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n.SSign “Happy &” Album Info

Happy &” Album Info

“Happy &” is n.SSign‘s 2nd Mini Album. It was released on February 15, 2024.
The title tracks are “Happy &“, “Funky Jam“, and “Love, Love, Love Love Love!“. The album consists of 9 tracks.

Artists: n.SSign (Release Date: February 15, 2024 at 6PM KST.
Length: 29:25
Genre: Pop
Type: Mini Album
Label: n.CH Entertainment.
Writers: 12h51m, Bay, Choi Bo Ra, danke, Jeon Ji Eun, Jeon Se Hee, Jeong Yoo Seon, Kim Han Ni, Kim Jin Seul, Lee Na Yoon, Na Jung Ah, Na Yun Jeong, RGB, YOO HAN JIN.
Composers: Adam Jönsson, Andreas Öberg, Eirik Næss, Erik Lidbom, Jake K, MCK, Moode, Moon Kim, Niklas Jarelius Persson, Rico Greene, Seo Ji Eun, William Segerdahl, YOO HAN JIN.
Arrangers: Erik Lidbom, Jake K, MCK, Moo Kim, Niklas Jarelius Persson, Seo Ji Eun, William Segerdahl, YOO HAN JIN.

1. Happy &     *TITLE    – 3:09
2. Funky Jam     *TITLE    – 3:16
3. Love, Love, Love Love Love!     *TITLE    – 3:04
4. Black Down    – 2:55
5. 나의 바다 (Memories of Us)    – 3:44
6. Happy & (Inst.)   – 3:09
7.. Funky Jam (Inst.)    – 3:16
8. Love, Love, Love Love Love! (Inst.)    – 3:04
9.. 나의 바다 (Memories of Us) (Inst.)    – 3:44

Album Preview
“Happy &” MV Teaser #1
“Happy &” MV Teaser #2
“Happy &” MV


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