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SHINee Complete Albums Info

SHINee Complete Albums Info

On May 25, 2008, SM Entertainment debuted the five-member group SHINee. The group was described as a “contemporary R&B group” with the hope that its talent and image would transcend music into dance and fashion. The group’s name is something of a portmanteau of the words “shine,” meaning light, and “ee,” which means to receive (said light). Leader Onew was joined by Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin and together they became the “Princes of K-Pop.” Sadly, in 2017 Jonghyun took his own life, sparking a movement throughout K-Pop to advocate for greater protection of all idols. Despite this tragedy, the now-four-member group has maintained its massive success, both domestically and throughout the world.

SHINee debuted on May 25, 2008, with their first mini-album titled Replay. The release consists of five songs with the title track going on to become one of K-Pop’s most iconic and well-loved debut songs of all-time.
1) “Replay (누나 너무 예뻐)”
2) “In My Room”
3) “Real”
4) “Love Should Go On”
5) “Replay (Boom Track)”
Shortly after debuting, SHINee released their first full-length album, The SHINee World. Its lead single is “Love Like Oxygen” is actually a remake of the song “Show the World,” which was released earlier by Danish X Factor winner Martin Hoberg Hedegaard, who has gone on to work as a songwriter and producer for several artists under SM Entertainment.
1) “The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)”
2) “Love’s Way”
3) “Love Like Oxygen”
4) “Romantic”
5) “One for Me”
6) “Graze”
7) “Last Gift (In My Room — Prelude)”
8) “Best Place”
9) “Yi Si Fuera Ella” (Jonghyun solo)
10) “Four Seasons”
11) “In My Room (Unplugged Remix)”
12) “Replay”

SHINee’s full-length album The SHINee World was later rereleased on October 29, 2008, under the title Amigo. This rerelease features the title track “Amigo,” which, while also meaning “friend” in Spanish, is a shortened version of the phrase “아름다운 미녀를 좋아하면 고생한다” meaning “you will suffer if you love the beautifulness.”
1) “Amigo”
2) “Forever or Never”
3) “Love Like Oxygen”
4) “Love Should Go On”
5) “Replay”
6) “Romantic”
7) “Love’s Way”
8) “One for Me”
9) “Graze”
10) “Last Gift (In My Room — Prelude)”
11) “Best Place”
12) “Y Si Fuera Ella” (Jonghyun solo)
13) “Four Seasons”
14) “In My Room”
15) “The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)”

SHINee’s next release was their mini-album Romeo, which came out on May 25, 2009. The title track is a remake of Corbin Bleu and Jay Sean‘s song “Deal With It.” SM Entertainment bought the rights to the song, which was then slightly rearranged and had new lyrics penned by Jonghyun and Minho. Jonghyun stated that “We want to showcase music that is colourful and yet full of personality, and a group that leads the trend and brings to everyone many different unique sides.” (Chosun Ilbo, 2009)
1) “Talk to You”
2) “Juliette”
3) “Hit Me”
4) “Señorita”
5) “Please, Don’t Go” (Jonghyun & Onew)
6) “Romeo + Juliette”

SHINee released their third mini-album, 2009, Year of Us, on October 22, 2009. The song’s title track “Ring Ding Dong” placed first six times on various music shows and has gone on to become what many fans consider to be the “unofficial anthem of South Korea” (and also a song famously and jokingly despised by Key).
1) “Y.O.U. (Year of Us)”
2) “Ring Ding Dong”
3) “JoJo”
4) “Get Down” (Key & Minho feat. Luna)
5) “SHINee Girl”
6) “The Name I Loved” (Onew feat. Kim Yeong-woo)

Over the years, SHINee (and the individual members) has become known for releasing catchy, and now iconic, OST songs. “Stand By Me,” featured in the hit show Boys Over Flowers, because one of the show’s most well-loved songs and helped solidify the group’s status as favourites for OSTs.
“Stand By Me” for Boys Over Flowers OST Part 1
Bodyguard” digital single for Boys Over Flowers
Countdown” for Dream: Original Soundtrack
The group’s next release was their second full-length studio album Lucifer, released on July 19, 2010. The same-named title track placed first six times on various music shows and was even featured on a 2018 episode of the American TV show Lucifer. The song’s music video also features some of the most difficult choreography not just for the group, but in all of K-Pop.
1) “Up & Down”
2) “Lucifer”
3) “Electric Heart”
4) “A-Yo”
5) “Obsession”
6) “Quasimodo”
7) “Shout Out”
8) “Wowowow”
9) “Your Name”
10) “Life”
11) “Ready or Not”
12) “Love Pain”
13) “Love Still Goes On”

Hello is another repackage, this time of the album Lucifer. It was released on October 1, 2010, with the title track “Hello.” The song featured rap lyrics penned by Minho and even placed first three times on various music shows.
1) “Lucifer”
2) “Hello”
3) “One”
4) “Get It”
5) “Up & Down”
6) “Electric Heart”
7) “A-Yo”
8) “Obsession”
9) “Quasimodo”
10) “Shout Out”
11) “Wowowow”
12) “Your Name”
13) “Life”
14) “Ready or Not”
15) “Love Pain”
16) “Love Still Goes On”

In 2010, SHINee released four OST, three of them being the same song but of different remixes.
“Fly High” for Prosecutor Princess OST Part 1
“Haru” and “Haru (Rock Version)” for Haru Original Soundtrack
“Haru Christmas Version (feat. Oh Joon Sung)” for Haru Original Soundtrack, Christmas Version
The First is SHINee’s first Japanese album and contains Japanese versions of many of their previous hit singles, including “Replay,” “Juliette,” and “Lucifer.” It was released on December 7, 2011, and also contains new singles such as “To Your Heart” and “Stranger,” the latter of which was the main theme of the TV drama Strangers 6.
The First
1) “Lucifer” (Japanese version)
2) “Amigo” (Japanese version)
3) “Juliette” (Japanese version)
4) “Better”
5) “To Your Heart”
6) “Always Love”
7) “Replay” (Japanese version)
8) “Start”
9) “Love Like Oxygen” (Japanese version)
10) “Hello” (Japanese version)
11) “The SHINee World”
12) “Seesaw”
13) “Stranger” (Bonus track)SHINee’s mini-album Sherlock was the group’s first Korean release after a year-and-half hiatus. The mini-album’s title track “Sherlock” is a mash-up/remix of the songs “Clue” and “Note.” The song won first place an impressive ten times between the various music shows and was even ranked on Rolling Stone‘s list of “50 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time.” (Rolling Stone 2016)
1) “Sherlock (Clue + Note)”
2) “Clue”
3) “Note”
4) “Alarm Clock”
5) “The Reason”
6) “Stranger”
7) “Honesty”

Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You is the first half of the group’s compilation The Misconceptions of Us. It features the title track “Dream Girl” and was officially released on February 19, 2013. The album is said to be about “the misconceptions of the world (around me)” and “the misconceptions of reality” and placed first ten times on various music shows.
1) “Spoiler”
2) “Dream Girl”
3) “Hitchhiking”
4) “Punch Drunk Love”
5) “Girls, Girls, Girls”
6) “Aside”
7) “Beautiful”
8) “Dynamite”
9) “Runaway”
10) “Selene 6.23”

The group’s second part of their compilation album, Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me was released on April 26, 2013, and features the title track “Why So Serious?”. Director Lee Sungsoo from SM Entertainment explained that this second part is about the “the misconception of me (i.e., SHINee)” and the “misconception of ideals.” (Dispatch 2013)
1) “Nightmare”
2) “Why So Serious?”
3) “Shine” (Medusa I)
4) “Orgel”
5) “Dangerous” (Medusa II)
6) “Like a Fire”
7) “Excuse Me Miss”
8) “Evil”
9) “Sleepless Night”
10) “Better Off”

SHINee’s second Japanese album, Boys Meet U, was released on June 26, 2013. Singles from the album include the Japanese version of “Sherlock” as well as “Dazzling Girl,” “1000-nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite…,” and “Fire.” 
Boys Meet U

1) “Password”
2) “Breaking News”
3) “Dazzling Girl”
4) “1000-nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite…”
5) “Run With Me”
6) “Kiss Yo”
7) “The World Where You Exist”
8) “Keeping Love Again”
10) “Sherlock” (Japanese version)
11) “Fire”
12) “I’m With You”SHINee’s fifth mini-album, Everybody, was released on October 14, 2013. The lead single “Everybody” and B-side “Symptoms” feature combinations of electro-house and slo-jam sounds and the entire mini-album received a positive reception from fans and critics everywhere.
1) “Everybody”
2) “Symptoms”
3) “Queen of New York”
4) “One Minute Back”
5) “Destination”
6) “Close the Door”
7) “Colorful”

In addition to “Stranger,” an OST for the TV series Stranger 6, SHINee released two other OST in 2013: “Green Rain” for The Queen’s Classroom OST Part 2 and ” 3 2 1″ for Tokyo Toybox OST.
I’m Your Boy was released on September 24, 2014, and is the third Japanese release for the group. The studio album contains twelve songs and featured the Japanese version of “Everybody” and “Dream Girl” as well as the previously released single “Lucky Star”.
I’m Your Boy

1) “Downtown Baby”
2) “Lucky Star”
3) “Everybody” (Japanese version)
4) “Picasso”
5) “3 2 1”
6) “365”
7) “Sunny Day Hero”
8) “Perfect 10”
9) “Bounce”
10) “Dream Girl” (Japanese version)
11) “Colors of the Season”
12) “Boys Meet U”

Released on May 18, 2015, Odd is the group’s fourth Korean full-length album. Title track “View,” written by Jonghyun, won an impressive ten times on various music shows and was included in Billboard’s “Top 20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2015.” (Billboard 2015)
1) “Odd Eye”
2) “Love Sick”
3) “View”
4) “Romance”
5) “Trigger”
6) “Farewell My Love”
7) “An Ode to You”
8) “Alive”
9) “Woof Woof”
10) “Black Hole”
11) “An Encore”

Married to the Music is the rerelease of the group’s previous album Odd. The repacked album was released on August 3, 2015, and includes four additional songs: “Savior,” “Hold you,” “Chocolate,” and the title track “Married to the Music.”
Married to the Music

1) “Married to the Music”
2) “Savior”
3) “Odd Eye”
4) “Love Sick”
5) “View”
6) “Romance”
7) “Trigger”
8) “Farewell My Love”
9) “An Ode to You”
10) “Hold You”
11) “Alive”
12) “Woof Woof”
13) “Chocolate”
14) “Black Hole”
15) “An Encore”

Released on January 1, 2016, DxDxD is the group’s fourth Japanese full-length album. It features three previously released songs, “Your Number” “Sing Your Song,” and the Japanese version of “View.” “DxDxD” is the album’s title track, one of seven new songs on the album.
1) “DxDxD”
2) “Wishful Thinking”
3) “Wanted”
4) “Boys Will Be Boys”
5) “View” (Japanese version)
6) “Your Number”
7) “Good Good Feeling”
8) “Photograph”
9) “Sweet Surprise”
10) “Sing Your Song”
11) “Moon Drop”
12) “Love”

1 of 1 is the fifth studio album by the group and was released on October 5, 2016. It contains nine songs, including the title track “1 of 1,” which received four wins on various music programs.
1) “Prism”
2) “1 of 1”
3) “Feel Good”
4) “Don’t Let Me Go”
5) “Lipstick”
6) “Don’t Stop”
7) “Shift”
8) “U Need Me”
9) “So Amazing” (Bonus Track)

1 and 1 is the repackaged album of the group’s previously released 1 of 1 and was released on November 15, 2016. It contained five new songs, including the lead single “Tell Me What to Do,” as well as instrumentals for all five songs. Tamar Herman of Billboard praised the vocals, lyrics, and overall performance of the song, calling it “[the group’s] most emotive single of the past few years.” (Billboard 2016)
1) “Tell Me What to Do”
2) “Wish Upon a Star”
3) “Beautiful Life”
4) “Rescue”
5) “If You Love Her”
6) “Tell Me What to Do” (Instrumental)
7) “Wish Upon a Star” (Instrumental)
8) “Beautiful Life” (Instrumental)
9) “Rescue” (Instrumental
10) “If You Love Her” (Instrumental)

Five is SHINee’s most recent Japanese album, released on February 22, 2017. It debuted at number 3 on the Oricon Chart, selling over 68,000 copies. It was the group’s last original [Japanese] release before Jonghyun’s death later that year.
1) “Gentleman”
2) “Mr. Right Guy”
3) “ABOAB”
4) “Kimi no Seide”
5) “Do Me Right”
6) “Become Undone”
7) “Get the Treasure”
8) “1 of 1” (Japanese version)
9) “Nothing to Lose”
10) “Melody”
11) “Winter Wonderland”
12) “Diamond Sky”
Part one of the SHINee’s The Story of Light compilation album, The Story of Light EP.1, was the group’s first release after the passing of Jonghyun. It was released on May 28, 2018, and featured the lead single “Good Evening.”
1) “All Day All Night”
2) “Good Evening”
3) “Undercover”
4) “You & I”
5) “Good Evening” (Instrumental)

The Story of Light EP.2 is the second part of The Story of Light album and was released June 11, 2018. This mini-album is said to reflect the group’s view of themselves and featured the lead single “I Want You.”
1) “I Want You”
2) “Chemistry”
3) “Electric”
4) “Drive”
5) “Who Waits for Love”
6) “I Want You” (Instrumental)

The third and final part of the group’s sixth studio album, The Story of Light EP.3, was released on June 25, 2018. It featured the lead single “Our Page,” an emotional ballad dedicated to Jonghyun that’s full of the pain of loss but also the hope of what’s to come.
1) “Our Page”
2) “Tonight”
3) “Retro”
4) “I Say”
5) “Lock You Down” (Special Track)
6) “Our Page” (Instrumental)
On February 22, 2021, SHINee came back with their first release after three of the members (Onew, Minho, and Key) completed their mandatory military service. It features nine songs, including the title track “Don’t Call Me.” As of now, March 3, 2021, the song has won one first place on a music show.

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