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Wayv Pets & Information

Wayv Pets & Information About Them

members have in total 5 pets, each living in the dorm. One is a dog (Bella) and four are cats (Leon, Louis, Levi, and Coco). We all know how much WayV members loves their animals. Each member of WayV expresses love for each pet. Welcome the new addition to the family baby Levi and Coco!

Name: Bella (벨라)
Type: Dog
Breed: Beagle
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 29, 2020 (March 1)
Owner(s): Wayv

– She was first introduced on Lucas’s Instagram account on May 9, 2020.
– She pees and poops in different areas (Sorry TMI).
– Bella was born on the leap day, February 29, but it is celebrated as March 1 on non-leap years.
–  Bella is very close with Louis and Leon.
– Xiaojun posts Bella a lot.

Name: Louis (루이)
Type: Cat
Breed: Siamese
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 14, 2019
Owner(s): Ten (Wayv)

– He was first introduced on Ten’s Instagram on May 5, 2020.
– He was adopted by Ten.
– WayV members frequently posted their photos.
– He can do tricks that Ten taught him ( Ten relay cam on YT).
– Ten made Louis dance to 90’s love in one of his Instagram lives.


Name: Leon (레온)
Type: Cat
Breed: Abyssinian
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 28, 2020
Owner(s): Ten (Wayv)

– Leon chirps at birds.
– He was adopted by Ten.
– He can do tricks that Ten taught him (Ten relay cam).
– Ten made Leon dance to make a wish in one of his Instagram lives.


Name: Levi (레비)
Type: Cat
Breed: Blue Point Siamese
Gender: Male
Owner(s): Ten (Wayv)

– He was first introduced on Ten’s bubble.
– His first public appearance was on Ten’s Instagram.
– He only follows Loius around.

Name: Coco(코코)
Type: Cat
Breed: Ragdoll
Gender: Male
Owner(s): Yangyang (Wayv)

– He first appeared on Yangyang Bubble on October 10, 2023.
– He has had Coco since he was a kitten.

Our Home: WayV with Little Friends
WayV Pets are Featured on Official WayV Merchandise
The official merchandise of their pets is named “Our Home: WayV with Little Friends”.

Pictures of Wayv members with their pets
(From their social media their Instagram, bubble, or Weibo lives)

Ten with Louis and Leon

Ten with Levi

Kun with Louis and Leon

Winwin with Louis and Bella

Lucas (former member) with Louis, and Bella

Xiaojun with Bella and Louis

Hendery with Louis, Leon, and Bella

Yangyang with Louis and Leon

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