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PURO BOYS Members Profile and Facts

PURO BOYS Members Profile and Facts

PURO BOYS (ピューロボーイズ) was a Japanese 5-member boy group formed on November 8, 2021. They made their stage debut on April 23, 2022 and debuted on September 14, 2022 with the release of 4 digital singles. On March 24, 2023, it was announced that both them and their sibling group PURO GIRLS would disband on April 23, 2023. Their aim was to promote Sanrio Puroland. All members were transferred to the new group PANBE.

PURO BOYS Members:
Takane Masaki

Colour: Angel Pink
Birthday: November 2, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: machagram_1102
Twitter: masaki_puroboys
TikTok: masaki_1102
Showroom: 高根正樹のまちゃらいぶ🕊✨
YouTube: まちゃンネル / 高根正樹

Takane Masaki Facts:
– His nickname is Machaki.
– His hobby is playing with nature.
– His special skills are dancing and baking sweets.
– His recommended Sanrio characters are Little Twin Stars (Kiki & Lara), My Melody and Dear Daniel.
– He recommends the Fairyland Theater spot.

Miyamoto Yukito

Colour: Galaxy Purple
Birthday: December 14, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Blood Type: A
Instagram: yukito_puroboys
Twitter: yukito_puroboys
TikTok: yukito_puroboys
Showroom: ゆきとハウス【ピューロボーイズ】

Miyamoto Yukito Facts:
– His nickname is Yukito.
– His hobbies are fortune-telling and jigsaw puzzles.
– His special skills are Kyokushin, Judo and arrest technique.
– He recommends the characters Kuromi, Aggretsuko and Gudetama.
– He recommends the spot Meruhen Koubou.

Mimura Anju

Colour: Starlight Yellow
Birthday: March 6, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Shizuoka, Japan
Height: 158 cm (5’2″)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: mimuan36
Twitter: anju_puroboys
TikTok: anju_pb36
Showroom: 三村 杏樹 の アイドル礼拝オタク堂(仮)#ピューロボーイズ

Mimura Anju Facts:
– His hobbies are comedy and reading manga.
– His special skills are his charm, episodic talk and narration.
– He recommends the characters Puff and Poff, Little Twin Stars and Tiny Chum.
– He recommends the spot ~Kiki & Lara – Twinkling Tour~.

Inutsuka Yuho

Colour: Celestial Blue
Birthday: August 20
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Instagram: yu_ho8
Twitter: yuho_puroboys
TikTok: 8rionrion8
Showroom: 1ff646152023

Inutsuka Yuho Facts:
– His nickname is Yuho.
– His hobbies are shopping and doing karaoke.
– His special skills are football and running up the stairs without making a sound.
Cinnamoroll and Cogimyun are the characters he recommends.
– He recommends the spot Cinnamoroll Dream Cafe.

Yokoyama Takumi

Colour: Royal White
Birthday: December 22
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Instagram: takumi_yokoyama_
Twitter: takumi_puroboys
Showroom: c083c2122195

Yokoyama Takumi Facts:
– His nickname is Takumi.
– His hobbies are watching baseball games and train travel.
– His special skills are hula dancing (he is no.1 in Japan and no.4 in the world) and saying the names of Kintetsu stations from Nagoya to Kenshima rapidly.
– He recommends the characters Hagurumanstyle, Marumofubiyori and My Melody.
– He recommends the spot Fairyland Theater.
– He likes baseball, idols, trains and Hawaii.
– His favourite foods are hamburgers, omelets, fried rice, pizza, fondant chocolates, pancakes, crepes, waffles and sweets in general.

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