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Miihi (NiziU) Profile and Facts

Miihi (NiziU) Profile and Facts

Miihi was a participant on JYP’s Japanese survival show, the Nizi Project. Miihi came in 6th place earning her a spot in JYP’s Japanese girl group, NiziU. NiziU had their official debut on December 2nd 2020.

Stage name: Miihi (みいひ/ミイヒ)
Birth name: Suzuno Miihi (すずの みいひ)
Possible position: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: August 12, 2004
Zodiac: Leo
Chinese zodiac: Monkey
Height:159 cm (5’3″)
Nationality: Japanese
Blood type: O
Official color: Light pink

Miihi Facts:
– Miihi loves TWICE and her bias is Tzuyu.
Riku and Miihi often talk about their childhood because they were born in the same city.
Rima, Yuna, Mako, and Miihi were trainees before the Nizi Project.
– In the dorm, Miihi gets rid of bugs because she is not scared of them.
– Miihi was born in Kyoto City, Japan.
– She is very good at Korean. At her audition for the Nizi Project, JYP asked if she could speak Korean and her Korean came out naturally. JYP was impressed on how well she spoke but Miihi said she wasn’t confident and was only about 60% fluent.
– Miihi says meeting such “successful/big” people (JYP) makes her uneasy and nervous.
Rima and Miihi participated in JYP’s trainee showcase.
– She started training in late 2018/early 2019.
– JYP says Miihi has a fun vibe to her, and that people will be in a good mood when they see her.
– At her audition, Miihi sang a song about love but since she doesn’t have anyone like that she thought about the Japanese trainees.
– Miihi was scouted by JYP at a TWICE concert in Japan.
– Miihi talks in her sleep.
– She had braces.
– Miihi lost a drastic amount of weight on the Nizi Project which concerned many fans and caused JYP to put Miihi on hiatus during the time NiziU had their debut.
– Some fans made theories about NiziU’s debut MV Step And A Step and Miihi. You can see the NiziU members looking for something in the MV, and Miihi is sitting on an island in the middle of a body of water curled up in a ball. One of the members finds her, then the song concludes. Another theory is that NiziU’s debut single was written for Miihi, since she was on hiatus during NiziU’s debut. The fans claim the encouraging song is cheering Miihi up and insuring her that everything is going to work out.
– Miihi ranked 6th place in the Nizi Project. 
– In Japan, the name “Miihi” is rare.
– Miihi wanted to open a cake shop when she was younger.
– She is good at falling asleep quickly.
– Miihi went to Tinkerbell Music School.
Mako, Rima, Rio, Miihi, Ayaka, and Maya appeared in Stray Kids’ Back Door MV.

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