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Sugar Records Profile : History, Artists and Facts

Sugar Records Profile: History, Groups & Facts

Sugar Records (슈가레코드) is a South Korean public record label founded since 2013 (2012.09 Opened Red Bricks Studio, 2013.01 Established Sugar Record).

Official/Current Company Name: Sugar Records
Hangul: 슈가레코드
Founder/CEO: N/A
Founding Date: 2013.01 Established Sugar Record
Distributor: N/A
Location: Deokseung Building 5F, 3-12 Baecheon-ro 6-gil Seoul, South Korea

Sugar Records Official SNS:
Website: Sugar Records
Facebook: SugarRecordsKR
Instagram: @sugarrecords_official
Twitter: @sugar_records
Youtube: Sugar Records

Sugar Records Groups:

Members: Vocal: Jehong Yeon (연제홍), Guitar: Keesun Choi (최기선), Drums: Minseob Lee (이민섭), Bass: HyunHo Moon (문현호), Keyboards: Laurent (로랑)
Instagram: @lips_bite
Debut Date:  March 24, 2011
Join Date: 2017


Members: First Guitar: WooSuk Seo(서우석), Drums: Byunggwan Seok(석병관), Vocal: Jinwook Son(손진욱), Second Guitar: Minyoung Yun(윤민영), Bass: Jongseok Park(박종석)
Instagram: @band_danggisio
Debut Date: December 24, 2015
Date Joined: formed in 2013 and debuted on December 24, 2015 under Sugar Records


Members: Vocal&Piano: Harim Kang (강하림), Bass,Synth&Chorus: InKyu Hwang(황인규), Drums,PAD&Chorus: JoonHyeok Lim(임준혁)
Instagram: @movning_official
Debut Date:  November 30, 2016
Join Date: formed in 2013

1/N 엔분의일

Members: Vocal, Guitar: Sungkyu (신성규), 1st. Guitar: Hoon(최훈), 2nd. Guitar: Yehyun(김예현), Bass: Myoungsoo(김명수), Drums: Soonwoo (소순우)
Instagram: @one_over_n
Debut Date: June 2, 2017
Join Date: 2017

WOOGOTSA 우리같은사람들

Members: Vocal: Kim Eomma (김엄마), Guitar: Woo Jun Young (우준영), Synth: Son Jeong Hwan (손정환)
Instagram: @woogotsa
Debut Date: July 5, 2018
Join Date:  2018

Duets :

Members: Vocal&Guitar: Eddie Chun (에디전), Bass&Backing Vocal: Hyewon Park (박혜원)
Instagram: @beautyhandsome_official
Debut Date: August 18, 2014
Join Date: formed in 2014


Singer-Song Writer  LEES2UN(리썬)
Instagram: @lees2un
Debut Date: June 16 , 2016
Join Date:  2016

Former Groups

If Enough 이프이너프

Members: Vocal: Choi Hyeong Yoon (최형윤), Piano: An Ye Seul (안예슬), Guitar: Seo Joo Yeon (서주연), Bass: Choi Bo Kyoung (최보경), Drums: Eum Yu Bin (엄유빈)
Instagram:  @if_enough_official
Debut Date:  July 1, 2019
Join Date: formed in 2019

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