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LYKN Members Profile

LYKN Members Profile and Facts

LYKN is a group formed by the top 5 contestants from Project Alpha. Project Alpha was a survival show where twenty-seven trainees competed to become GMMTV’s newest idols. The group consists of Nut, Hong, Tui, William and Lego. They debuted under RISER MUSIC on May 10, 2023 with the digital single “May I?!“.

LYKN Fandom Name: LYKYOU
LYKN Official Color:

Name Meaning:
LYKN is a homophone of lycan. It stands for the hability of a human being to transform into werewolf anytime.

LYKN Official Accounts:
Twitter: LYKNofficial
Instagram: lykn_official
YouTube (Company): risermusicth
Tiktok: lyknofficial

LYKN Members Profiles:

Stage Name: Nut (นัท)
Birth Name: Thanat Danjesda (ธนัท ดา่นเจษฎา)
Birthday: April 20, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Thai
Instagram: nnutdan
Twitter: nnutdan
Tiktok: nnutdan

Nut Facts:
– He attends the Chulalongkorn University, where he’s in the faculty of engineering.
– His favorite color is blue.
– The phrase he says a lot is “That’s right.”
– His favorite movie genre is superhero movies, especially Marvel movies (specifically the Iron Man trilogy).
– Nut is afraid of roaches, but he thinks they’re cute while they’re walking.
– He has an older brother.
– Nut wants a Pomeranian to name Tui.
– His favorite smell is the smell of vanilla and chocolate.
– Nut speaks English and Thai. He would like to learn Korean.
– He started dancing at 16-17 years old, and started singing at 18-19 years old.
– His usual sleep position is starfish position.
– The food he likes the most is pizza.
– Nut’s favorite music genres are pop and R&B.
– His favorite sport is soccer, and has played it since middle school.
– He wants to visit the Grand Canyon.
– Nut would like to meet Jazz Chuanchuen.
– His favorite thing to eat is anything chocolate.


Stage Name: Hong (ฮง)
Birth Name: Pichetpong Chiradatesakunvong (พิเชฐพงศ์ จิรเดชสกุลวงศ์)
Birthday: October 16, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Thai
Instagram: hongshihoshi
Twitter: hongshihoshi03
Tiktok: hongshihoshi

Hong Facts:
– He attends Chulalongkorn University (Arts and Science in Integrated Innovation).
– His favorite color is orange.
– Hong would like to meet IU.
– He started dancing in 8th grade.
– His favorite sleeping position is on his left side.
– Hong’s favorite foods are Italian food and cheese.
– Something crazy he can do is eat gallons of ice cream.
– He has a younger sibling.
– Hong speaks English and Thai. He would like to learn Japanese to watch anime without subtitles.z
– Something he doesn’t like is when his nails scratch paper.
– He has a tendency of worrying about things.
– Hong’s favorite sport is soccer because of the anime Inazuma.
– His favorite smell is the airport smell.
– His favorite music genres are K-indie, K-R&B and J-pop.
– Hong would like to visit Iceland.
– A word he says often is “Quite.”
– He started singing in November 2022.
– Hong wants to get a platypus because of Phineas and Ferb.


Stage Name: Tui (ตุ้ย)
Birth Name: Chayatorn Trairattanapradit (ชยธร ไตรรัตนประดิษฐ์)
Birthday: March 24, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 175 cm (5’8”)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Thai
Instagram: m.tuiiii 
Twitter: TuiChayatorn
Tiktok: m.tuiiii

Tui Facts:
– He attends Bangkok University (Broadcasting Branch at the Faculty of Communication Art).
– His favorite sports are soccer and snooker.
– Tui is an only child.
– Some things he’s afraid of are heights, darkness, people leaving him, ghosts, and spiders.
– He wants to raise 2 turtles and naming them Miso and Enso.
– His favorite color is orange.
– Tui would like to live in a house on the mountain.
– He would like to learn the Saiyan language.
– Tui’s favorite food is Korean food.
– His favorite kind of films are the ones with superheroes fighting or monsters fighting each other in a city, like Kaiju and Ultraman.
– Tui’s favorite sleeping position is lying on his stomach while resting his left arm on something.
– He started singing when he was 6-7 years old.
– Tui wants to meet GOT7.
– His special skills are beatboxing and playing the drums.
– Tui’s favorite music genres are pop, hip-hop and R&B.


Stage Name: William (วิลเลี่ยม)
Birth Name: Jakrapatr Kaewpanpong (วิลเลี่ยม จักรภัทร แก้วพันธุ์พงษ์)
Birthday: February 14, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Thai
Instagram: williamjkp
Twitter: Williamjkp1
Tiktok: jkpwilliam 

William Facts:
– He attends Mahidol University (Music Theatre Department).
– William likes watching love stories. His favorite is 18 Again.
– His favorite color are blue and black.
– When he was a kid, he wanted to be an astronaut.
– William’s favorite sport is taekwondo, but he hasn’t played it in a while. He has a black belt.
– He started dancing when he was 17.
– His role model in singing is Tom Isara.
– He speaks English and Thai. He would like to learn French though.
– A movie he likes rewatching is Titanic.
– He’s afraid of roaches.
– He loves eating Troll Planet Gummi.
– William would like to be an actor as well.
– If he could get a pet, he would get a Golden Retriever.
– His favorite smell is his own smell, which is kind of sporty.
– He would like to visit the mountains.
– Some of his favorite foods are papaya salad, grilled pork jowl, and grilled pork breast.
– A phrase he says often is “Like.. It was like..”
– His favorite sleep position is laying down with one of his legs on top of the other.
– He has the Southern Thai dialect.
– William’s favorite music genres are emo, pop-rock and R&B.
– His special skills are playing the piano and guitar.
– He started singing when he was 13-14 years old.


Stage Name: Lego (เลโก้)
Birth Name: Rapeepong Supatineekitdecha (รพีพงศ์ ศุภธินีกิตต์เดชา)
Birthday: February 11, 2006
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 167 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Thai
Facebook: Lego Rapeepong
Instagram: le_tsgo_eating
Twitter: realxlg
Tiktok: lgeat

Lego Facts:
– Lego is a former member of 1stKizz.
– He started dancing when he was 4. The first song he danced to was Wonder Girls’s “Nobody” at his aunt’s wedding.
– When he was younger, he dreamed of being a stuntman.
– He wants to meet NCT‘s Jaehyun.
– Lego likes watching mysterious but dramatic films.
– He attends Anubarn Nakhon Ratchasima School, and previously attended Sarasas Witaed Nakhonratchasima School.
– A movie he can’t stop watching is Khan Kluay.
– He’s allergic to fresh shrimp.
– Lego is afraid of snakes, but he wants them as a pet.
– His usual sleep position is hugging his doll while positioned diagonally.
– He would like to visit Seoul, South Korea.
– During elementary school, he would join swimming competitions.
– He doesn’t like cheese or egg yolk.
– He likes relaxing, cool, and fresh smells, for example mint.
-Lego doesn’t have a favorite food, he eats everything that’s delicious.
– He has an older sister.
– A word he says often is “too”.
– His favorite colors are yellow and pastel pink
–  Lego’s favorite music genres are pop and R&B.
– He started singing when he was 13.
– His special skills are learning choreographies fast and somersaults

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