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NATURE (DIAWINGS) Profile & Facts

NATURE (DIAWINGS) Profile & Facts

NATURE (네이처) is a South Korean solo singer and producer under DIAWINGS Company. She made her solo debut with a single named “Metronome” in July, 2018. She is a member of Indie girl group, DIAWINGS.

Stage Name: Nature (네이처)
Birth Name: Huh Jayeon (허자연)
Birthday: November 30, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type:
Instagram: nature_diawings
YouTube: 처루의 음악공장 Cheoru’s Music Factory

Nature Facts:
– She has a YouTube channel with the full of non-copyright back ground music. She made whole that musics and the group songs herself.
– She made her debut with a single named “Metronome” in July, 2018.
– She is writing most of the lyrics for the songs of the group.
– She is the main composer of the group.
– Her birth name Jayeon means “nature” in Korean so she chose it as her stage name.
– She joined DIAWINGS in 2018.
– Cheonghae, Nature and poet Joshua Jung wrote “The Way To Go” lyrics impressed by Joshua Jung’s poem “The Way to Go”
– She made a collab with Yebit in “Life’s So Cool
– She also made a collab with Han Yewon in “Metronome
– She also made a collab with ex DIAWINGS member Hyeji in “Mormor
– She made a collab with ex DIAWINGS member Hyeji when she wasn’t in DIAWINGS, after that she decided to join DIAWINGS as main rapper and composer of the group in 2018.
– She majored in computer science and is now a highly recognized talent in the company working on data analytics!
– She can play drums. And she also can play guitar a little bit.
– Motto: Live my life without regrets when I die in the future. Live a meaningful life.
– She wants to live doing what she wants to do!
– She likes the songs and choreographies of NewJeans.
– She usually listens to hip hop and Kpop songs and the song she listens to the most these day is IVE‘s “Love Dive” and Loco & Hwasa‘s “Somebody”
– Her representative color is green.
– Her name “Jayeon” means “Nature” and she likes nature and forests.
– Nature previously was in a group and she plays drums.
– Nature’s hobbies are gaming. She loves to going game rooms
– Nature loves listening “Kitsch” by IVE and BLACKPINK
– Nature’s role model is Lee Hyori. She thinks that Hyori is a very strong woman and doesn’t care the other’s ideas. She also thinks that Lee Hyori is a singer for a long time but she’s still young and modern. So she wants to be a singer like her.
– Nature’s MBTIs: TF

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