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Re:Kids Angel Members Profile

Re:Kids Angel Members Profile
Re:Kids Angel is a kid girl group under Retune Music (리튠뮤직). The Group is composed of 4 members :  GyeongJin, JaeHee, SeoYoung and Eunchae. They have two former members : Chloe and Haeun. They debuted on October 7, 2020 with the song ‘Ocean’.

Official Sites (Company):
Youtube: RE:KIDS 리키즈
FaceBook: Re:Kids
Instagram: @returnemusiclable
2nd Instagram: @official_rekids
Naver : Re:kids

Re:Kids Angel Members Profile:

Stage Name: Gyeongjin (경진)
Real Name:
Kim Gyeongjin (김경진)
Position: Dancer
Birthday: 31 August (?) 2007
Instagram: @kgj0831

Gyeongjin Facts:
-Some peoples say that her and JaeHee are dance machines for their age.
-She is also a model and an actress
-She dance under Stage 631 with Jaehee
-She is/was a member of Twinkle


Stage Name: JaeHee (재희)
Real Name:
Shin JaeHee (신재희)
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: 2008 (?)
Instagram: @shinjaehee08 (inactive) / @junheein_mom (run by her mom and inactive)

JaeHee Facts:
-She composes music
-She have made a song named ‘Blossom’
-She dreams of becoming BTS‘ future composer.
-She is/was dancing at Stage 631 with Gyeongjin
-Some Peoples that her and Gyeongjin are dance machines for their age


Stage Name: SeoYoung (서영)
Real Name:
Won SeoYoung (원서영)
Birthday: 23 August, 2009
Instagram : @sy._.lovee

SeoYoung Facts:
-She play piano
-She is also an actress
-She is also a model
-She have a younger sister

EunchaeStage Name: Jung Eunchae (정은채)
Real Name: Jung Se-yu (정세유)
Position: Maknae (?)
Birthday: 2011
Height: 131cm (4’3″)
Weight: 26kg (57 lbs)
Instagram: @e_chae_jung

EunChae Facts:
-She is also a member of Re:Kids Bloom
-Because of her activities in Re:Kids Bloom she wouldn’t participe to the future comeback
-She is the shortest member
-She have a younger brother

Former Members :

Stage Name: Chloe (클로이)
Real Name:
Position: Rapper
Birthday: December 2008
Height: 151cm
Instagram : @angelchloe2008 (share with her brother) / @chloe_xox2021
Tiktok : @chloexox90

Chloe Facts:
-She have a cousin named Dylan
-She have a younger brother named Kaden
-She wears glasses
-She silently left the group in june/july 2021


Stage Name: Haeun (하은)
Real Name:
Position: –
Birthday: –

Haeun Facts:
-All her videos were erased from the youtube channel,
-She left the group tately after the debut

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