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Mayu (tripleS) Profile & Facts

Mayu (tripleS) Profile & Facts

Mayu (마유) is a member of the South Korean girl group tripleS under MODHAUS.

Stage Name: Mayu (마유)
Birth Name: Kouma Mayu (髙麗 真友)
Birthday: May 12, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Japanese
S Number: S16 (Binary 01)

Mayu Facts:
– A couple of her favorite foods are samgyeopsal (#1 Favorite Korean food), chicken, pasta, bossam, croffle, cake, and milk tea.
– She prefers dogs over cats.
– Mayu attends Meiji University.
– Her nickname is Koma-san.
– She is close to Yamauchi Moana.
– Some of her hobbies are eating, exploring cafes, singing, and watching dramas.
– Mayu took dance/vocal classes at Bloom Academy.
– Her talent is taking photos.
– She started properly learning the basics of dance in November 2022.
– Mayu likes using YSL and Decorté perfumes.
– She loves amusement parks, but prefers relaxed rollercoasters over extreme ones.
– Mayu started learning Korean in May 2023.
– She is a fan of TWICE.
– Mayu attends Meiji University.
– Her favorite characters are Shin-chan from Crayon Shin-chan, Marie from the The Aristocats, and Miss Bunny from Bambi.
– She would rather eat breakfast than sleep in.
– If she had to go on a trip at the sea or mountains, she would go to a trip at the sea.
– She prefers winter over summer.
– Mayu likes Harry Potter and Studio Ghibli movies, specifically Princess Mononoke.
– She has an older sister and older brother.
– Her favorite anime is Demon Slayer.
– She prefers omurice over takoyaki.
– Her favorite color is purple.

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