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MAGESTA Members Profile

MAGESTA Member Profiles
Magesta is a five-member upcoming Thai girl group project under Vibie Entertainment. All members were in Zestar but the group never debuted.

MAGESTA Official Accounts:
Instagram: @magesta.girlgroup
Facebook: Magesta

MAGESTA Official Fandom Name: Magis
MAGESTA Official Fandom Color:

MAGESTA Member Profiles:

Stage Name: NUTTY (นัตตี้)
Birth Name: Kamonnut Wichaiyutphong (กมลณัฐ วิชัยยุทธ์พงศ์)
Birthday: June 29, 1997
Thai Zodiac: Gemini
Western Zodiac: Cancer
Position: N/A
Height: 158cm
Instagram: nuttyy.magesta

NUTTY Facts:
– She was a former member of Zestar.
– Her talent is cover dances.
– She is a fan of Korean group TWICE and Korean-Thai singer Jiyeon.
– She is half Chinese half Thai.
– Education: Bangkok University, Horwang School.


Stage Name: AMMY (แอมมี่)
Birth Name: Natthamon Pinthong (นัทธมน ปิ่นทอง)
Birthday: December 29, 1997
Thai Zodiac: Sagittarius
Western Zodiac: Capricorn
Position: N/A
Height: 154/155cm
Instagram: ammyy.magesta

AMMY Facts:
– She was a former member of Zestar.
– She is a fan of Korean boy group EXO and Arm Kornkan.
– She says that when she’s interested in something, she becomes obsessed with it.
– Education: Thammasat University, Rajini School.


Stage Name: KAEW (แก้ว)
Birth Name: Kornkamol Maikaew (กรกมล ไม้แก้ว)
Birthday: August 31, 1998
Thai Zodiac: Leo
Western Zodiac: Virgo
Position: N/A
Height: 164cm
Instagram: amkaewa.magesta

KAEW Facts:
– She was a former member of Zestar under the stage name Amkaew.
– She is a fan of NCT.
– She has a cat.
– She is also a fan of BLACKPINK, and The 1975.


Stage Name: HANI (ฮานิ)
Birth Name: Nara Thongloet (นารา ทองเลิศ)
Birthday: May 1, 1998
Thai Zodiac:
Western Zodiac: Taurus
Position: N/A
Height: 155cm
Instagram: hni.magesta

HANI Facts:
– She was a former member of Zestar.
– She is half Thai half Japanese.
– She is a fan of Korean girl group GFRIEND member Eunha and Ariana Grande.


Stage Name: FAYE (เฟย์)
Birth Name: Darin Pittayapol (ดารินทร์ พิทยาผล)
Birth Date: August 31, 1999
Thai Zodiac: Leo
Western Zodiac: Virgo
Position: N/A
Height: 165cm
Instagram: fayebae.magesta

FAYE Facts:
– She was a former member of Zestar under the stage name Fayebae.
– She is saying she has 2 personalities: Darin and Fayebae.
– She has a dog.
– She is good at drawing.
– She loves reading and taking pictures.
– Her special talents are Korean, English and ice skating.
– She was a member of WJSN cover group Venezia.
– She likes BLACKPINK and NCT. Her NCT bias is Jaehyun.
– She is a perfectionist.

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