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KYN SOL Profile and Facts

KYN SOL Profile and Facts

KYN SOL is a Sakha singer-songwriter under SOL Records. She debuted in 2017 with the single “Икки дьылҕа” (“Two Destinies”)

KYN SOL Fandom Name: Martians
KYN SOL Fandom Emoji: 👽

KYN SOL Social Media:
Instagram: kyn_sol
YouTube: KYN SOL
SoundCloud: kyn sol

Stage Name: KYN SOL (Күн Сол)
Birth Name: Kyunnei Ivanovna Alekseyeva (Кюннэй Ивановна Алексеева)
Birthday: March 2, 1997
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
MBTI Type: I—
Representative Emojis: ☀️💜

KYN SOL Facts:
– She was born and raised in Yakutsk.
– Her mother was a famous singer in 2000-s.
– She has an older brother and a younger sister.
– She was named by her grandmother, her name is Sun, because she was born at the morning, when the sun was rising.
– School education: Yakutsk State National Gymnasium.
– Graduated from Gnesin Academy in Moscow, Variety and Jazz branch.
– She has a white dog named Metelka and a puppy named Adele (in 2023).
– She has allergy to cats (her voice becomes hoarse), but she likes them.
– She has three sisters and an older brother.
– She has a son, who was born in 2019.
– She has many musician relatives. So is her former husband.
– She can play guitar and piano. But she hates playing the latter.
– She suffered from depression in 2017-2018.
– She has bad eyesight.
– She relaxes with watching TV shows and movies.
– Her favorite book is The Choice by Edith Eva Eger, she regularly makes citations from this book.
– She also likes Alice in Wonderland.
– She like to eat almond nut croissants.
– Her favorite food is offal soup.
– Her favorite clothes elements are pants.
– Her favorite season is spring.
– She would like to visit Canada and the USA.
– She loves Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poetry.
– She used to read Konstantin Tuyaaryskai’s poems a lot, when she was a child.
– She loves listening to Dequine, Emmy Meli and Adele.
– She prefers drama, horror and thriller movies.
– She recommends watching Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Bourlesque and How I Met Your Mother.
– She loves designed bigouterie and nails, and exceptional everyday makeup.
– She loves wearing old-fashioned retro costumes.
– She is afraid of ghosts.
– She doesn’t like being physically tired, so she doesn’t do sports. But she could do stretches.
– She doesn’t like cooking.
– She thinks that her drawback is fieriness.
– The things she doesn’t like are bad roads, mosquitoes, moments when her hair sticks to her lips and when she leaves her headphones.
– She understands when other people’s toddler children do not calm down and tries to help.
– She values kindness, intelligence and ability to love in people.
– She thinks that humanity should think about degression of violence and ecology.
– She thinks all people should get rid of all stereotypes.
– She considers herself as a moderate feminist.
– If there were laws written by her, then she would implement domestic abuse control law, compulsory psychiatrical examination law, pet ownership responsilibilty law and capital punishment for child molesters.
– If she wasn’t a singer, she would be a dancer or an actress.
– Her most important moment of her life is giving birth to her son.
– She got her stage name by combining her shortened first name and the astronomical word “sol”, a day on Mars.
– Since childhood she loves everything related to the planet Mars.
– Her very first scene experience, in 7 years old, was very traumatic to her, as she thinks and thought her performance had been mediocre.
– She works in Yakutsk Variety Theater as an actress and a singer.
– She was a back vocalist for Q’nei. She was given a song by her.
– She sometimes works as a vocal teacher.
– She has been writing poems since 2018, but yet to use them for her songs.
– The song she first produced by herself was released in October 7, 2021, its name is “Таабырын санаа” (“Mystery Thought”).
– She wrote her debut song “Two Destinies” based on her first relationship with her first boyfriend.
– She used to live in Moscow for 4 years.
– She writes songs in Sakha, Russian and English.
– She was a member of several jazz and rock bands, the most known of them was Yi Suola.
– She loves experimenting with genres, so she doesn’t have particular concept.

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