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Liili Profile and Facts

Liili Profile and Facts

Liili is a Kazakhstani solo singer under Headliner Music. She debuted on December 9, 2018 with the single “Ошибка” (“Error”).

Liili Social Media:
Personal Instagram: lili_liili
Personal TikTok: @liili999
Personal YouTube: Liili
Spotify: Liili
Apple Music: Liili
Headliner Music YouTube: Headliner Music

Stage Name: Liili (Лиили/丽丽)
Kazakh Full Name: Qojakhmet Bağdatqyzy Leyla (Қожахмет Бағдатқызы Лейла)
Russian Full Name: Leila Bagdatovna Kodzhakhmetova (Лейла Багдатовна Коджахметова)
Birthday: December 9, 1996
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
MBTI Type: I—

Liili Facts:
– She was born in the town of Jarkent, Jetisu district, Kazakhstan.
– She was raised in Astana until she was 12, then her family moved to Almaty.
– When she was 15, her family moved to Beijing, China, where she lived for 8 years.
– Her mother is an actress and a TV anchor Saltanat Qalieva, and her father is a media producer Bağdat Qojakhmet.
– She has four younger siblings.
– Her mother often made evening readings of her poems and theater performances, so Liili somehow adopted her creativity.
– Her mother always taught her to be humble and calm, and to make plans and strategies to succeed in life.
– Her wish to become a famous singer was gradually accepted by her mother and was totally declined by her father as his own singing career was not successful. They were skeptical about her success since it was too late to her to sing on scene.
– She had begun her path in music after she met her manager Kamal.
– Her father wanted Liili’s singing to be only her hobby and her to start a career of a translator. Though he fulfilled her wishes for renting a studio and singing lessons.
– After Liili became famous for her single “Hot”, her father said sorry to her for not believing in her dream and always asks her about her future tracks.
– She has an education of a Chinese-English translator and an unfinished one of a psychologist.
– Languages she can speak are Russian, Kazakh, English, Chinese, Korean and Turkish.
– She often writes bilingual songs.
– The rate of Russian and English words in her songs is 50/50.
– She had a wish to become a singer in her three years old. But after watching to Britney Spears’ and Shakira’s MVs she never forgot her wish.
– She wrote poems a lot in her school. She started it in grade 7.
– She began combining music and her poems in her 17 years old, when her Chinese friends and rappers invited her to write a refrain. She wrote it in 18 hours, and the next day she began to write her own songs.
– She finished her debut song after watching the final episode of a Chinese singing contest show.
– She describes her genre as R&B with mix of all genres.
– Out of Kazakhstani singers, she listens to Ayau, M’Dee, Raikhana Mukhlis, Janiya, Davidchi, and Didar.
– She is astonished by Justin Bieber’s, Taylor Swift’s and LISA‘s paths to fame.
– She would like to work with Jhené Aiko.
– She listens to songs by SZA, Snoh Aalegra, Sabrina Claudio, Doja Cat, and other foreign female singers.
– She loves Selena Gomez and she learnt English by watching her interviews and imitating her speech.
– She went to Beijing Huiwen Middle School, after being a bad student in Almaty school. That Chinese school was very strict, she easily learnt Chinese. While staying there, she got bored and learnt Korean from her South Korean classmates. She became an honor student there.
– But she finished her school education back in Almaty, and resides there until now.
– She did not attend any conservatory or musical school due to having little confidence, though she wanted to.
– She was named as Lili (丽丽) when entered that school in China.
– Her stage name at first stylized as LiLi.
– She chose Leila Bolatai as her first producer name before she replaced it with the stage name.
– She often asks herself that why is she strange. She answers it that she has Kazakh mentality, Western cultural background and Chinese discipline.
– Once she got a lot of fat because of an unhappy love and hatred for herself.
– She used to work at Kazakhstani Channel 31 as a TV show translator from English and Chinese, and as a publisher.
– She worked in an office, but it became a hell to her, so she withdrew after a month.
– She also worked as a teacher of Chinese.
– She also used to live in Cyprus.
– She can do freestyle singing and rapping.
– She is friends with Dequine.
– She doesn’t eat sweets.
– She makes cringey dish recipes on her TikTok account.
– She takes pilates courses.
– She has scars on her whole body, because she at 1 months old touched a samovar on table and it fell pouring hot water on her and her mother holding her. The most visible one is on her right leg.
– As a result, she studied in 8 schools and 5 universities.
– Out of all processes of song producing, the easiest one for Liili is making a song, other ones like choosing outfits and filming MVs are stressing her.
– She goes to cafés and restaurants mainly for good vibes.
– She named as her must-have things a lip balm, her own microphone, a diary, a French textbook, headphones, a parfum Orchid by Zara, a wallet with documents and discount cards, a tumar talisman, a collection of rings, a smartphone decorated by stickers.
– She has a driver’s license.
– She loves visiting Traveler’s Coffee cafés.

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