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Tsurubo Shion (JO1) Profile and Facts

Tsurubo Shion (JO1) Profile and Facts

Tsurubo Shion (鶴房汐恩) is a Japanese idol under Lapone Entertainment and a member of the Japanese boy group JO1.

Stage Name:
Tsurubo Shion (鶴房汐恩)
Birth Name: Tsurubo Shion (鶴房汐恩)
Nationality: Japanese
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Birthday: December 11, 2000
Blood Type: A
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 64kg (141lbs)

Tsurubo Shion Facts:
– He’s born in Shiga prefecture and raised in Kobe prefecture, Japan
– In Produce 101 Japan placed 5th place
– He performed alone during the evaluations as SION
– In the first evaluation he got C-class, and during re-evaluations he moved up to A-class
– During his 60 seconds PR video he was wearing an inflatable alien costume
– His pledge if he got into the debut line-up for Produce 101 Japan was to read a letter for the national producers
– Shion’s representative emoji is 👽
– His representative color in JO1 is gray, but he originally wanted his member color to be transparent
– Hobbies: singing, dancing, playing video games and listening to music (from Produce 101 Japan)
– Special skills: singing and dancing (from Produce 101 Japan)
– Shion studies Korean and is in charge of Korean in JO1
– His favorite JO1 songs are La Pa Pa Pam and Blooming Again
– Attraction point & personality: “nature”
– Catchphrase: “kaijuu” (monster), “splash!”
– He often says “uunn” and “eeeh” when he speaks, and often speaks in sound effects
– In an IG live he said his voice is naturally husky
– Favorite colors: green, red, light blue, black
– Favorite food: Japanese potato salad
– Favorite drink: Lifeguard (energy drink)
– Favorite animal: Dog
– Dislikes: ghosts and demons
– Body part he notices first: legs
– His hobbies recently are watching anime, playing games, and collecting anime figures
– He plays mobile games
– His 2D wives are Rem from Re:Zero and Ruka from Rent-A-Girlfriend
– For a while he dyed his hair blue to match his 2D wives’ hair color
– He wants to try a clear-colored hair
– Shion was born to young parents
– Shion has a younger sister
– Shion’s nicknames from his school days is “Bonbon” and “Heavy-engine machine”
– Shion’s other nickname is “eternally rebellious alien”
– He wants to be reincarnated as a water flea (MESSAGE vol.12)
– He describes himself as a Chiwazzly (チワズリ), a mix between a chihuahua and a grizzly bear, since he has a cute face like a chihuahua but a sturdy body like a grizzly bear
– Shion dropped out of high school after he got scouted for FNC entertianment in March 2018 and moved to Korea, but was unable to debut and moved back to Japan in March 2019
– When he was in Korea he didn’t know any Korean and no one was Japanese, so he studied hard to learn the language
– He said that after training in Korea he became more confident
– Shion still stays in touch with Soul from P1Harmony since they trained together under FNC
– Shion and his current bandmate Shiroiwa Ruki from JO1 both participated in Junon Superboy 2015
– Shion got 3rd place on ViVi NEXT National Treasure Ikemen 2nd half 2020,4th place on ViVi NEXT National Treasure Ikemen 1st half 2021, 5th place on ViVi NEXT National Treasure Ikemen 2nd half 2021
– His favorite season is winter because it’s not hot and he was born in the winter
– The thing he likes about Korea is that everyone is beautiful, not only the women but also the men (ViVi interview)
– He is a fan of K-pop, and in fancalls he revealed his biases are Yujin (IZ*ONE / IVE), Hangyul (X1), Taeyong (NCT), Vernon (Seventeen), Jay (Enhypen), Yiren (Everglow), Dahyun (Twice)
– He looks up to BOBBY from iKON and thinks his rap is cool
– He wrote lyrics for the JO1 unit song Get Back
His goal for 2022 is to “become an ikemen”

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