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Magenta (QWER) Profile and Facts

Magenta (QWER) Profile and Facts

Magenta (마젠타) is a Twitch streamer and a member of the idol band QWER.

Stage Name: Magenta (마젠타)
Birth Name:
Birthday: June 2, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 50.8 kg
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: magenta_6262
TikTok: magenta6262
Twitch: magenta62
YouTube: magenta62

Magenta Facts:
– Magenta was the second member to be added.
– She is the Bassist of the group.
– Her birthplace is Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea.
– Magenta and Hina live on the same floor.
– Her favorite color is magenta, which is why she chose it as her stage name.
– Her nickname is Genta, and Chodan calls her it a lot.
– She is known for being a Twitch streamer.
– Her main content includes dancing, singing, daily communication and outdoor broadcasting.
– Her company is TREASURE HUNTER.
– Her company, TREASURE HUNTER, encouraged her to learn how to play bass.
– A song that she has learnt on the bass is CREEP by Radiohead. Her and Chodan try playing it together sometimes.
– The band members of BOL4 were hired to help train her.
– She is a huge fan of J-Pop, J-Rock and Japanese idols, such as AKB48 and Ano.
– She is an otaku who likes manga and anime.
– Her favorite anime is HUNTER X HUNTER. Her favorite character is Chrollo Lucifer.
– She majored in visual design and video design.
– Her fandom name is Hotteok.
– She has a younger brother, born in 2000.
– Her most prized possession is her mini pudding cup.
– She owns a pet poodle named Munchhi.
– Her TikTok account has over 1 million followers.
– When she was asked to join the group, she was happy to join Chodan but not satisfied with her skills as a bassist.
– Her first impression of Chodan was that she seemed very feminine.
– On her phone, she has Chodan saved as Jihye, her real name.
– Her first impression of Hina was that she seemed like a giant baby.
– On her phone, she has Hina saved as Yangnyumjubjub (22).
– She wants to look after the members as the oldest member.
– A concept that she would like to try is a funky and sexy concept.
– After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, she wants to cover ‘Come and Get Your Love’ and ‘Mr. Blue Sky’.
– Now that she spends most of her time practicing, she gets about 4 hours of sleep every night.
– She tends to sleep during the day.
– A goal she has for the group is to go on concerts.
– Her role model is Red Hot Chili Peppers.
– An artist she would like to collaborate with is YOASOBI, who sings the OST for Oshi No Ko.
– A superpower she used to want was teleportation, but now she wants a music-related power.
– If her band members fought, she thinks that she would be good at finding middle ground between them.
– Magenta takes care of her members, and orders coffee for them, even without them asking her to.
– Her ultimate goal as a bassist is to cover ‘Dark Necessities’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
– When the album is released, she wants to give it to her viewers first.
– She wants to try doing a guerilla concert for her fans.
– When asked to describe what Magenta is to her, she said that she is a bit like family, because they know each other’s secrets, talk a lot, and tell everything to each other.
– When asked to describe what Hina is to her, she said ‘Mine’.
– Many people don’t believe her when she claims she’s an INFP, because she seems very extroverted.
– Magenta believes that she is great at multitasking, and can read chat while focusing on other things at the same time.
– She believes that she is weak when it comes to gambling, and not lucky either.
– She wears different wigs and costumes every stream, because she gets bored if she has the same appearance for a long time.

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