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TUNDRA Profile and Facts

TUNDRA Profile and Facts

TUNDRA (Тундра) is an independent Sakha rapper and singer. She debuted with the single “ҺАЛЛЫЫ ҺУНТААР УОЛА” (“Bad Boy from Suntar”) on December 16, 2022. 

TUNDRA Social Media:
Instagram: tuundraa
Telegram: tuundraa
TikTok: cidoroff999

Rapper Stage Name: TUNDRA (Тундра)
Singer Stage Name: Liza Sidorova (Лиза Сидорова)
Birth Name: Yelizaveta Vasiliyevna Sidorova (Елизавета Васильевна Сидорова)
Birthday: May 24, 1996
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 162 cm (5’3″)
MBTI Type:

– She was born in Yakutsk.
– She was born in Toibokhoi village, Suntarski district, Sakha Republic.
– She has an older sister, younger brother and sister.
– Education: Tomsk Polytechnical University, Department of Geology (withdrawn).
– She was given to her father’s parents for being taken care as her parents were too young to handle a family.
– She used to be in delinquent companies, as she tried to socialize.
– She can ride a motorcycle.
– She can play ukulele.
– She can stitch and sew, she was taught by her grandmother. She managed to have money from this, but stopped at one moment.
– She works in a barbershop as a barber full time.
– She is a tour specialist.
– She likes drawing.
– She used to draw for selling, where she experimented with colors.
– Her favorite dish is crab salad.
– She is a fan of Adventure Time.
– She has a tattoo of a dragon on her left wrist.
– She has had ear piercings since her 12 years old. She pierced her ears by herself.
– When she was a child, she was a fan of 50 Cent.
– The rappers she likes to listen are Scryptonite, MiyaGi & AndyPanda, Kanye West, A$AP ROCKY, Cardi B, and Kendrick Lamar.
– She loves Kazakhstani music, specifically rappers. She likes Irina Kairatovna and HIRO.
– She chose the stage name Tundra because her friend said performers with an ‘R’ in their stage names are quick to be on top.
– She recorded her debut track in November 2021. She said she had done it very quickly.
– She wants to release an EP soon.
– As she says, she has talent to learn languages.
– She knows English at a conversational level.
– She writes her tracks by having a rhyme in head at first, then by logically developing it.
– She wants to rename herself as Tumara Khataccha. Khataccha is her ancestry by her father line, Tumara means tundra in Even.
– She had a non-celebrity boyfriend.
– As of November 2023, she has a boyfriend named Maksim Mernes, who is a famous trader.

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