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[List] Kpop Idols Born in 1999

Here are all the Kpop Idols that are born in 1999!


Jaehyun from Golden Child

Yeoreum from Cosmic Girls

Hongil from Astin

Yongha from 1THE9

Hyejoo from Highteen

Jinny from Chloris

Daisy from Momoland

Serim from CRAVITY

Lucas from NCT and Super M

Yudi from Midnight

Bella from ELRIS

Gahyeon from Dreamcatcher

Jibeom from Golden Child

Kim Lip from LOONA

Dino from Seventeen

Hyunwoo from D-CRUNCH

Keina from HUB

Yehana from Pristin

Donghyun from Golden Child

Euntaek from N.CUS

Rocky from Astro

Seunghun from CIX

Junghun from Astin

Bora from Cherry Bullet

Yeri from Red Velvet

Juhaknyeon from The Boyz

Hae Na from Blue Fox

Haeun from 3YE and Apple.B

Gre gory (Soloist)

Seongjun from BDC

U from ONF

Hyunoh from D-CRUNCH

Yunho from ATEEZ

Kiyong from 24K

Mill from OnlyOneOf

Nayoon from GOOD DAY

Jiwon from GOOD DAY

Minji from K-Tigers Zero

Jungwoo from BVNDIT

Subin from VICTON

Seokyoung from GWSN

Hyunmin from Rainz and K-Tigers Zero

Jehyun from 1TEAM

Hyunsuk from Treasure13

Chaeyoung from Twice

Taewoo from 1THE9

Taewoo from The Man BLK

Hero from 14U

Suhyun from AKMU, Hi Suhyun, and Temporary Idols

Naeun from APRIL

Donghyun from South Club

Rothy (Soloist)

Gaeul from Favorite

Jinny from Lalary

Sihyun from AQUA

Hwiyoung from SF9

Dayoung from Cosmic Girls

Go Eunshil from Year 7 Class 1

Gyehyeon from VERIVERY

Sungyeon from Pristin

Eunchae from DIA

Simyeong from BVNDIT

Jihoon from Wanna One

Castle J from MCND

RA.L from Platinum

Summer Soul (Soloist)

Wookjin from ALiKE

Tzuyu from Twice

Noah from Baikal

Yeosang from ATEEZ

Hyunseo from G-reyish

Arin from Oh My Girl

Taeyoung from Seven O’Clock

Hyerim from AQUA and Limesoda

Hyewon from IZ*ONE

San from ATEEZ

Xeheun from GIRLKIND

Rio from 14U

Sohye from IOI

Sejin from 14U

Chaebin from Nature

Nada from UHSN

Joochan from Golden Child

Mark from NCT and Super M

Yeonjung from Cosmic Girls and IOI

Sid to Z-Boys

Sangah from Fanatics and Pink Fantasy

Sihyeon from Everglow

Eunjun from Spectrum

Jisung from Girls’ Alert

Xiao Jun from NCT

Hyeongseop from Yuehua Project

Mingi from ATEEZ

Ash Island (Soloist)

Changbin from Stray Kids

Renya from Off the Cuff

Laun from ONF

Hyeop from W Project 4

JooE from Momoland

Sunghyuk from Rainz

Dalyn from ANS

Gaga from Nature

Goeun from RBW Girls

Kangmin from Romeo

Yeori from ARIAZ

Yehyeon from Gidongdae

Yeonjun from TXT

Yurim from Holics

Sabina from Now United

Yohan from X1

Yuqi from (G)I-DLE

Dohee from Neon Punch

Sojin from Hashtag

Ahin from Momoland

Hendery from NCT

Jaeun/Win from ARGON and INX

Yeonchae from ALLS-GIRL

Chaehyun from BONUSBaby

Yena from IZ*ONE

Yujung from White Day

Eunchae from ISE

Nahyeon from Sugar Tint

Haeun from GOOD DAY

Yubeen from Pink Fantasy

Allen from CRAVITY

Yujeong from ATT

Sihun from BDC

Hyeseong from ELRIS

Seulbi from Girls’ Alert

Chaelin from Fanatics

Chuu from LOONA

Baekah from Neon Punch

Yina from Pocket Girls

Aeji from Hashtag

Boni from Dreamnote

Woojin from AB6IX and Wanna One

Jisan from Hot Blood Youth

Yukyung from ELRIS

Minhyuk from D-CRUNCH

Hyebin from Highteen

Yoojung from IOI and Weki Meki

Hyogyeong from ARIAZ

Jane from The Ark

Woosu from IZ

Wooyoung from ATEEZ

Woori from AWEEK

Lamar from Now United

Doyeon from IOI and Weki Meki

Mina from Gugudan and IOI

Ella from LipBubble

SeA from Highteen

Hangyul from IM66, MBK Boys, and X1

Nine from OnlyOneOf

Yeonsoo from Sugar Tint

Gwanghyun from Mountain

IF from N.CUS

Avin from ENOi

Hyunjun from IZ

Dani from T-ARA

Yera from Midnight

DanMi from My Darling

Seokjune from The T-Bird

Sohee from ELRIS (Soloist)

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Which 99' liner is your favorite? (Pick 10)

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