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Psychord Members Profile

Psychord (싸이코드) Profile and Facts

Psychord (싸이코드) is a 5-member South Korean virtual boy group under Parable Entertainment. The group consists of Gamjay, Louiszzan, Yeon, Oversleep, and Haruto. They were formed on June 28th, 2022 and released their first digital single Crazier, on February 23rd, 2023.

Group Name Meaning: N/A
Official Greeting: N/A

Psychord (싸이코드) Official Fandom Name: 악단
Psychord (싸이코드) Official Color: N/A

Official Logo:

Psychord (싸이코드) Official SNS:
X: @Psy_chord
YouTube: 싸이코드
Fancafe: 싸이코드
CHZZK: 싸이코드 Official
Apple Music: Psy Cord
Spotify: Psy Cord
Melon: 싸이코드
Bugs: 싸이코드

Psychord Member Profiles:

Stage Name: Louiszzan (루이쨘)
Birth Name: Louiszzan (루이쨘)
Position: Leader
Birthdate: December 9th
Height: 181cm (5’11”)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean
X: @Louiszzan
TikTok: @louiszzan
Youtube: 루이쨘 【싸이코드】
Alternate Youtube: 루이쨘의 직박구리폴더
CHZZK: 루이쨘

Louiszzan Facts:
– His fans are called 쨔니단.
– He played Overwatch in the past and even received an offer to join the professional team, but due to overwork, he developed carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.
– He knows how to do magic tricks.
– He used to raise parrots.
– He is currently studying Japanese because he loves anime.
– He tends to sleep and oversleep for streams a lot. One time, he said he had to go to the bathroom but ended up taking a nap in there.
– He talks a lot in his sleep.


Stage Name: GamJay (감제이)
Birth Name: GamJay (감제이)
Position: CEO
Birthdate: N/A
Height: 179cm (5’10”)
Weight: 59kg (130lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
X: @9jayaj9
TikTok: @jay_vtuber
Youtube: 감제이【싸이코드】
Alternate Youtube:
Gam Jay 감제이 [싸이코드]
CHZZK: 감제이님

Gamjay Facts:
– He trained at an idol company. It’s said he was casted off the street in high school and it’s a famous company that everyone knows.
– He knows how to play the drums and bass.
– He was a former amateur chess player.
– He likes cooking and would rather see people eat then eat food himself.
– His cats are named Latte, Berry, and Canoe.
– He’s an ISTP usually but at work, he is an ESTJ.
– His fans are called 펭구단.
– He made his solo debut with his EP Missed Call on April 11th. He wrote and composed both songs on his EP.  He released his music videos for Don’t Worry  and Voice Recording on April 1st.


Stage Name: Yeon (연)
Birth Name: Yeon ()
Position: Chief of Staff
Birthdate: March 2nd
Height: 151cm (4’11”)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean
Representative Color: Sky Blue
X: @yeon2vt
Youtube: 연이 【싸이코드】
CHZZK: ㅇ연이ㅇ

Yeon Facts:
– His fans are called 바부단.
– He majored in computer science but gave up on it.
– His favorite food is hamburgers.
– Some of his favorite animes are Haikyuu, One Punch Man, Tensura, One Piece, Kuroko’s Basketball, and My Hero Academia.
– He likes FPS games the most.
– He is very small and even had to drill holes into a belt his dad gave him because the smallest holes still didn’t fit him.
– He played Five Nights at Freddy’s for only 30 minutes before giving up because it was too scary.


Stage Name: Oversleep (늦잠)
Birth Name: Oversleep (늦잠)
Position: Planning Director
Birthdate: March 1st
Height: 183cm (6’0″)
Weight: 73kg (160lbs)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
X: @over_sleep_Zzz
TikTok: over_sleep_zzz
Alternate TikTok: over_sleep
Youtube: 늦잠【싸이코드】

Oversleep Facts:
– He has two dogs, Mandu and KiKi.
– His fans are called 뿌엥단.
– He hates mint chocolate, Hawaiian pizza, and matcha.
– He graduated with a degree in business administration.
– He got 74 on an IQ test he took back in high school.
– He is really good at imitating cat sounds.
– He can’t drink soju and gets severe hangovers.


Stage Name: Haruto (하루토)
Birth Name: Haruto (하루토)
Position: Intern
Birthdate: January 24th
Height: 177cm (5’10”)
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
X: @psy_haruto
TikTok: @psy_haruto
Youtube: 하루토 【싸이코드】
Alternate Youtube: 하론 【Halon】
CHZZK: 하루토

Haruto Facts:
– He has a cat named Kancho.
– He has worked as a bodyguard, chef factory worker, and a PC Bang in the past.
– He is lactose intolerant.
– He is not good at eating spicy food and is weak towards food with strong seasonings.
– He wanted to open up a butcher shop.
– He really really hates bugs. When he was younger, a friend put a dead wasp on his desk one time and he cried.
– He and his friends were playing with handcuffs one day and he put it on his wrists. He couldn’t find the key so he had to go to the police station to get them removed.
– He likes to exercise and he used to do boxing.
– He learned how to play the drums.

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