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Nene (BonBon Girls 303) Profile and Facts

Nene Profile and Facts

Nene is a Thai Youtuber, singer, actress. She joined “CHUANG 2020” as a trainee. She debuted with Milkshake. She’s going to make her debut in BonBon Girls 303.

Stage Name: Nene
Birthname: Pornnppan Pornpenpipat (พรนับพัน พรเพ็ญพิพัฒน์)
Chinese Name: Zheng Naixin (郑乃馨)
Birthday: June 25, 1997
Nationality: Thai
Height: 169 cm (5’7″)
Instagram: @nenevader
Youtube: justnene
Facebook: Pornnappan Pornpenpipat

Nene Facts:
– She likes guitar
– Her company in Thailand is GMM Grammy
– She is of Chinese descent.
– In 2016, Nene held a fan meeting in Vietnam.
– She acted in ”Lat Mat 3” as a main character, ”2gether: The series”.
– In 2020, she joined CHUANG 2020 by Tencent as a trainee.
– She earned fifth place in the final of CHUANG 2020 and was therefore chosen to be part of the winning group (BonBon Girls 303)

Ranking in CHUANG 2020:
-EP 2: rank #4
-EP 3: rank #3
-EP 4: rank #3
-EP 5: rank #3
-EP 6: rank #2
-EP 7: rank #2
-EP 8: rank #7

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