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“TRIANGLE” (3YE) Album Info

TRIANGLE” (3YE) Album Info

Triangle is the first Mini Album released by 3YE. It was released on June 26, 2020.
The Album consists of 7 tracks, the title track being “Yessir“.

Artist: 3YE
Released: June 26, 2020
Type: Mini Album
Label: GH Entertainment
Length: 2218
Genre: Electro Dance pop, Hip-hop.
Writers: Wooziq, Myo
Composers: Wooziq, Myo
Arrangers: Wooziq, Myo
MV Producer: Minjun Lee, Hayong Lee
Choreography: Euanflow, Luna Hyun

Official Album description:
3YE 1st mini album [TRIANGLE] is an epitome of the uniqueness of the group’s character and is a declaration to open its new phase in music expression. Title of this album, ‘YESSIR’ includes a vibrant drum line and magnificent brass. The genre of the songs is based on a electro dance pop genre based on 808 base hip-hop.

1. DMT (Do Ma Thing)
2. OOMM (Out of My Mind)
3. Queen (퀸)
4. Yessir   *TITLE
7. OOMM (Out of My Mind) – Remix

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