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ViV “Bomb” Album Info

“Bomb” Album Info

Bomb is the debut and first mini album by ViV, released on April 11th, 2024. The album features three tracks, with “Bomb” serving as the title track.

Album Intro:
‘Bomb’ is a trendy dance track with a rock base that showcases ViV’s appealing voices and characters, allowing them to fully display their confidence and charm. ‘Scene Stealer’ is a dance track based on a stylish and trendy synth sound, showcasing another side of ViV with confident lyrics. While ‘HighFive’ is a bright dance track with a positive energy and lyrics, showcasing a different charm from the title track, allowing listeners to feel joy.

Artist: ViV
Release Date: April 11, 2024, 6PM KST
Length: 9 minutes, 36 seconds
Genre: Pop, Dance pop, Rock
Type: Mini Album/Extended Play
Label: Eva Entertainment Korea
Writers: Ragoon, 위대한 형제, Mylo
Composers: Ragoon, 위대한 형제, Mylo
Arrangers: 위대한 형제, Ragoon, Lucid8

Track List:
1. Bomb
2. Scene Stealer
3. High Five
4. Bomb (Instrumental)
5. Scene Stealer (Instrumental)
6. High Five (Instrumental)

Bomb (Official Audio)

Made by: Amaryllis

Note: Details of this release reveal that the album contains three more tracks—all being instrumental versions; hence, the “mini album.” However, what is shown on most streaming platforms don’t include these yet.

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