers

  • Nira

    he’s tied with v at 4.

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    ok but in my opinion jimin is better

  • TaeOppaStan

    There is no level in dacing….. you should appreciate everyone..

    And he is the official lead dancer FYI

  • nat bro

    noice bro, but jus rephrase the way you phrase it ? idk…

  • ExolHere

    BTS dance line is really good!
    Jungkook J-Hope Jimin.
    Personally I choose Jungkook. Because of their live performances.

  • ILY

    Jhope and Jungkook.
    I’m not army. But these two👌🏻

  • Erjona Dembogaj

    i respect that u guys like both but in my opinion jimin is better ok!

  • Kham


  • Cherish Batts

    bighit always give hardest part of their choreo to jimin. it speak a lot.

  • Sunnysmile

    I think Jimin is the more well rounded, versatile and the best dancer; he’s good at all genres of dance from hip hop to contemporary – he does it all! Jimin’s technique, execution and bodyline is always beautiful – he never looks sloppy! Jungkook and J-hope are more equal to each other for BTS choreo! Fun fact: Jimin learned and danced hip hop style longer and before he learned and danced contemporary dance at the Art Academy!

  • J

    1. JHOPE
    3. JIMIN

  • tila

    1. JIMIN 💛

  • tila

    I agree

  • A

    What’s happening to Jimin’s votes? Suddenly he gained +5000 votes in just one day. Hobiii they are coming for you😂

  • Hary

    1- Jimin

    3- JK


    5- RM
    6- V
    7- Jin

  • Hary

    “There is no level in dancing” stop joking around
    there is school for dancing , dance competition and …
    so there IS level in dancing
    and what Official ?!!
    bts dance line are 3j and thats it

  • Мирослава Топчак

    may I ask you smth,? then why do you say “J hope is no 1 no doubt” when you yourself wrote=think “on stage you can’t help but look at him (jimin)” and “people are more likely to focus on Jimin because of just how much emotion and focus he puts in his dancing” ?
    you know why people ” can’t take their eyes from Jimin when he is on stage?” – coz he is the best, ” no 1 no doubt”

  • Fancyou

    My personal choice- J-hope. He looks like their dance leader.
    But on stage I always found myself looking at Jungkook. I just can’t ignore his gaze. His stage charisma is so different. He has this “focus on me” aura.




    learning a skill 10 years ago dont make you good is about constant practice and keep learning and only hoseok has done that, jmn focused on being a singer not a dancer more and he pratices bts choreos only and those use many different moves of different styles and hoseok executes them most of the times better on beat. jmn pulls them off casue he has a lot of energy and charisma not skill.


    not really no, you might prefer him but he himself knows he lacks and has said hoseok is better, hoseok pratices more and has more experience, both has different specialities but jmn doesnt pratice alone so and hoseok does and learns new styles, you cant say jmn is more versatile for learning some hip hop moves 10 years ago when he only stopped using them, bts choreos mixes many different things and neither jimin or jhope uses their full skill in the choreos, jhope is better thechincally speaking its just facts, ask any proffesional unbiased dancer and they will tell you hoseok has more control and flexibility, if you preffer jmn its fine but he isnt better than jhope.


    sk is biased towards jmn, if you ask any international army who was best on stage on concert they wil say hoseok, hoseok is better no doubt he has more skill and experience and control and he can freestyle which its the hardest thing to do, hoseok catches people attention just as much and goes wild on stage and many armys like myself liked bts first cause of jhope, sk just prefer to give all attentnion to ml cause they are more popular there so more clicks.

  • Inca

    Hobi and Jimin have different style as a dancer So it’s hard to pick but as for performer no doubt it’s Jimin. He’s the most versatile with martial art skills. There’s reason why he’s in the center for their hardest choreo and only member with nicknames like 333. Professional Dancer once mentioned Jimin can do BTS but BTS can’t do Jimin.

  • Laura Rjb Laura

    Jimin king dancer 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 https://media3.giphy.com/media/K4CCYZnL9AvUA/giphy.gif

  • Laura Rjb Laura

    You’re absolutely right

  • Yolo

    #jimin !! To me he is the Best Dancer among the best 👑🥰

  • Sunnysmile

    There is a reason why everyone always mentions Jimin’s bodyline which is a sign of a very skilled professional dancer! Jimin is the only BTS dancer who gets it technically right all the time; he never looks sloppy while dancing! I think Hobie dances energetically but not always technically sound, because his bodyline is sometimes all over the place! With Jimin every body part from head to toe is always on point! Jungkook and Hobie are just about equal, but; Jimin is best BTS dancer in my opinion and I have 4 years modern dance training!

  • Ritta

    I’m very new to BTS. I watched Boy with luv and Dna stages. I think the best dancer is JungKook

  • Dalladalla

    (For me)

  • Ocean Anton

    RM lmao

  • manika-on-a-whim

    Nobody’s coming for anybody. Jimin is just the best & deserves to be at the top.

    He is given the hardest parts of every choreo for a reason..

  • manika-on-a-whim

    There must be something wrong with you. If you prefer someone else over Jimin, that’s fine. Saying that he lacks skill is a blatant lie.
    He is one of the dancers in kpop with the best bodylines. His skills are above excellent. Rookies are always trying to master Lie yet none are able to do it like him. In Korea, he’s referred as the Idol’s Bible.

    He gets the hardest parts of every BTS choreo for a reason. If anyone else was more skilled, they’d been given those parts. Unfortunately, only Jimin can..

  • Kaila

    1. Jhope. He is not just a main dancer. He is choreographer. He is dance leader👍🏻
    2. Jungkook. Lead dancer. His moves are sharp, strong. I love watching him on stage👍🏻
    3. Jimin. Main dancer. Very flexible. Very good at contemporary👍🏻
    4. Tae, Yoongi, Jin, Namjoon
    All of them are great🖤
    This is my choice🤗

  • Park Jeon

    Jimin of course. He is the best dancer I’ve ever seen 💛

  • Nel

    JIMIN is the best dancer. In BTS. In kpop. In the whole world 💛

  • GirlWithLove

    They all can dance!! It’s should be an even vote!!

  • nikolina

    So basically bts fans say:
    “dance leader j-hope? we don’t know him”
    “dance line? nah. they can’t dance at all. only 2 of them”
    “c’mon. there is 25% difference between jimin and jungkook’s dancing. don’t you see that on stage?”
    “and suga is worse than jin”

  • marie

    it’s honestly just everyone’s own opinion
    for example i think jhope‘s the best dancer and jimin once even said that if he had the choice to switch bodies with one member he‘d like to be jhope because then he would be the best dancer

  • Linnea Boqvist

    but we all know that Jimin have a really low self-esteem. He often says that he’s bad and that he destroy their concert because of “his lack of talent”. Of course he don’t want to say that he’s the best dancer

  • mavi

    Jhope and Jimin are good at dance tecnically
    But I choose Jungkook cuz he has charisma while dancing, and so sexy.
    Anyway Jk is main vocal, Jhope and Jimin are main dancers

  • manika-on-a-whim

    That’s called being humble. Jimin is very respectful of his hyung. That’s all. He was only being nice..

    Sure you can have your preferences.
    But that doesn’t change the fact that Jimin’s the best dancer in the group…

  • Lucinka Juhásová

    Uhm, its your thinking, but Suga is really not guy for dancing, Jin is a activity guy and he is really better in dancing, for info i dont hate Suga he is my favorite rapper, but he isnt for dancing, he is the B E S T for rapping and being cute and happy smile 🙂

  • youngones

    As a dancer- J.Hope
    As a performer- Jungkook

  • elif6

    I hate when people underrate hoseok, he’s the main dancer and he don’t even get recognition of his amazing work at dancing. You can like more other member but, take away your favoritism, hoseok is a dance prodigy and he deserves recognition as the main dancer.

  • Лукас

    1. J.HOPE- no doubt. I’m a new fan. and I have to admit that J.HOPE is the best of them.
    2. JUNGKOOK- I don’t understand why he has very few votes. He is really really good dancer.
    3. JIMIN- He is the best with slow songs. But generally he doesn’t catch my eyes as much as J.Hope/Jungkook.
    4. Suga- I don’t understand why he has few votes either. He’s good dancer.
    5. V- He’s also good. But sometimes he tries so hard. and it doesn’t look natural.
    6. Jin- His dance is good. But when he sings he forget to dance.
    7. RM- BTS don’t have worst dancer. he’s good too.
    This is my opinion. As a new fan I’m still trying to learn a lot about them. and BTS choreography is so hard. so that means they all are very good dancers.

  • Wil Cece

    no offense but you’re wrong, once should watch jimin fancam and you’ll realize why. here’s a list of fancams I recomand:
    1. Perfect man
    2. Fire
    3. Tomorrow (this is a slow song and jimin fuicking pulls it off perfectly)
    4. Spring Day Melon 2017 (Also a slow song)
    5. Fake Love Comeback Stage (The most viewed fancam on Mnet)
    And here’s the links by order, you’re welcome 🙂


    Also, welcome to the fandom <3

  • manika-on-a-whim

    Y’all have a bad habit of mistaking Jimin’s humility. He was just being humble towards his hyung. That doesn’t mean Jhope is the best..
    Jimin is one of the best dancers in kpop. Like it or not..

  • manika-on-a-whim

    Lmao, Jimin is also a main dancer. Both Jimin and Hobi are main dancers..

  • Лукас

    aww thank you so much. for the welcome and for the links. I watched them all. He’s really good dancer. and I loved Spring day the most.(No more dreams and Fake love- J-hope strikes again here too) I think right now my opinion stills the same. he’s the best with slow songs. But with other songs somehow another member always catches my eyes. but I’m new. I’ll watch their future performances too <3