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‘The Beginning: 始作’ (ATBO) Album Info

‘The Beginning: 始作’ (ATBO) Album Info
‘The Beginning: 始作’ is the 2nd mini album released by ATBO. It was released on October 26, 2022, with ATTITUDE serving as the album’s title track.

Artist: ATBO (Junseok, Junmin, Hyunjun, Rakwon, Seunghwan, Yeonkyu, Bin)
Released: October 26, 2022
Type: Mini Album
Recorded: 2022
Genre: Dance, Trap, Pop Punk, Ballad
Length: 19:43
Distributor: Kakao Entertainment
Label: IST Entertainment

Andreas Öberg, BAE HYUNJUN (ATBO), BullsEyE, Byeon Ji Hwan, Chae Kang Hae, Cho Yoon Kyung, CR KIM, danke (lalala studio), Davey Nate, Inner Child, Jeong Ha Ri, Jimmy Claeson, JinjjaSanai, Kim Min Gu), Kim Seung Soo, Kim Subin (AIMING), Kim Tae Yeong, KIM YEONKYU (ATBO), KZ, Lee Dae Hee, Lee Seu Ran), Ninos Hanna, OH JUNSEOK (ATBO), Paper Planet, RYU JUNMIN (ATBO), Sign Off Noah (Inner Circle), Timothy Zimnoch, TRIAD (KOR) & WOOKI

Andreas Öberg, BullsEyE, Byeon Ji Hwan, Chae Kang Hae, CR KIM, Davey Nate, Inner Child, Jimmy Claeson, JinjjaSanai, Kim Min Gu, Kim Seung Soo, Kim Subin (AIMING), Kim Tae Yeong, KIM YEONKYU (ATBO), KZ, Lee Dae Hee, Ninos Hanna, OH JUNSEOK (ATBO), Paper Planet, Sign Off Noah (Inner Circle), Timothy Zimnoch & TRIAD (KOR)

BAE HYUNJUN (ATBO), Cho Yoon Kyung, danke (lalala studio), Jeong Ha Ri, JinjjaSanai, Kim Min Gu), Kim Seung Soo, KIM YEONKYU (ATBO), Lee Seu Ran, OH JUNSEOK (ATBO), RYU JUNMIN (ATBO) & WOOKI

1. ATTITUDE – 3:16
2. Time to Go! – 3:28
3. MAGIC – 3:02
4. Boost – 3:22
5. The Way – 3:11
6. Good Vibes Only – 3:23

Physical Albums
There are 3 physical album versions: Rowing, Progress & Mind.

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‘Good Vibes Only’ (Winter Special Ver.) Video

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