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Raphael (DUSTIN) Profile and Facts

Raphael (DUSTIN) Profile and Facts

Raphael (하파엘) is a Brazilian-Japanese rapper, TV personality and member of the South Korean boygroup DUSTIN under Na Entertainment (formerly known as LPA and Namoo Entertainment).

Stage Name: Raphael (하파엘)
Birth Name: Esaki Rafael (江崎ハファエル)
Birthday: April 5, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 182 cm (5’11)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Brazilian-Japanese
Representative Emoji: 🦙
Instagram: @dst_raphael
Twitter: @e__lele (Inactive)

Raphael Facts:
– He officially joined DUSTIN in February 15, 2023.
– He auditioned through the Dustin-J project and got selected as a new member along with former member Alex.
– He has a Brazilian passport, it’s unsure wether he has a Japanese one or not.
– Raphael is a former member of the J-pop group Super Fantasy (2019-2020) under the stage name EL.
– He likes musicals.
– He is fluent in Japanese and Portuguese, but he can also speak Korean, Spanish and some English.
– He likes the series ‘Sweet Home’.
– He is part of the cast of Btv’s program ‘한국 탐 험대 (Korea Exploration Team)’ and started with the special episode about cooking.
– He has been a guest on Btv’s programs ‘이번 주 N (This Week’s N)’.
– He’s into Jazz music.
– His biggest fears are heights and ghosts.
– His favorite animals are dogs and alpacas.
– Raphael has a dog named Abu.
– He likes soccer and used to play it.
– He spends his free time shopping or sleeping.
– He likes the movie ‘Chicago’.

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