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List of Stray Kids Covers

Stray Kids Coverography

This is a list of all official Stray Kids covers and original choreographies (links included). All original songs on SKZ: Player are also included.

Dance Covers
[March 23, 2020] My House by 2PM – Bang Chan
[May 9 , 2020] when the party’s over by Billie Eilish – Hyunjin
[December 30, 2020] Criminal by Taemin – Hyunjin
[July 9, 2021] Play With Fire by Sam Tinnesz (feat. Yacht Money) – Hyunjin

Vocal Covers
[May 3, 2020] Start Over by Gaho – Seungmin
[May 22, 2020] You Were Beautiful by Day6 – Seungmin
[August 23, 2020] Congratulations by Day6 – Han and Seungmin
[December 4, 2021] If It Was You by Seunghwan Jeong – I.N
[January 1, 2021] Love Again by Baekhyun – Seungmin
[May 7, 2021] 3108 by Ha Hyunsang – Seungmin
[June 11, 2021] Only The Scent Remains by Huh Gak – I.N

SKZ: Player Original Songs
[May 7, 2020] Close by Han
[May 16, 2020] Streetlight by Changbin (feat. Bang Chan)
[May 29, 2020] I hate to admit it by Bang Chan
[October 22, 2020] Cypher by Changbin
[November 5, 2020] I GOT IT by Han
[December 20, 2020] Little Star by Hyunjin
[January 15, 2021] Maknae On Top by I.N (feat. Bang Chan and Changbin)
[January 29, 2021] Alien by Han
[March 14, 2021] Because I Like You by Changbin and Felix
[March 24, 2021] Piece by Changbin and Seungmin
[April 23, 2021] Wish You Back by Han
[June 4, 2021] HaPpY by Han
[June 18, 2021] Up All Night by Bang Chan, Changbin, Felix, and Seungmin
[July 2, 2021] Drive by Bang Chan and Lee Know

Unofficial* Covers
[June 16, 2018] Bboom Bboom by Momoland – Han and Hyunjin (feat. The Boyz, Samuel, and MXM)
[October 11, 2018] It’s Raining by Rain – Stray Kids
[October 31, 2018] DNA by BTS – Stray Kids
[December 1, 2018] Adore U by Seventeen – Stray Kids
[July 1, 2019] Fancy by Twice – Stray Kids
[October 18, 2019] Hands Up by 2pm – Stray Kids
[December 7, 2019] Again & Again by 2PM – Stray Kids
[February 10, 2020] Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang – Stray Kids
[June 26, 2020] Psycho by Red Velvet – Hyunjin + 00s
[December 18, 2020] Dionysus by BTS – Stray Kids
[December 28, 2020] My House by 2PM – Stray Kids

Made by: yaversetwo

Note 1: *means covers that were not posted to the official Stray Kids YouTube channel.
Note 2: Sorry if any of the translations are off. I had to rely on Google Translate.
Note 3: If you know of any more unofficial covers or covers I missed, please comment down below to tell me where I can find them!

[special thanks to acheesedoodle, Starland, toilet paper, Shel]

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