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Lee Jin Ah “Hearts of the City” Album Info

도시의 속마음 (Hearts of the City)” Album Info

도시의 속마음 (Hearts of the City)” is Lee Jin Ah‘s 3rd Full Album. It was released on September 13, 2023.
The title tracks are “Mystery Village” and “도시의 건물“. The album consists of 12 tracks.

Artist: Lee Jin Ah
Release Date: September 13, 2023 at 6PM KST.
Length: 48:19
Genre: Pop
Type: Full Album
Label: Antenna.
Producer: Moonchi Park.
Writers: Lee Jin Ah, Cho Seong Tae, In Soo, Jang Dele, Lee Je Ha, Min So, Sarah Kang, Stella Jang.
Composers: Lee Jin Ah, Ahn Kwang Hyun, Simon Petrén.
Arrangers: Lee Jin Ah, Ahn Kwang Hyun, Cho Seong Tae, Cho Sung Joon, Moonchi Park, Simon Petrén, Yang Young Ho.

1. My Whole New World     – 4:24
2. Mystery Village      *TITLE     – 4:36
3. 여행의 끝에서 (End of the Journey) (With Stella Jang)     – 4:43
4. 도시의 건물 (Skyline)      *TITLE     – 3:20
5. 진정한 친구 (True Friends)     – 3:52
6. City Lights (With Sarah Kang)     – 4:33
7. 잠결의 슬픔 (Dreams of Sadness) (ft.Hong Jin Ho)     – 5:45
8. Midnight Delivery     – 1:37
9. Accepting     – 3:09
10. 너가 집에 오면 난 (When You Come Home)     – 2:57
11. Sing! (Prod. Moonchi Park)     – 4:02
12. 말 (Words) (With Lee Hyori, Lee Sang Soon)     – 5:16

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“Mystery Village” MV
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