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SPARKGIRLS Members Profile


SPARKGIRLS is an Indonesian girl group from Bandung under Spark Entertainment. Consists of 5 members: Putsen, Reva, Dewi, Nana, and Monick. They debuted on March 10, 2022, with a single “Bloody Love”.


SPARKGIRLS Official Fandom Name: SPARKLE

SPARKGIRLS Official Accounts:
Instagram: @sparkgirls.official
Facebook: @sparkgirls.official
TikTok: @sparkgirls.official
Open Sparkle WhatsApp Group: SPARKLE OFFICIAL
Email: [email protected]

Members Profile:

Stage Name: Putsen
Birth Name: Putri Sendira
Position: main vocal, dancer
Birthday: August 15, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Official Instagram: @putsen.sparkgirls
Personal Instagram: @putsendira

Putsen Facts:
-Putsen is a nickname made by his friend, taken from the name Putri Sendira
-Following the jaipong studio since elementary school, the reason the mother entered the studio is because she is so active
-Win several Pasanggiri jaipong including 2nd place Pasanggiri Jaipong Single and 1st place Aksi Mixagrip at Saung Angklung Udjo
-Likes the songs Arctic Monkeys, Chase Atlantic, The Neighborhood, The Weeknd, and most importantly the songs are pleasant to hear
-She likes K-pop since childhood
-Not strong enough to eat spicy food
-Don’t like durian
-She is the mood booster in a group, has a random and active behavior


Stage Name: Reva
Birth Name: Reva Puspa Fauziah
Position: lead dancer, lead vocalist
Birthday: August 3, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type: O
Official Instagram: @reva.sparkgirls
Personal Instagram: @revafz

Reva Facts:
– She really likes fashion
– She is considered to have the most unique voice
– She has hobbies of playing games, dancing, and singing
– She is a cat lover.
– Ice cream addict
– She cries easily because of small things (touched, sad, sympathy)
– During her school days, she was the head of modern dance extracurriculars
– In 2021, she has been a judge in the modern dance competition
– Likes horror and thriller genre films
Pink and baby blue are her favorite colors
– Really like watching anime and K-drama
– She is currently studying English majoring in a university in Bandung
– She’s a part of Sister Dance Crew alongside fellow members Khayla. (photo)
– She is a fan of BTS, VIVIZ, Red Velvet, ENHYPEN, Weeekly, Fromis_9, Changha, AESPA, and Yena.
– Besides K-pop, Reva also is a fan of One Direction.


Stage Name: Dewi
Birth Name:
Position: main dancer, main vocal
Birthday: May 26, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height : 163cm (5’4″)
Blood type: O
Official Instagram: @dewi.sparkgirls
Personal Instagram: @dewiiwhyn

Dewi Facts:
– She is the fourth child of 6 having 3 older brothers, 1 younger brother, and 1 younger sister
– Her hobbies are reading (wattpad, webtoon), make up, and playing games like ML
– She was the first member to join Sparkgirls
– Really likes fictional characters and art
– Her bias is EXO Chanyeol
– Currently studying S1 majoring in Law
– Prior to Sparkgirls, she was in the Dance Cover group, Mystique @mystiqueofficial_
– She often gets rankings when she goes to school


Stage Name: Nana
Birth Name:
Position: vocal, dancer
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type: O
Official Instagram: @nana.sparkgirls
Personal Instagram: @tntiapr (private)
TikTok: @taurussyashh

Nana Facts:
– She really likes playing Mobile legend
– She also loves to climb, have adventuring, hiking
– She is also known for her pranks
– Nana really likes spicy food as well as sweet food
– She really likes dancing
– She also joined the dance cover group
– Nana also works as a MUA Makeup Model
– Nana is very cheerful, she doesn’t want anyone to see her sad
– Even though she looks indifferent, Nana really cares about everyone she loves


Stage Name: Monick
Birth Name: Monick Clarissa
Position: lead rapper
Birthday: June 12, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 170cm (5’6″)
Blood Type: A
Official Instagram: @monick.sparkgirls
Personal Instagram: @monickclarissa
TikTok: @monickclarissa

Monick Facts:
– Monick was born in Bandung
– Is the first child of 4 siblings
– Monick likes to watch movies and dramas
– When she can’t sleep, Monick will watch movies or listen to music
– Her favorite colors are pink and black
– Her favorite food is all kinds of chicken dishes
– Monick also really likes ice cream and pudding
– She doesn’t like all kinds of fish dishes
– Really likes fashion and is a fashion enthusiast
– Is the tallest member, which is 170 cm
– The body part that Monick likes the most is her slanted eyes
– During school she took part in extracurricular paskibra and got the main winner for paskibra in Bandung, besides that his academics were also not inferior, he won several times in her class
– Monick really likes cats she has 3 cats named Bubu, Cuklat, and Marquez
– She was working as a flight attendant.

Former Members:

Stage Name: Rou
Birth Name: Roulena Dhan
Position: Leader, main dancer, main rapper
Birthday: December 14, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: B
Official Instagram: @rou.sparkgirls
Personal Instagram: @djroulenaidd (private)

Rou Facts:
– She really likes playing video games
– She’s the rapper in sparkgirls
– When sparkgirls was formed she was the last member to join
– She’s the oldest member who is known to be very cold
– She really likes waacking, krumping, freestyle and hiphop dance
– Apart from being a dancer she is also a DJ/Producer
– Has Middle Eastern descendant
– She really likes music, the music he likes are EDM, Hardstyle/Hardcore
– She really likes Yellow Claw and Slipknot
– During school she served as the Student Council President
– Rou really likes spicy and salty food
– Has the nickname Hardcore Girl
– Rou really wants to get into acting and play action or horror films
– Before joining Spark Girls, she had passed the agency audition in Japan but she didn’t take the opportunity because of family permission.
– Sparkgirls members often call her “Mommy”


Stage Name: Khayla
Birth Name: Rafika Khayla Dwiputri
Position: Bungsu (Youngest), main vocal, dancer
Birthday: 2005
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type: O
Official Instagram: @khayla.sparkgirls
Personal Instagram: @frkhayla
TikTok: @thisiskhay

Khayla Facts:
– She really likes Avengers, Barbie and Unicorn.
– She’s the youngest member in sparkgirls
– Khayla has a talent for dancing traditional Jaipong dances since kids.
– Very hobby is playing games and watching horror movies.
– She really likes spicy and salty food
– At school she served as the general chairman of the Jaipong dance school.
– Having a talent for dance and acting, makes Khayla really want to be an actress.
– Really likes ‘Ballad’ music.
– Really likes purple and pink.
– Animal lover like cat, rabbit, etc.
– Known to be very fond of Italian dishes,’Lasagna’
– Known by her environment as a strong, realistic and hardworker girl.
– People said She looks like Giselle from AESPA
– She’s in Sugar X Spicy and Tricky Wickey Dance Cover Groups.
– She’s a part of Sister Dance Crew alongside fellow members Reva. (photo)

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