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Mixed Predictions #2 [by midgehitsthrice]

Mixed Predictions #2

This is a set of miscellaneous predictions about K-Pop, K-Dramas, Korean shows and possibly more as of October 26, 2022.

1. ILY:1 and mimiirose might leave nugudom by 2023 (by leaving nugudom, I mean selling 15k+ copies, having at least one song chart and/or having one or more members go viral for multiple reasons)

2. BE:LIFT LAB might be called out once again for overworking ENHYPEN and not protecting them adequately from sasaengs and malicious online users

3. The other members of BTS (not counting Jin) might all enlist in 2023 in order to be able to return all together no later than 2025

4. A boy group under a very small company might have a successful debut

5. Two, three or even four idols from the same group might be cast together in a web drama

6. ICHILLIN‘s next comeback might sell 2k+ copies within the first two days

7. A former member of a 4th generation girl group might re-debut by 2023 (not necessarily in a new group)

8. An actor or actress might own a whole collection of sports cars but might keep it hidden

9. The next release by SECRET NUMBER might be a mini album

10. CUBE Entertainment might have planned to take a different plan with LIGHTSUM, such as a concept change. This might be one of the reasons that led to Huiyeon and Jian‘s departure

11. YG Entertainment might plan Jennie‘s solo comeback before Jisoo‘s eventual solo debut

12. HYBE Labels might debut more than the allotted four groups that are scheduled for 2023

13. n.CH Entertainment might consider disbanding Nature or simply letting some members go if this comeback were to fail, instead of fighting back for the girls

14. Another celebrity couple might announce marriage (and eventually pregnancy) by the end of 2022

15. After being exposed for the mistreatment and abuse of OMEGA X, Spire Entertainment might go out of business and its CEO, along with other staff members, could be forwarded to prosecution for abuse and other crimes. The group might find a new company or simply go independent, but wouldn’t disband

16. Witchers‘ debut might finally take place, but in 2023. Debut might be continuously postponed due to COVID-19 related issues

17. A girl group’s staff member might be fired over inappropriate behavior towards one or more group members

18. An idol (or an entire group) might collaborate with Disney+ for a new reality show

19. Another boy group might mass enlist (meaning all members or nearly all of them would go together) like ONF did in late 2021

20. Two or three more artists (or even a whole group) might leave CUBE Entertainment in 2023

Note: These are only my own predictions. They’re not bound to be true. You don’t necessarily have to believe them, but please be respectful and don’t send hate comments or cause fanwars.

made by midgehitsthrice

(Credit to luviefromis for the original idea)

Do you believe any of these predictions will come true?

Do you agree with any of these predictions? Do you have your own instead? Feel free to comment down below. Enjoy!

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