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St. Van (VAV) – Profile and Facts

St. Van (세인트반) Profile and Facts

St. Van (세인트반) is a member of South Korean group VAV under A Team Entertainment.

Stage Name: St. Van (세인트반)
Birth Name: Lee Geum Hyuk (이금혁)
Birthday: December 22, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Character: Priest (Gentle, Leadership)
Symbol: Earthquake
Color: Gold
Instagram: @stvan.vav
TikTok: @stvan.vav

St. Van Facts:
– St. Van was born in Daegu, South Korea
– When he was a kid though, he moved to China for 13 years
– Family: Parents and younger brother
– His father gave him his name (Geumhyuk) with the Chinese characters: 金赫. It means “to shine like gold”
– He is fluent in both Mandarin and Korean
– One of his strengths is his fluency in Mandarin
– An instrument he can play is the keyboard
– Other members consider him the “Dad of the Group”
– He considers himself a hot-headed person (he’s easily angered)
– His hobbies include: Driving, composing music, and exercising
– St. Van’s favorite colors are black, white, and red
– Favorite Foods: Braised Short Ribs (but he likes all kinds of meat)
– Favorite American Artist: The Weekend
– Favorite Korean Artists: Kim Yeon Woo and Shin Young Jae
– According to St. Van, his favorite moment of the day is when he’s eating
– Favorite Season: Summer
– If he weren’t a an idol he says he would be a CEO and would probably open up his own restaurant.
– The place he wants to travel to the most is anywhere in Europe
– Every morning St. Van has a cup of coffee after waking up
– One song he recommends for people who are new to VAV is “Senorita”
– In his free time he’s either working on music or going to the beach
– One thing he finds interesting about his body is his Mongolian spot (birthmark)
– A title St. Van wants to have is “artist”
– Right before he goes to bed he watches YouTube
– He wants his future children to inherit his thin hair
– Favorite Animal: Dog
– St. Van has a sleeve tattoo on his left side and a smaller tattoo on his right
– His favorite movie is “The Admiral: Roaring Currents”
– Him and Ace share a room in their dorm
– St. Van’s ideal type: Someone small so he can comfortably hug her.

Profile by: Namujjong

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