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Raots (JWiiver) Profile

Roats (JWiiver) Profile and Facts

Raots (라오츠) is a member of JWiiver under Starweave Entertainment.

Stage Name: Raots (라오츠)
Birth Name: N/A
Birthday: March 1, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Chinese
Instagram: yuchen_01

Raots Facts:
– His main priority is improving his skills.
– His favorite animals are pandas.
-Him and Roshin are the most old fashioned members.
-When he met GabinK for the first time, he stared intently at him because he thought GabinK was familiar as they went to the same college.
-Ryujei says that Raots has an old fashioned palate as he likes adzuki beans, kabocha, emergency crops and other foods.
-Raots is the member most worthy of respect. Rihan says that Raots has an iron will.
-He can sing really high notes while dancing and Ryujei respects that a lot. – He was announced as a member on February 8, 2022.
– He is one of the two members who weren’t part of the original pre-debut line-up.
– He can speak English, Chinese and Korean.
– He was a contestant of the Chinese audition show Next Generation Star.
-His Korean name might be Junwoo.
-Raots’ mother was initially against the idea of him becoming an idol because of the difficulty of the job and the stress involved.
-Raots and Jukang went to the same academy so they knew each other before they became trainees and they were already friends.
-His motto is Work hard, play hard.
-His nicknames are Morange and Lando.
-His hobbies are suyeon and composing.
-His hobbies are playing the flute, piano and bamboo.
-He likes steamed eggs.
-He dislikes pasta and pork.
-He relieves stress by listening to music, playing games and being with friends.
-His role model is Baekhyun and he wants to meet him.
-He is interested in rap.
-He has the best chemistry with Rihan, Gabin and Gaho.
-He wants to dance better.
-His favorite song is Birthday by Ten.
-He would take Ryujei to a deserted island with him.
-His one line diary is that he composed a fire song today.
-Him and Chae Gaho will be in the kdrama 비밀의 그녀 (Secret Girl)’.
– Prologue Film:  Reveal the members | Raots

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