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M-Zero Profile & Facts

M-Zero Profile & Facts

M-Zero (엠제로) is a South Korean rapper who officially debuted on February 13, 2015 with the digital single album Run Away.

Stage Name: M-Zero (엠제로)
Birth Name: Lee Minyoung (이민영)
Birthday: January 16, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Twitter: mzerolee (inactive)
Instagram: mzero93 (inactive)
SoundCloud: M Zero

M-Zero Facts:
— The “M” in her stage name stands for “Min”, while “Zero” corresponds to 영 (Young, which is indeed a Korean term for the number 0)
— She seemingly has a brother, Lee Dongyun
— Education: Sungshin Women’s University (Vocal and Performance department)
— She seemingly auditioned for JYP Entertainment
— She was a trainee under Stardom Entertainment
— She was addressed as “Minyoung eomma” by a fellow trainee, Park Soohyun
— She can play the piano, as well as Korean traditional instruments
— She can speak English even though she isn’t really fluent. Sometimes, she used slang on her tweets
— She loves soda and cola
— Her favorite artists are Dynamic Duo, Nicki Minaj, Maroon 5 and Beyoncé
— She often reads every mention of hers on Twitter
— She is a kind and humble person. Once, she tweeted “금요일이니까~~ 한주 잘들 보내셨나요?” (How was your weekend? I’ve been missing you guys :0) to her followers
— She was a member of the SoulFlow crew with Block B‘s Kyung
— She was also a member of the Drunk Crew
— She once created a rap version of Dalshabet‘s Supa Dupa Diva
— She’s friends with Kang Minhee from Miss $. They often chatted via Instagram or Twitter— Only a restricted number of tracks can be downloaded from her SoundCloud as she set them for commercial use. As a result, her producer told her to disallow download
— She collaborated with several artists throughout her career
— She specialized in speed rap, which made her one of the fastest female rappers in the industry
— Her latest release so far was in May 2017. It’s unknown whether she’s just on hiatus or she retired from the music industry

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