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Leia (ex-BLACKSWAN, ex-Rania) Profile & Facts

Leia (ex-BLACKSWAN, ex-Rania) Profile & Facts

Leia (레아) is Brazilian-Japanese singer and a member of South Korean girl group Black Swan under DR Music.

Stage Name: Leia (레아) [Formerly known as Larissa (라리사)]
Real Name: Ayumi Sakata / Larissa Cartes
Birthday: May 14, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 168cm
Blood Type:
Nationality: Brazilian-Japanese
Instagram: @doremifasolari01

Leia Facts:
– She was born in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.
– Her mother is Brazilian, her father is Japanese.
– In August 28, 2019, Leia (then known as Larissa) was introduced as a member of RaNia in an announcement video for their upcoming appearance at a K-pop concert in Romania.
– On July 3, 2020, she was revealed to be a member of Black Swan.
– She is the third revealed member.
– She joined Pledis Entertainment 2013 auditions in São Paulo.
– She is a former trainee of Pledis Ent. and she trained with Pristin members. (Source)
– She shares a room with Fatou in their dorm.
– Her Japanese real name is Ayumi Sakata and Sakata’s meaning is ‘rice paddy at the slope’.
– Her full name is counted as Larissa Ayumi Cartes Sakata.
– Cartes is her mother’s surname but she uses Larissa Cartes name in Brazil.
– Her role models are BLACKPINK. (Arirang Radio 201019)
– She said she is not good at speaking English but she is trying her best. (Arirang Radio 201019)
– Youngheun said her Korean name is Park Leia (박레아).
– She confirmed that her stage name is a reference to “Princess Leia” from Star Wars, which she watched throughout her childhood with her father, who is a huge fan of the franchise.
– She is allergic to dogs but she likes dogs.
– Even though she is half Japanese, she can’t speak Japanese well.
– Before debut in Korea, she performed overseas. (Revista KoreaIN Interview)
– Motto: “Nothing is impossible. Even if your dream is on the other side of the world, you can make this happen. So never give up and never let someone put you down don’t matter the reason. You are unique in your own way, always remember this.”
– “It seems like a dream to make my debut as the first member of a Brazilian K-pop girl group. The ultimate goal is to become the best in the world like the BTS seniors.” (YTN Interview)
– Her real name ‘Larissa (라리사)’ is pronouncing and writing as ‘Lalisa (라리사)’ same with BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s real name.
– She loves getting attention.
– She was a passionate K-pop dream tree who came to Korea on vacation from junior high school and received auditions and training. (E-Daily Interview)
– “In Brazil, BTS and BLACKPINK are very popular. I want Black Swan to become a team that is loved all over the world. If such a day comes, I want to run a campaign that can exert a positive influence with UNICEF like BTS. I want to be on the US Billboard Chart.” (E-Daily Interview)
– Her stage name is a reference to “Princess Leia” from Star Wars, which she watched throughout her childhood with her father, who is a huge fan of the franchise. Since she couldn’t use her actual name as her stage name, she chose Leia as an homage to her father and his love for the Star Wars series. (Insta Live 210206)
– She joined “South Korean Foreigners” with Fatou.
– She wants to go Brazil, her hometown for group promotions.
– She wants to collaborate with Pablo Vittar.
– She wants Black Swan to try girl crush concept.
– She thinks that she’s very good at girl crush concept.
–  Eating chocolate and talking with her parents makes her happy after a difficult day.
– She and OMEGA X’s Yechan were born on the exact same day and year.
– Fatou and her used to be roommates in the dorm.
– On August 1, 2023 Fatou confirmed on Veeper that the current line-up is the definitive one. She mentioned the four of them (her, NVee, Gabi and Sriya) being part of the team. This means that Leia has quietly left BLACKSWAN.

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